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29 March 2010

A very colorful weekend...

I didn't realize until I was downloading photos this morning, just how colorful the past weekend was around here.

It started with the girls noticing out the window that the little violets from last year were sprouting and showing off their wonderful purple and blues. So a trip outside was made to capture it's beauty.
Then there was a request from the girls that they wanted to be "mommy" for the day. I had to write a list for them with things that I would normally do for the day. I didn't give them the entire list obviously. They did a superb job the entire day working together. I was very proud.
It seemed that dinner was the highlight of the "mommy" list as the little chefs' made spaghetti for dinner. I was their assistant, just in case.
Then there was some time spent gathering up thoughts and ideas for the new baby blanket. After a few pages of graph paper were sacrificed, a plan was finalized. It was hard deciding after looking through my idea notebook. Not sure if the notebook made it easier or not. I still had to call my SIL to double check on which way I should go with the colors. After that, little color bundles were made and the hook was flying. I'm quite excited about the whole thing now.
Just look at all those colorful little bunches just waiting to be used.
I'm going to be working the blanket in one whole piece, while switching colors through out. There was no way I was going to make all those little squares and then stitch them together. I've worked a blanket once before like this (intarsia crochet?) and it worked out well. It was hard to put the yarn and hook down to get others things done around here. It's fun after you get going.
There was a quick trip yesterday to the store for a few minor necessities with the crew. And look at the little extras that found their way into the cart and back to the house. The girls were thrilled to pick out their own color choices.

Brenna loved the rosy red pansies. She had to plant them with Dad's violets.
This one was my favorite with the creamy yellow mixed in.
Then there is Em's choice with the purple and peachy colors.
Very pretty.
I could not resist buying these beauties. I've been wanting some for the one corner flower bed that looks a bit bare under the lilac. I certainly couldn't resist after I saw the variety was named after me. How awesome is that!
Then a few caladium were picked to go along side the hostas. Can't wait to see how the corner will look soon.
I'm hoping that this year the yard will look at bit more colorful than before. I always think that it lacks a little flare. I'm no professional you know. But maybe one day it will all look perfect, in my eyes.

I hope your weekend was as colorful as ours was. It really helps start the week off right, even if we are expecting rain every day this week. Oh well, at least all the little beauties will grow well.


  1. Happee Monday, Karfeee!! Love all of your lovely colors...yarn and flowers! What a bleak place our world would be without color, huh?

    Today started out with a gentle rain and a few claps of thunder, I loved it...and now some dreamy, warm sunshine and cool breeze.

    Ahhh...life is good. I've been working on a birthday present for a friend, and doing little chores around here. Just kind of a laid back Monday. We're taking this week off from school!

    That is cool about the girls doing your work for the day! I may have to try that out with Maddy. She already knows how to do most of it, but she would LOVE trading chores with me!

    Hope your week is full of wonderfulness!!
    Love and big hugs, my friend!

  2. Oh I can't wait until our flowers are blooming...Nothing yet tho. Beautiful flowers and I love the girls hats.

  3. I seriously need some flowers! :-)

    I'm supposed to start a baby blanket that needs a section charted as well. I know that once I get it planned out and get going I will be fine, but getting started is the hardest part.

    Glad you had a colorful weekend. :-)

  4. Oh, I'm lovin' all the spring flowers. Gorgeous! It's very easy to want to transfer those colors onto yarn choices, isn't it?

    Thanks Kar, for always stopping by and making lovely comments on my blog. You rock!

  5. I am so envious you're able to plant out flowers already! We have a risk of frost until about the 3rd week in May where I live, so I don't buy annuals too long before then. I will admire yours until then!