"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

29 January 2011

Time out...

With the new table runner finished
 I'm having a bit of a struggle just trying to decided what I want to do next.
Do I make something else with all the red, pink and white that I still have 
do I work on my Christmas quilt so I can get it finished and then be able to move on to another project inspired by new book that was acquired at the quilt shop?
I can't make up my mind.  I think I'm going to have to go hang out in the kitchen with my Ipod while I make lasagna for dinner.  Kind of like a time out thing for me from the craft room because making a decision is too much for me right now.
There's just too many ideas running around my head again.  And to make matters worse, the girls and I found the new location of a quilt shop that I thought had closed for good.  Let's just say that Glenn was not all yippy skippy upon hearing that yesterday.

25 January 2011

Happy dance...

Yesterday afternoon you may have heard a huge sigh of relief as I finished stitching the pocket onto Glenn's sweater.  I jumped up from where I was sitting, nearly throwing the thing across the room, doing a happy dance because this most irritating project was over.  Glenn says he likes it.  I'm glad because I don't.  I'm not recommending it all.

 Now on to happier, cheerier things that will find it's way on the table soon.  A little mix of Valentine inspired colors along with others to make a quilty, patchy looking piece that will make me smile.
p.s.  Em says thank you to all who wished her a very happy birthday.  She had the biggest smile on her face when she was reading all the warm wishes.  And she sends BIG HUGS to you Libby for the wonderful, happy e-card you sent her.  She only watched it over and over and over...

And there is cheesecake still hanging around.  I'm trying so hard to be good and not root through it like a pig at a trough.  It's taking alot of control on my part.

24 January 2011


It's a mixed emotion day here today.
Hard to believe that someone is turning 12 when it seems like just yesterday we were holding her for the first time.  Sniff.
Em is definitely growing to fast for my liking.  :)

We celebrated yesterday so that we could have a entire, quiet day with Dad.
Birthday dinner was made.
Chicken Parmesan, ranchy noodles and peas.
Don't know how that ever got to be everyones favorite birthday meal.
I'm not complaining.  At least it is well liked.

Then afterwards there was yummy purple swirled cheesecake
 with yummy, juicy strawberries on top.
The birthday girl was quite pleased with how it turned out.  Especially with the swirl going all through the cheesecake.

I might have to take another taste today just to make sure it's still good for everyone else.
It's the least I could do.  :)

Off to spend more time with the birthday girl today.  It's a free for all day after lessons.  

22 January 2011


After a quick trip to the library to get books that were being held for us, all three of us girls found ourselves back in the craft room just doing whatever came to us.  As you can see the sweater is not finished.  Close though.  Hopefully by the end of tomorrow.  

One girl, who has really been into sewing and stitching lately, was complaining that she didn't have a pin cushion of her own.  Apparently she didn't want to wait until the next time we went to the fabric store or make one herself, so she improvised.  It looks like a voodoo doll.  Some poor little bear, hibernating in the woods somewhere, minding his own business is suffering a major headache right now when all he was doing was snoozing the winter away.  Poor guy.
 Em is creating things way ahead of time so she will be sporting some bright colorful apparel come spring and summer.  They are going to be some pretty nice capris when finished.  No sense in getting rid of jeans when the only thing that doesn't fit is the length.

 The other miss crafty is busily working on her masterpiece, making sure she is mixing colors just right so it looks fabulous.
While I'm heading for the kitchen to make a cheesecake for someone's 12th birthday on Monday.  We are celebrating it tomorrow since Dad doesn't have to work.  Maybe we can finagle going out to eat tomorrow so Mom doesn't have to cook.  I love it when birthdays come around.  I'm just not so keen on the little ones getting older and bigger.

20 January 2011

Stitchin' the day away...

At the beginning of the week we had our warm 55 degree January thaw.  Full advantage was taken of the warm day and all the holiday lights were taken down outside.  No sense in waiting until April you know.  It was so nice to get out and enjoy the warm fresh air and have a couple of doors open and get that wonderful air in the house.  The past few days we have been teased with the sun but no warm temps.  Bright and sunny but really breezy chilly.

So all of us girls found ourselves hanging out in the craft room after lessons today, enjoying the sun streaming in through the window.

