"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

14 August 2010

Back on track...

Sometimes I just get a bit unraveled when "other things" come barreling down on me and want to take center stage when I already have plans for something else.  The past few days have been like that around here.  You know that when I said I wasn't going to do anything else but work on my sweater, something heard me and decided to change my plans.  Never fails.  I need to learn to talk quietly amongst myself.

Case in point, getting things ready to get the girls back to their full lesson load on Monday.
That was put in front of everything else, unfortunately.  sniff.
Good news though, I've only got 2 books to got through this morning to plan out and that will be done for quite a while.  (doing a jig right now.)  Quite pleased with myself and the ole' 'git er done' attitude concerning this project.

The girls have been quite patient with me the past 2 1/2 days while I've been going through everything.  I have been dealing with a few cases of 'severe hand cramps' as I've been plugging along through all the books.  They giggle softly and shake their heads when ever I would shake my hand to get the feeling back in it.  They have been keeping themselves busy with some rather quiet yet creative work while I've been so busy with planning.  I found a really cool book full of blank coloring sheets in hopes to keep them busy from time to time.  And after a trip to the copy shop down the hill (2 copies of 30 pages, each) this is what the girls have been busy with.
I'm quite pleased as punch to see all the creativeness come out during this activity.  Same page but two totally different outcomes.  So wonderful to see.  It's a really great thing for little ones to learn to stay in the lines when coloring.  Brenna did a super duper job on her page.  Two eensy weensy spots she was displeased about but otherwise, job well done.  I was mostly surprised about how well they worked together with sharing the pencils and how quiet they were for so long.  Maybe there is hope on the horizon for more quiet, peaceful days in the future.  One can hope.  All though I think the rain all day Wednesday played a small role in helping keep the serenity going around here.

While working on more planning waaaay early this morning, an early morning riser came to join me in the room and started 'working' herself.
Nothing like starting the day with some good ole' melty bead creations you know.
You just want to squeeze the cute little thing.  So cute with her sleepy little eyes, creating away.  And all because she wanted to be near her Mommy.  Makes you melt.

Well, back to the regularly scheduled program with the last 2 books so that I can FINALLY finish the front edging on the sweater.  I even made sure that all the yard work was completed yesterday just so nothing would stand in my way when I was finished with the books.  If someone even tries to disrupt the plan of the day, they will be getting the EYE!


  1. Those young ladies did a fantastic job the coloring pages. Where did you get that? Coooool.

  2. ah,yes.
    I remember this time of year well.
    Mother behind a stack of huge books muttering to herself and scribbling in her "planner".
    All while I knew the days of my summer were coming to a close.
    Yet,strangly excited to crack those books!

  3. Your girls are so adorable and so talented. They did a magnificent job on those pages!! It must be so much fun to have kids!

  4. I just love reading about what you are doing. Did I mention already that I love your new banner?