"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

29 March 2010

A very colorful weekend...

I didn't realize until I was downloading photos this morning, just how colorful the past weekend was around here.

It started with the girls noticing out the window that the little violets from last year were sprouting and showing off their wonderful purple and blues. So a trip outside was made to capture it's beauty.
Then there was a request from the girls that they wanted to be "mommy" for the day. I had to write a list for them with things that I would normally do for the day. I didn't give them the entire list obviously. They did a superb job the entire day working together. I was very proud.
It seemed that dinner was the highlight of the "mommy" list as the little chefs' made spaghetti for dinner. I was their assistant, just in case.
Then there was some time spent gathering up thoughts and ideas for the new baby blanket. After a few pages of graph paper were sacrificed, a plan was finalized. It was hard deciding after looking through my idea notebook. Not sure if the notebook made it easier or not. I still had to call my SIL to double check on which way I should go with the colors. After that, little color bundles were made and the hook was flying. I'm quite excited about the whole thing now.
Just look at all those colorful little bunches just waiting to be used.
I'm going to be working the blanket in one whole piece, while switching colors through out. There was no way I was going to make all those little squares and then stitch them together. I've worked a blanket once before like this (intarsia crochet?) and it worked out well. It was hard to put the yarn and hook down to get others things done around here. It's fun after you get going.
There was a quick trip yesterday to the store for a few minor necessities with the crew. And look at the little extras that found their way into the cart and back to the house. The girls were thrilled to pick out their own color choices.

Brenna loved the rosy red pansies. She had to plant them with Dad's violets.
This one was my favorite with the creamy yellow mixed in.
Then there is Em's choice with the purple and peachy colors.
Very pretty.
I could not resist buying these beauties. I've been wanting some for the one corner flower bed that looks a bit bare under the lilac. I certainly couldn't resist after I saw the variety was named after me. How awesome is that!
Then a few caladium were picked to go along side the hostas. Can't wait to see how the corner will look soon.
I'm hoping that this year the yard will look at bit more colorful than before. I always think that it lacks a little flare. I'm no professional you know. But maybe one day it will all look perfect, in my eyes.

I hope your weekend was as colorful as ours was. It really helps start the week off right, even if we are expecting rain every day this week. Oh well, at least all the little beauties will grow well.

26 March 2010

I'm still working on my purple sweater. I know, this is the longest I've taken on a project like this. I got to a point on the pattern where I didn't like the placement of the cables after following the suggested length where the cables started. So I ripped back on the stitches to where I wanted them to be. A whole skein full! Yes, you read right. But now it's all good. If I wouldn't have done that, I probably would not have worn the sweater much. No sense in that happening. Now I'm just plugging away at the cable area so I can move on to the sleeves.
And for some reason, I have been going back and forth from the sweater and my colorful granny blanket. I've got 4 rows done now (88 squares) with a tons more to do. The plan is to have this blanket for my bed when finished. I was even thinking about lining the back when done also. We will just have to wait and see when I'm finished with all the squares.

The girls love being in the vicinity when all the colorful yarns come out. There was even a pony get together going on while the hook was flying. Kinda looks like they had too much partying. There was even a suggestion of an ice cream picnic after dinner and so I had to indulge. Who could say no? Not me. Rocky Road and Cookie Dough. Good combination!
Finally yesterday, I got "caught up" with my inspiration notebook that I like to keep. It's much better to have all these wonderful pics for color inspiration right in front of you instead of on the computer and you have to go hunt them down (my opinion).
I printed out some pics but most of them are from quilt magazines. I just love looking at all the gorgeous colors that get used in all the beautiful quilts. I'm being so tempted lately to come up with some colorful creations of my own to mimic a few quilts. That would be so awesome having beautiful color work like these laying around the house. It makes me giddy. I just need to win the lottery so I can afford all the yarn needed and some how find a way to add more time to my days to do them all.
It's really therapeutic looking through all the pics and deciding which ones grab you more than others, clipping them out and taping them to the pages of the notebook. You really start noticing the color choices you draw to most and that make you happy.
I've been getting a little fidgety about getting started on the next baby blanket for my brother and his wife. We are suppose to find out if the baby is a boy or girl on the 8th of April. But I'm not sure I can wait two more weeks! Looking through my notebook yesterday got my mind racing with ideas. I think I may have found some color combo's that will work for boy or girl and may just have to go with it and get started. You know, bright and cheery. I may have to run to the local store here in town that has yarn on sale all the time and see if there are similar colors that grab me. I might just have to go after lunch today. Fabulous idea I'm thinking.

