"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

23 August 2010

Simple goodness...

A few things that made me smile while out in the early morning sun.

My zinnias blooming.
The only red one so far.
Watching the goldfinch feed on the sunflower.
(he's hanging upside down on it in the middle of the pic)
Just taking in all their yellowy goodness.
And watching this little guy enjoying himself in the morning breeze.
Perfect way to start the day!


  1. What pretty flowers Kar. I love the Goldfinches too. We've got oodles of them this year.

  2. That is a perfect way to start a day...I love that last picture! Congrats to Glen on his placings...How awesome!

  3. I LOVE seeing your zinnias! It is something else we have in common! I will post some pictures soon! I have some funky ones that have a 'double' bloom. I got a variety from Park Seed. If you see any you like I can send you seeds when I save them. The seeds I saved from last year are awesome! I also have yellow and pink Four o'clocks if you want. Just send me your addy Tammy_Gary@yahoo.com