"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

25 August 2010

The perfect start...

Everyday starts just about the same.
Up early with Glenn.
Help get him out the door.
Open all the windows for wonderful fresh air, when it's possible.
Today it was possible, again.  :)
Loving all the cool temps in the morning.

Today there was an added surprise.
The all to familiar sound for this time of year when the morning temps start cooling off.
The firing of burners that can be heard over everything else stirring in the morning.

A quick run upstairs to let the girls know about the morning surprise.
They run down as fast as possible so not to miss anything.

Brenna sees her 'favorite' (it's red you know).
A few minutes later the sound was heard again.
Brenna's other favorite (pink hearts).
And then right after that, the BSU balloon.

What a sight so early in the morning.
The balloons and two little ones standing in their pj's, all sleepy eyed, enjoying this treat.

But I got the best treat of all from little Brenna.


"Yes punkin'."

"Thanks for waking me up to see the balloons.  I love you so much and forever."

"I love you so much and forever also punkin'."

Big hugs were shared.

A perfect start to the day in my book.


  1. Oh, where was I when all this hugging was going on? Loved your post today, Kar. And I have to tell you, every time I open your blog and see your beautiful quilt, it makes me smile -- BIG.

  2. Oh,my goodness!!!
    What a sweetie!
    How did you not just melt away?!?