I have to say that I had fun picking gals for the blog award yesterday. And those who have already passed it along, it's fun to see all the people you have chosen. There's alot of fun, creative people out there.

25 March 2010


This first order of "business" for today is to thank Sherry for sharing the
Sunshine Blogger Award
with me.
She's an absolute sweetheart. I found her blog a while back and let me tell you, she's a good ole' gal from NE Texas. She knits, quilts and has some quite yummy recipes to share. I'm still loving the butter braid.

So here are the rules for accepting the award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
2. Pass the award to 12 bloggers.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Here are my choices (no particular order):
a dear and sweet long time bloggy friend. I love all her projects.
a knitting wonder. She inspires me to one day try color work in my knitting.
a real gem from Germany. I love all her flowers and projects she surrounds herself with.
4. Judy
She's got a wonderful husband and the cutest bunch of grandkids ever! She's always on the go.
I just love all the little things that catch her eye.
6. Dawn
Her use of color is just amazing. I would be in so much trouble if I got my hands on all of the colors she uses.
She is so creative with her crochet projects. Bright, colorful. And her little guy is just so darn cute!
I love all the simple things that catch her eye. What a sweetie!
What do you say about Susan other than "knitting genius".
10. Lisa
She works magic with her wonderful felt creations.
11. Terri
She has the most amazing quilt projects going! I'm always inspired by all the colors that surround her.
12. Bev
She is always creating things with the hook and yarn. I'm sure there is smoke coming from that hook with how fast she gets things done.

Go visit these girls. You won't be disappointed. Real gems.
Back tomorrow with what I've been working on.

22 March 2010

subdued and reflective...

There was a great need and want of surrounding myself with multitudes of color while working on a brainless project, this weekend.  

Even using sock yarn for something other than socks.
Then today there was so very enjoyable time spent at the library picking out some books that caught a little readers eye.  Oh the excitement!

There was enormous amounts of reflecting on how our country is going down the wrong path and what would our Founding Fathers say and do if they were here today.  I have a feeling they would be kicking some serious butt right about now.  Don't believe me.  Try reading the Declaration of Independence, every word (don't skim through it), and realize that all the reasons given for breaking away from the tyranny of the King of Great Britain are coming around again but from our own so called "leaders".  I use that word very lightly.

Here is one line that really makes me wonder what is next for this country.  Remember it was written 234 years ago.

"He has combined with others to subject us to a Jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution, and unacknowledged by our Laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of Pretended Legislation."

So with that said, a most wonderful book was chosen at the library about the Greatest American there ever was.  Em stated that she wants to know more about the man who vowed to lose everything dear to him in order to make sure that our new country was free of tyrants and dictators and so everyone living within its boundaries were a free people.  I'm so proud of her for wanting to know more about what made this person tick and what he sacrificed in order for her to have the free life she has; for now.

Things are changing, and not for the better.  
I wish those brave, courageous Founding Fathers were among us today.
If they were, we would not be dealing with an out of control government who clearly forgets what the Constitution is about and who they actually work for.

I must go for now.  I'm getting too worked up again.

God bless this country.  It needs all the help it can get right now. 

17 March 2010

Days flying by...

Things are way busy around here again.  When is it not.  This week it is more than usual because of Em's tests and trying to get things done around here when we finally get home after lunch.  Luckily, tomorrow is the last day for tests this year, but I'm not sure things will settle down until the weekend.  Maybe.

After tests today, there were some green shirts to be worn while at the park to celebrate in some small way that it is St. Patrick's Day.  It is so wonderful to sit in the fresh air, warm sunshine and just sit and watch two little ones go screaming by while wearing their roller skates.

Then there were some more inspiring projects to look at while soaking up all the wonderfulness at the park.

