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08 March 2010

What a weekend!

This past weekend started out as any other.
Plans of just hanging around the house and maybe doing some yard work.
Well, that didn't happen exactly how we "planned".

After watching a few shows on PBS the past month on ancestry and seeing the one show Friday night (Who do you think you are?) we finally decided to do some searching of our own.  Now mind you, Glenn and I have talked about this for YEARS and never did anything.  Saturday morning after breakfast, found us in front of the computer signing up at Ancestry.com.  And off we went on our adventure.  We didn't think we would be able to get very far.  At least not the first day.

Let's just say that after nearly all day Saturday and early morning Sunday, we have Glenn's fathers side traced back to the early 1600's and his Mom's side to the early 1800's.  Glenn has mostly German ancestors and a mix of Irish, Scottish, Dutch and Canadian.  Heinz 57 you know.  Not a bad mix.

On my side definitely German from my mom, which has only been traced back to her grandparents so far.  We were stopped on my fathers side back in the early 1800's in Tennessee.  There is a possibility of English ancestry there but not sure.  So I'm a mix of German, Cherokee, and maybe English.

It was all very exciting to see those little green leaves popping up on the screen when names were added, after info was matched and was verified.  Thanks goodness there were others before us who did alot of work.  We would have never made it as far as we did without the help.  It's kind of neat to know things about the people you came from so you have some sense of what makes you "YOU".  Can't wait to see what else can be found out by my Aunt in Germany so we can continue back even further.  The suspense is awful.

Eventually we made it outside Sunday to enjoy the sun and fresh air.  A little yard work was done.  The yard doesn't look as bad now.  I just about wet my pants when cleaning out the front flower bed and saw my Peony plants sprouting!  I planted roots last year and nothing happened.  I thought they rotted or something.  But when I saw those red shoots coming out of the ground, I just about threw a party!  I called everyone over to show where they were so there are no mishaps to those gorgeous little shoots.  I can't wait to see if the colors are just as wonderful as the picture on the label was.  Cross your fingers!

Late last night I finally picked up the sweater after a whole 2 days of no knitting!  I know shocking.  I was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with me also.  I started on the cable part this morning after getting up early.  It's not as hard as I thought cabling would be.  I'm even working them without a cable needle and all is fine so far.  Probably not perfect, but I'm pleased.  More of that tonight.
I did pick up a hook the other day to try out an idea that was running through my head.  I've got all this sock yarn sitting about with all the gorgeous colors and no socks being made.  I thought why not make another wonderful scarf from some of it.  Well, that is what I'm doing.  Just trying to find the right pattern to do this gorgeous colored yarn some justice.  I think I may have "found" it.  More on that later.

Off to finish the soup for supper and make some yummy chocolate chip mint cookies.  Absolutely awesome on a very cool and damp day like today.  I'll dig out the recipe and share in a day or two.  They are to die for.


  1. I wondered why your blog was so silent, but now I know you were searching your roots! Your sweater is coming along nicely. And I'm sure the scarf will be equally beautiful. Have a cookie for me please. :-)

  2. The sweater is a beautiful color.

  3. I absolutely LOVE doing genealogy. It's really infectious, isn't it? Have you purchased a program to download your information to? Or are you just going to use what ancestry.com has available? I'm excited for you, Kar.

    Lovely sweater. You have just been going gang-busters, haven't you?

  4. Lucky you, to have peonies to look forward to! And the ancestry search sounds intriguing, especially to be able to trace back so far, amazing.

    Nice cables! Without a cable needle too. Someday will have to try that, but haven't wrapped my aging brain around the concept yet.

  5. Just a warning - not all the information on Ancestry is correct. Some of it has come from people just like yourselves, who just add willy-nilly. If you get serious about you should confirm what information you have found.

    Having said that, beware, as it is very contagious. You will become totally hooked ☺

    Much like we do with crochet and knitting ☺

  6. Karrrrffeee!! How are ya gal?? Sound like a great weekend! We have our family back a little ways but not that far! So cool!

    Love those yummy yarns you are working with! You blow me away with all you accomplish! Truly inspiring!!

    Have a joyful Thursday!!

  7. Your purple knitting looks like virtually the same pattern as I am knitting. Except yours is a nicer colour.

  8. hi kar,
    i like the colour from your sweater!!!!!

    have a wonderful weekend,
    hugs regina