"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

10 February 2011


To say things have been challenging around here that last week or so is a complete understatement.  Most of the challenge has been coming from our son, who for whatever reason seems to keep choosing to live life the hard way and not ever listen to any advice that Glenn and I give him on anything.  It always leads to me being completely stressed out because I just can't figure out why someone would keep making the same 'mistakes' over and over.  Especially when that someone has a little one the way.  The only thing I can figure is that one day he is hoping that he will prove us wrong.  Not sure if that will ever happen because of past history.  You know history repeats itself, over and over.  I'm just hoping and praying that one day it will all change, for the better.

So instead of getting on this little blog to gripe, complain and vent, I completely submerged myself into simpleness of life around this humble little abode.  School work, baking, cooking, crafting and anything else that had anything to do with being simple.

During such time my wonderful patchy blanket was created.  Inspiration can be found here.  I made mine bigger so that there would be plenty of snuggly, curling up room with it.  I'm thinking of making more in the future, even some little people sized ones.  Hopefully before June and July.  I must make sure that our little "grand bundle" is kept cuddly along with our dear friends Gary and Chris's "grand bundle" that is due in July.
After all the yarny hook work was completed, down came the Christmas quilt.  It's been patiently waiting for me to come back to it.  I'm nearly finished with the blocks and then it will be on to the border for the top.  I'm not following any certain design.  Just letting it come together as I go and keeping it simple.  I'm all over that you know.
 A trip to the quilt shop, for a late birthday purchase for a certain little one, had us coming home with a wonderful assorted jelly roll of fabrics.  It is now being used to create a striped skirt after a certain someone saw her inspiration piece.  Another little person could not be left out and picked a very special jelly roll for herself also.  Everyone must look smashing for spring when it finally comes around.
 There are other collections of fabric that patiently wait for me to finish the present quilt so that they can be made, along with Mom's Christmas quilt.  Can't wait for that to come about.  I just have to decide if I'm going to use a pattern or just wing it.  Not sure yet.  The fabrics haven't spoken to me yet.
Otherwise we have embraced the simpleness of each day with open arms.  No tv, no computer when possible, not anything electronic that would turn our minds to mush and cause us not to get anything accomplished for the day.

Just creativity galore
 and lots of reading of course.  
One can't complain about the Miniature Library of Beatrix Potter and Poppleton Pig.
(I have been told by a certain little person that I really need to paint a moose in the library being there is a certain little bunny that was painted in there at the time the library was being created.  I might have to get right on that soon.  We can not leave Moosey out you know.)

Enjoy the simpleness of things around you.
It is really worth it.


  1. I envy your take on the world this week :) My week is fast paced and stressed and I'm not liking it one bit! I think we forget to slow down and think about making it simple. I mean whatever did we do before TV, computers and video games?! I distinctly remember reading (A LOT) and playing outside using my imagination. There were many quiet nights of stress-free enjoyment :) I sometimes long for simpler times and wish I had the wherewithal to do as you have done! It seems I've become too hung up - weren't these things supposed to make our lives easier?! LOL!

    Cheers to you, a very inspiring post :)


  2. that blanket is super sweet and all those Moda pre-cuts look like a lot of fun waiting to happen. :)

  3. Kar, it all shakes out in the end. Our oldest son had to learn all his lessons the hard way -- sometimes several times -- but he's grown into an amazing father, son and husband.

    I've missed your blogging. And thanks for keeping your lovely quilt up. You know how much I love it. It makes me smile.

  4. Those kids of ours, things were much easier and simpler when they were small. Small kids, small problems...Big kids, big problems. Congratulations on the Grand-Bundle, how exciting. I can't wait to see the finished projects.

  5. I love the new blanket...it does look snuggly and warm. I know what you mean about a break from electronics...it's heavenly! Although I miss your blogging, I understand completely!

  6. Simple is definitely good. I'm sorry that your son is causing you anxiety and worry. I can hear that loud and clear. But, I think you've chosen the right path and immersed yourself in things that make you feel like you've accomplished something. Playing with fabric is all good.

  7. Good Morning.
    Big blog hugs coming your way!
    I know what you mean about embracing the simple. It quiets my soul. :o) And it helps me to count my blessings. :o)
    I absolutely love your blanket that you made!!! I bookmarked the idea for a project. :o)
    Have a great weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  8. Sorry to hear its been a rough week but i do love how you turned to simplicity and crafting for your family. Thankfully things typically work out even for the hard headed :). Love your blanket it is adorable so bright and cheery and those jelly rolls, sighhhhh SO fun! Happy crafting Karin and hope you have a good weekend!

  9. So much creativity going on in your neck of the woods! I love the snuggly blanket, perfect for winter :)

  10. Gorgeous fabrics! Your striped skirt is going to be fantastic--what a great idea.

    Your blog is beautiful. I just want to crawl under that quilt in your banner and have a little nap. :)

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that crochet blanket. I´ve done the same with old different colors I no longer wanted to have, but yours is a rose dream come true. Wonderful.
    And the fabrics are so great too.

  12. I'm sorry so sorry about your stress. I hope things turn around soon for him. Your projects look amazing, though! I wish I had such a good quilt shop where I live.

  13. I read this post earlier, but am just having time to comment. I do absolutely adore that blanket. It is so "Kar." lol

    There are such lovely pieces in those jelly rolls and I know those will make lovely quilt tops or skirts. You and your girls have such fabulous tastes.

    I love the last pic because reading is always better in these little spaces. I wonder why? lol

  14. Lovely blanket. So simple and yet so beautiful. You made it in record time!

    Can't wait to see that quilt. The fabrics are gorgeous.

    Hope things improve at your place soon and you can live life as quietly and simply as you wish. :-)

  15. dear kar,
    i love your blanket......so simple ....so wonderful.and the fabrics are great.
    i wish you a happy valentin and a wonderful week,
    love regina

  16. Oh I have Jelly roll envy! can't wait to see what you create.