Does anyone know how to add more time to the days so that I can get all of great projects done that keep being added to my "thing to create" list?  It is a bit of a pickle, isn't it.

On another note...
I better get moving to email the members of Congress from my state about all the "crap" that is going on in D.C. before I get out of my good mood and the emails turn out kind of "gripey".  Gotta try to persuade some common sense into these people and remind them about the real foundation that the Founding Fathers built this country on.  It is so freaking clear that the imbeciles in D.C. really have no clue that we are a free country and not a socialist one.  We are the ones in charge, not any one person or group.  Speak out everybody before there is an end to everything that was fought for when this country was created.  It's closer than you think.

13 March 2010


I had to post something pretty to look at due to the fact that I haven't been in the best of moods the past few days.  Hence the reason that I haven't posted since the beginning of the week.
Here is what put me in a bad mood.

I get email updates from a certain business that prides themselves at selling old fashion looking things and cookbooks.  I've bought several things from them before and have been somewhat pleased.  After buying some of the handmade things a couple of times I've had the thought that I could have done a much better job than the hot glue job that was done on the product, for the price paid.  I couple of the items I even took apart and re-did them myself so it would look better.

Well, I got another update from this company about a new crochet book they had put together.  I was curious about what was in it because I had bought one other crochet book from them before and enjoyed it.  I could not see any pics about the book on their site and decided to go to the publishers site (Leisure Arts) to see if they had any pics to look at.  This is when my jaw just about hit the floor.

The second thumbnail pic is a pic of a granny square blanket that is like the blanket I had made for my niece.  I had to order the book just to see how the pattern was written and to see how similar it was.  The only difference is that there are 8 colors used in theirs and instead of starting a circular "bobble" in the square, a traditional start of a granny square was used.  It is very clear after reading the pattern in the book that a few small details were changed so that the pattern wasn't exactly the same.  And a few more squares were made.  But it has the same design concept as the one I did.  Now mind you, I never took credit for coming up with the pattern because I had seen a similar blanket on someone else's blog (in the UK I believe), whom I believe actually came up with the pattern.  I even changed how many colors were used, etc. just so it wouldn't be the same.  And I did not sell the pattern.  So all credit should be given to the Miss in the UK.  My mind really started turning after that because shortly after I had posted the original pics of my blanket, I received an email from a girl who WAS a follower, on if I was going to post the pattern on the blog.  I agreed that I would because I love sharing things with you all and the fact that I have a copyright statement on my blog which is protectable.  Shortly after I posted the pattern, this person deleted their blog and I have never heard from her again.  I started thinking about things (after the company's email) because of the fact that this "follower" was from Ohio and this company is from Ohio and wondered if there was a connection of some sort.  Who knows.  My mind can really run with a thought sometimes.

I'm just having a hard time with how someone can take another persons idea (basically), change a couple of miniscule things and then go and make money off of the idea.  I had the thought that I should write to them to tell them that it is not cool to take others idea and profit from them.  I also wonder since they didn't use the exact pattern that I posted on the blog was not used, that I just move on and don't post anything again such as patterns again.  This also makes me wonder if I should even continue on with the idea of writing up my own patterns and selling them because there might be someone out there that would "take" the idea as their own and profit.  I just could not do that.  I even emailed Lucy (Attic24) once and asked her permission to make a bag from her Crochet Bag pattern for another person who said that they would pay me for my time.  I only felt it right to ask permission first being the pattern was not mine.  Lucy said fine, and thanked me for asking permission first.  She was dealing with a gal at the time that was taking Lucy's patterns that she posted, making the items and then selling them on her (the gal) shop's website for a pretty good penny.  So not cool.

All I know at this point is I will not be buying anything else from this company ever again.

I'm going to go veg out for the weekend while doing laundry and submerge myself into my yarn and some new books I got.  One is about hand dyeing yarn and looks so darn cool!  I'm surely going to be giving that a try soon. 

I've got to get my mind off of all of this before I get really upset.
What would you guys do?

08 March 2010

What a weekend!

This past weekend started out as any other.
Plans of just hanging around the house and maybe doing some yard work.
Well, that didn't happen exactly how we "planned".

