"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

11 August 2010


It's an absolute perfect morning here.
Cool enough to have the windows open.
Listening to the birds.
The morning noise seems to be slow to start, which is extra nice.
The gray sky is so nice because it makes everything look more green than usual and the flowers look even more colorful.
It's the perfect time to work on my poor little sweater (that has been sitting in it's bag since April) with just the desk lamp on so that I can still enjoy the muted light from outside.
I've only got the front edging to now.
Nothing else will be worked on until this is finished.
I'm standing firm on this.
No one better get in my way.
There could be injuries.

Now to decided what to have for breakfast.
I'm thinking a nice piece of banana chocolate chip bread.
It's got good stuff in it.
At least I will be having a big glass of milk with it.

The forecast is 78F for today!
It's going to be FAB!!!!


  1. Gorgeous yard! Look at all that green grass...(said the envious minnesotan with the sand yard) :D Loving the color on that piece. Enjoy your day. (and love the blog re-do)

  2. Your yard is beautiful and green looking. We are pretty green here too, I think it's all the rain we have been having. It's supposed to be 90° tomorrow...yikes!
    Sounds like a wonderful breakfast to me :)

  3. Ahhhh,you are so right,its such a lovely morning and was such a nice night for sleeping.
    We wont get the storms down here like you will up there,so I am hoping we will still have a cooler day though.
    Judy is right!
    Your yard is gorgous!
    And the sweater is such a pretty color!

  4. Get crackin' Kar! You slacker!!! What have you been doing since April? Just kiddin' -- we know what you have been doing and it sure is being lazy. Can't wait to see the sweater finished and I wish I were sitting with you in the yard enjoying the beauty of the day.

  5. Hi Kar, it sure looks lovely in Idaho. Its so funny that you found that little piggie ad - its hilarious!

  6. Love the sound of morning. I am up most mornings at 4:30am and by sun up I am out doors listen and meditating. I can't wait to see the sweater when it is finished, you do such beautiful work.

  7. Oh, Kar. Your weather sounds SO lovely. It's been 100-105 here for 5 in a row. Before that upper 90's for a week or two. A cold front is supposed to move in tonight and bring upper 80's for next week. Geesh, I sound like a weather girl! Your yard is so pretty. Mine is suffering right now from the heat and a bit of end of summer indifference on our part. Gorgeous sweater too, I might add. Wish we were neighbors so we could sit and knit together and talk about flowers. Take care friend.

  8. Your yarn is a beautiful color and your first photo...what a view! Swoon!!!!