"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

29 January 2011

Time out...

With the new table runner finished
 I'm having a bit of a struggle just trying to decided what I want to do next.
Do I make something else with all the red, pink and white that I still have 
do I work on my Christmas quilt so I can get it finished and then be able to move on to another project inspired by new book that was acquired at the quilt shop?
I can't make up my mind.  I think I'm going to have to go hang out in the kitchen with my Ipod while I make lasagna for dinner.  Kind of like a time out thing for me from the craft room because making a decision is too much for me right now.
There's just too many ideas running around my head again.  And to make matters worse, the girls and I found the new location of a quilt shop that I thought had closed for good.  Let's just say that Glenn was not all yippy skippy upon hearing that yesterday.


  1. Love the table runner!
    Such great colors.
    Cant wait to see what you start next:)

  2. The runner is perfect, Kar. So cheerful. And I love it with your stark white pitchers and jugs. Beautious.

    I know you'll find something for your hands to do. :-)

  3. I love the runner! I know what you mean. I just finished my mittens and started on another project.

  4. I love that table runner! The colours are so well matched and the stitches so neat!

    About your next project, I would do both: yarn & quilt. One day you knit, next day you stitch... That's what I do when I want to start two different things and I can't wait.

  5. oh, that's some super sweet crochet! you'll really enjoy that forever. good luck finding the next inspiration. whatever you choose it'll be great!

  6. I envy you being able to use a table runner! It's lovely, btw :) Our little kitchen is so tiny we barely have room for a little table and my Dad is rather the gruff type so not as appreciative of my attempts to beautify the space! I do so wish I had the excuse to hook up something sweet for it! I think I'm winning him over ever so slowly ;)

    I've had a bad case of the "in-betweens" as well! I finished my cabled neckwarmer and spent most of last night ambling back and forth between my yarn stash and searching Ravelry for inspiration. I've settled on another hat only because it needed to get done before winter was over with!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


  7. Well, I'd be yippy-skippy about a new quilt shop. I'm so tired of the same old stuff in our Jo-Ann's. It's so predictable and boring. I need inspiration.

    Your runner is a thing of beauty. It looks wonderful. Right up my alley.

  8. The table runner is fantastic! Looking forward to seeing what you chose next...

  9. Oh goodness, what a happy runner!!!! I am in love. So sorry in my tardiness to leave a comment, honestly I am not certain where the time goes. I am living from one school paper to another to writing deadlines at work. I never thought I would say this but I am tired of writing. :)