"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

17 August 2010

Gotta keep busy...

Seems like quite a bit of time since the last update on the purple sweater.
Good news though, I was able to finish it over the weekend.  Without injuries to anyone around here.  Now it is just laying all over the kitchen counter while it takes it's time blocking.  Then the button.  Haven't found the right one yet.  A trip to the store may be needed for that.

So while I wait for the last few finishing touches, I had to start something else after the girls school work was completed today.  Can't sit still for too long.  Drives me a little bit crazy.  So I said to myself, "Self, why not get busy on a few little projects that are patiently waiting on the Christmas list".  Self thought that was a most wonderful idea being that they won't take too long to do.  So this is what Self started.
Just the cutest, simplest sweater for a little one.  
Just perfect for chilly days to come.
I just love the colors.  
And the fact that I already had them from other projects from the past.
Glenn and the bank account will love that last little fact most of all.
You should see the rest of the little project list.
Too cute!
Don't worry it will be shared with you as I get started on each little thing.  :)

Other bits of news...
The family is now patiently waiting for our newest little member to make his presence in the world.  My SIL due date is Friday.  I think she is hoping and praying that things will happen before then.  She's had her fill of being pregnant by now, especially with how the little guy just loves her ribs.  Not fun.  
The count down is on.
My brother has been notified by my girls that pics must be sent ASAP so they can see their new cousin.  You can bet they will keep on him about that.  Mom flew in today to be there when the little guy arrives.  So I'm sure she will make sure that pics are shared fast.  
I'm so darn excited!  

Well, off to see what will be for dinner.  I'm really slacking in that department today.  It's Africa hot out, so the oven is out of the question.  And it's got to be something quick so that I can get back to the little sweater and on to the next little thing on the list.
Priorities you know.  ;)


  1. I love your new banner photo Kar and the little sweater will be precious, I'm sure. Priorities are very important! ;)

  2. Lovely choice of colours!

  3. Congrats on finishing the sweater!!!!
    Cant wait to see the new little project completed,looks like it will be a cutey,love the colors.
    Also I like the quilt pic as your header,very pretty:)
    It is a hot one today,isnt it?
    Try and stay cool and good luck with dinner,that one has me puzzled today too:)

  4. Exciting things are on the horizon. Such happy news. The little cardi colors are the best!

  5. I can't wait to see the purple sweater. I love the colors on the new one there. How exciting for your brother and sil. I remember those days. In fact, my ribs stick out some from one of the babies. Just a reminder now and again :)
    We have cooled down here, but for how long :)

  6. Oh those colors are FANtastic, Kar. That is going to be a really cute sweater and to think you already had the "ingredients." Can't wait to see it finished. You always do such beautiful work.

    Can't wait to hear news of a new little one.

  7. hi Kar
    LOVE your new banner! Quilting = smiles. I am still tring to finish my summer quilt before summer is over yikes running out of time fast, maybe it will be my fall quilt? Congrats on finishing the sweater and your new project looks fun, great colors. I hope to get back to knitting and sewing soon (too busy working) and cooler days it is hot here too.

  8. Oh goodness, an auntie...so exciting. I love your banner. That little sweater project looks sweet. Your colors are so pretty. I really need to get to some yarn work...that would mean putting my camera down :)

  9. Your knitting is always so gorgeous. I so wish you were closer. Knitting and fresh bread. What a yummy combination that would be...