Someone has been bit by the sewing bug.
 A bright little bag just had to be made to carry the all important book, sunglasses, etc. when one goes out on errands and such.  Can't be too prepared you know.
 Progress is being made with Glenn's sweater.
All that is left now is seaming and the pocket.
Just for info... I will be throwing this pattern away when I'm finished.
I can't wait to move on to a more cheery project.
I'm thinking I need to make a trip to the fabric store so I can work on the quilt.
 One little person didn't care much for anything crafty today.
So it was decided that reading an all time favorite would be perfect while sitting as close as possible to Mom, without getting run over or something.
 After a bit someone mentioned something about being a little snacky.  A few minutes later all was just a bit too quiet, I went to go check things out and this is where I found the little mouse.  I just don't ask.  I guess she thinks it's okay to lay all over the counter when Mom's not looking.  Maybe it makes ham, cheese and crackers taste better or something.
She got down for a drink and when she tried to pull herself back up on the counter (when she thought I wasn't looking) her hand slipped.  A chin hit the counter and a big bite on the tongue happened.  After all the tears were dried and the little tongue stopped bleeding she said maybe she should have listened to me and not try to sit on the counter again.
You do know that we Mom's just say things just to be making noise you know.
We really have no clue about what we are talking about.

14 January 2011


There's not been alot of motivating going on here today.  
We were rudely tricked this morning into thinking that there was going to be some rather lovely bright sunshine to grace us today.  So the girls and I were bounding all over the house with all the blinds open welcoming the lovely rays flowing into the house as we went about doing chores with music playing loud.  

It was short lived you know.  It graced us long enough to get everything done and then the clouds rolled in with it's dreary counter part, the drizzly rain.  Yippee.  The music is still going though.

The girls were determined to keep up the peppy spirit and brought out their brand new collection of things that are taking over the house.

You would think that we have enough of all the itty bitty stuff that finds a home around here but apparently someone, somewhere thought differently.  I'm just glad that they don't slice a foot open like lego pieces do when you happen to walk across a room and unexpectedly step on one.  Especially at night when all you are wanting is just a little drink of water, while half asleep, and you unknowingly step on something that scares the you know what out of you.  At least these don't leave injuries.  Yet.
 One little person didn't want to leave the comfiness of my bed when she was asked to find a new place to play when I thought it was time to make the bed.  The little log was gently rolled off the bed.
 She was tempted with a craft project that included crayons and watercolors.  
So all was well for a wee bit.
 Now I just have to get my tail motivated to do some more work on Glenn's sweater.
I have to do some thinking about how I'm going to work this color into the whole mix of things along with the other color.
 And for some rather happy news,
Glenn and I are going to be grandparents in June!
And from what can be seen so far, grandparents to a little boy.
So I better get my tail moving because you know this little guy will be getting a few things here and there made for him.
It's the least I could do you know.
Have a wonderful weekend!

12 January 2011

Family time...

I was notified again last night that things have been a little quiet at a certain little blog.  You can probably guess by who.  Yep.  Mom.  She doesn't like getting on the computer to see what we are up to and there is nothing for her to enjoy.  Things have been quiet around these parts for the last week.  We have been just letting things happen while we get into the full swing of lessons again and watching the calendar tick down to testing again.  No worries about that.  The girls are way ahead of where the 'norm' is suppose to be for them.  There has been alot of reading, crafting, cooking and just good ole' staying warm and cozy as we get consumed with whatever we feel like doing for the day (without alot of activity happening on the computer).  It's been ever so nice to have each day pass quietly by as we just enjoy being around each other.

We took full advantage of Glenn having a day off  yesterday and decided to break the cabin fever feeling we all seemed to have and went to explore the Nature Center down by the river downtown.  It's something we've never done in the winter in all these years of living here.  It's one of those things you would never think of doing when you've gotten stuck in a rut in the middle of winter and you are comfy cozy in the house.

All bundled up in the chilly, breezy 20 degree temps, we set off to see how different things looked at the center from the other times of the year when we have gone down there to enjoy all it has.

Wonderful ice heaves on the pond were admired.
 The girls were amazed at all the different levels of 'freezage' that was happening on the pond.
 Sheets of ice were balancing on rocks underneath as the water still flowed under it all.