After watching a few shows on PBS the past month on ancestry and seeing the one show Friday night (Who do you think you are?) we finally decided to do some searching of our own.  Now mind you, Glenn and I have talked about this for YEARS and never did anything.  Saturday morning after breakfast, found us in front of the computer signing up at Ancestry.com.  And off we went on our adventure.  We didn't think we would be able to get very far.  At least not the first day.

Let's just say that after nearly all day Saturday and early morning Sunday, we have Glenn's fathers side traced back to the early 1600's and his Mom's side to the early 1800's.  Glenn has mostly German ancestors and a mix of Irish, Scottish, Dutch and Canadian.  Heinz 57 you know.  Not a bad mix.

On my side definitely German from my mom, which has only been traced back to her grandparents so far.  We were stopped on my fathers side back in the early 1800's in Tennessee.  There is a possibility of English ancestry there but not sure.  So I'm a mix of German, Cherokee, and maybe English.

It was all very exciting to see those little green leaves popping up on the screen when names were added, after info was matched and was verified.  Thanks goodness there were others before us who did alot of work.  We would have never made it as far as we did without the help.  It's kind of neat to know things about the people you came from so you have some sense of what makes you "YOU".  Can't wait to see what else can be found out by my Aunt in Germany so we can continue back even further.  The suspense is awful.

Eventually we made it outside Sunday to enjoy the sun and fresh air.  A little yard work was done.  The yard doesn't look as bad now.  I just about wet my pants when cleaning out the front flower bed and saw my Peony plants sprouting!  I planted roots last year and nothing happened.  I thought they rotted or something.  But when I saw those red shoots coming out of the ground, I just about threw a party!  I called everyone over to show where they were so there are no mishaps to those gorgeous little shoots.  I can't wait to see if the colors are just as wonderful as the picture on the label was.  Cross your fingers!

Late last night I finally picked up the sweater after a whole 2 days of no knitting!  I know shocking.  I was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with me also.  I started on the cable part this morning after getting up early.  It's not as hard as I thought cabling would be.  I'm even working them without a cable needle and all is fine so far.  Probably not perfect, but I'm pleased.  More of that tonight.
I did pick up a hook the other day to try out an idea that was running through my head.  I've got all this sock yarn sitting about with all the gorgeous colors and no socks being made.  I thought why not make another wonderful scarf from some of it.  Well, that is what I'm doing.  Just trying to find the right pattern to do this gorgeous colored yarn some justice.  I think I may have "found" it.  More on that later.

Off to finish the soup for supper and make some yummy chocolate chip mint cookies.  Absolutely awesome on a very cool and damp day like today.  I'll dig out the recipe and share in a day or two.  They are to die for.

04 March 2010

You have to try this!

These are the absolute best!  Especially on a day like today when it's raining out and the house is filled with the smell of "banana bread".  They make a damp, chilly day easier to deal with.

Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip cookies

1 c. butter
1 c. brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
2 c. all purpose flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1-2 tsp. cinnamon
2 ripe bananas, mashed
2 c. quick oats
6 oz. chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 375 degrees (F).

In a large bowl cream butter and sugar together until they are light and fluffy.  Beat in the eggs and vanilla.  Mix in the mashed bananas until well mixed.  Combine the flour, baking soda and cinnamon.  Add to the bowl slowly and mix until everything is mixed well.  Add the oats and chocolate chips.  Mix well.

Drop by rounded teaspoons on to your cookie sheet.  Bake for 10-12 mins.  Remove from oven to cool.  
Enjoy with a big glass of milk!

01 March 2010

Noticing color...

my yummy jar of M&M's

the gorgeous purple sweater and how it looks in the morning sun.
I'm loving the detail of the arm area.  Can't wait till I get to the cable area.
My first!
Now just to decide if I want to use a cable needle or not.
Probably not.
Oh the adventure!
I'm giddy!

all the pretty colored yarn in the first morning light

tons of bright pencils
(the little people around here keep telling me that they need more and have nothing to write with)

noticing that little B no longer needs my help with her favorite puzzles
and quite possibly they are the reason why pink is her favorite color as of late

and the brightly colored jump ropes that little ones have been feverishly practicing with the past two weeks.

It all put quite the smile on my face this morning.
What a FAB start to the week!