 Even after all our trips to the Nature Center this was the first time we all noticed this tree growing around one of the hand rails that lead you up to the area to see the waterfall.  Just another example of how much one can miss if you don't slow down and explore all you can.  It took a six year old to stop me and examine this.  Thanks sweet girl!
 Our friends the trout were gorgeous to look at as usual.  The girls felt bad for them because they were in freezing water.  I'm sure they don't really mind it.
 Glenn and I were questioned about if ducks get cold tails and feet from being in the water.  Not sure but I know I would not like having either one.  That's why you won't find me in there in the middle of winter.

 There were lots of pretty ice formations all of the water.
 And lots of birds and critters enjoying a bit of sunshine while feasting on treats that are left out around the bird watching area.  I didn't stick around too long.  After being buzzed by about six sparrows and few more chickadees, all heading for the treats, I wasn't sure it was safe to be in their way.  They may be small but I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty if they all ganged up on someone they thought was taking their treats.  Visions of the movie 'The Birds' came to mind and I was out of there.
Afterwards, a little warming up was needed.  So we headed down the road to get some juicy hamburgers for lunch and make a quick stop to the bookstore.  There were too little people that felt they needed to finish off their gift cards they received for Christmas.  After some very fine choices were made, it was back home for some great warm, cozy blanket time while enjoying the literary works that were purchased a short time before.  A lovely day was had by all.

Today I am going to really try to get back into the groove of working on Glenn's sweater.  I was put off the other day after suddenly realizing that what I had figured out for the amount of yarn needed was not going to be enough for finishing the sweater.  This is even after I went by the amount given on the pattern for the size needed and ordered what I assumed was sufficient, LAST YEAR!!!  Needless to say I was not in the best of moods.  A trip to the store was made to find something Glenn liked when paired with the original color.  I get so put off by patterns that don't give enough information or gives incorrect information so that the whole process of making something you think will be wonderful suddenly has a big pain of a road block ruining the whole experience.  Remind you of something?  Yeah, the girls sweaters, Fall of '09.  Anyhoo, I'm going to try to get into a happy mood about completing this project.  After getting a big warm pot of Pasta E Fagioli going for dinner (I add italian sausage to mine) I will be heading to the craft room with all the required elements that are needed in order to get into that happy place.  You know, the Ipod, chocolate, and the warm and toasty electric blanket to wrap around me.  It should all be good then.  Here's crossing my fingers.


03 January 2011

A good start...

Today is the first day since before the holidays that I have stuck to my daily list of things to do.  And boy is it kicking me in the tail.  I didn't realize how much I slacked off around here during the holidays. (it's all my opinion.  The rest of the family doesn't agree with me after all that went on around here.)  Things were quiet and no big fusses were made about anything.  I just let things happen, within reason.  ;)  I still made sure that the whole 'keep things nice and neat' rule stayed in effect so that I wouldn't be cleaning and putting the house back in order for 5 days straight after the holidays.  The decorations were taken down and put away on New Years. It's amazing how it takes a day and a half to get everything in just the right spot after Thanksgiving but only 3 hours tops to put everything away when everyone helps.

Through out the peacefulness that seeped into our surroundings I was able to get quite a bit done on the yarn front.  I sat down and dabbled with an idea I had for a table runner.  It turned out rather well even if it's not the colors I would normally throw all together.
 A sweater for Glenn was cast on over the weekend.  The yarn has been sitting in the craft room since last year!  Very sad.  This is where my list of must do projects is turning out to be very helpful.  I've taped it up where I can't miss out when ever I sit down in there and it stares me down several times a day.  Nothing like a little pressure to get you moving.
 With all this creating going on around here, it seems as if the little crafty bug has bitten a little one around here to the point in which she is willing to tackle a kit that was given to her for Christmas.  She could barely contain herself while doing her school work, just waiting to sit down and give this a try today.  I might have a little partner sitting next to me before long with some bigger projects.  Kind of exciting to see those little hands trying to get the stitches just right so her flower looks just perfect.
Yep, it seems like 2011 is off to a pretty good start.  I'm loving the simple, slow start to everything around here.  I wonder how long it will last.