"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

23 February 2011

Plugging along...

Another few days break from the bloggy world.
A mixed bag of happenings around these parts.
One just doesn't know how things will turn out from one hour to the next much less one day to the next.
I just try to go with the flow as much as I can so that I don't end up a stressed out mess.
Even though there are lists that are made so that some kind of order can be at least attempted around here, it doesn't always work out that way.

Case in point:

Saturday the girls and I get a move on bright and early so that we could get to Joann's as soon as they open so that we would not be standing at the cutting tables forever.  And so we wouldn't get caught in the nasty weather that was 'forecasted' for mid day.  What joy to see we were to first ones at the tables.  The girls did a little jig as we walked through the store towards the tables after picking the fabric that was needed.  Then searching for the much needed batting followed, only to find out that the exact one we were looking for can only be found on-line.
While heading towards the front of the store my little eyes caught sight of a wonderful sounding gadget.  A bobbin winder.  It was on sale and I said "hey, why not".  It could be a time saver.


After making it home and being quite proud of ourselves on beating the Saturday rush at the fabric store and the yucky weather to come, I sat down to try out the wonderful little gadget that I thought was a great score.  Well, not so great.  I fought with that piece of junk for the longest time and it never worked. Tried it with batteries, then with the optional power cord.  Nothing.  I was beginning to think that I was missing something from the instructions.  Read them over and over for about 4 times.  Got really aggravated.  Nearly chucked the piece of junk across the room.  Could I be that dense that I was missing something from "plug the power cord into the back of the winder.  plug the other end of the power cord into the wall and push the green power button".  No, I can't be.  Then I did what you should always do when even thinking of buying a contraption such as this.  Go on-line and read all the reviews you can about a particular object.  Let's just say I would have never went near the thing if I would have done the research before.  Even with this set back and the lack of batting still, Saturday ended up being productive for all three of us girls.  I finished my quilt backing, Em started and completed a bag for a friends birthday present and Brenna of course was just happy as a clam with all her animals, coloring books and markers.

Of course we didn't get any yucky weather like what was expected on Saturday.  And none of the 'forecasted' 6" of snow showed up Sunday morning.  Just a light dusting.  So with that in mind I patiently waited for the quilt shop to open after lunch so that I could acquire the much needed batting.  Should have gone there to begin with.  Before leaving the house, a quick peek at the new quilt book was  taken just in case a few little special fabrics were seen while at the shop.

Well, a few precise pieces were acquired at the shop, that went along with a jelly roll I already had.  Soon these will all come together as a wonderful quilt that I'm sure I will adore.
More later on this.
Then a quick trip to Joann's to return the piece of junk that was nearly broke to pieces the day before.  Then I was informed by Glenn that a quick trip to the mall was needed (hate the mall) so that he could buy something at the Apple store for the computer.  I was sidetracked into the "Build a Bear" shop just to see if there was a little something, something for little Connor to cuddle with after he makes his appearance in June.  Glenn, I and the girls just couldn't walk out without a little wolfie for Connor to hug on.  Perfect for a little Idahoan.  Something wild for a little one that will definitely have a bit of the wilderness in him.  At least if I have anything to say about it.  :)  The girl at the stuffing machine even let us put a heart in the wolf from each of us.  So he is a pretty special little wolf with four hearts full of love and wishes for little Connor.

 Monday had all kinds of plans lined up on the list to do.
Glenn and all three kids were going to the used book store for the afternoon.
And I was going to enjoy getting a few things cleaned up around here without anyone stopping me every 5 minutes.  I was stoked! (I know some are thinking that I am sick in the head.) Early spring cleaning was looking pretty darn awesome in my book.
A good scrubbing of the floors, a bit of dusting, etc.

Let's just say it did not work out that way I had planned.
While in the kitchen, happily scrubbing away on my hands and knees with the radio jamming, the base board on one of the corners sticking out decided to attack me and put a HUGE piece of LUMBER in my pinky finger.
pinky is sore and the side of my nail will take a bit to grow back.  You don't know how much you use a part of your body until something traumatic happens and it hurts like something awful.  I have smacked the poor pinky on just about everything in the house since then.  I even shut the closet door on it when putting clothes up the other day.  It wasn't even hard but man did I notice it.  There is a friend of ours that once said he would rather have bamboo shoved up under his nails than to listen to his two kids fight and bicker like cats and dogs.
Oh no you don't sir.  Just trust me.

So not as much sewing has been going on like I would have liked.  I'm hoping later when things settle down for the day I can find my way into the craft room and slowly but surely get some more work done on Mom's quilt back.

Until then I have been doing some pre-planning for some other soft and cuddly for Connor.  I'm really trying my best at using yarn I already have for this project.  There may still be some tweaking before the final plans are concrete.  Hopefully I can get through the quilts fast so I can get moving on this little piece of wonderfulness.

Hopefully the rest of the week will be calm and quiet.
I'm not sure if I could handle any more excitement.


  1. I hope you get into your craft room too. A girls has just gotta have some creative time. Ouch, your poor pinky. I know what you mean about realising how much you use something when it hurts. I chopped the top of my left thumb on Dec 24th while making Christmas biscuit. Wow, did I know I had a sore thumb and it stuck out like the proverbial. :)
    Have a great day,
    Anne xx

  2. So long as it all ended well, Kar. I had heard those bobbin-winders were a piece of *@*% and now I know for sure. But all's well and right in the world now and YOU take care of yourself.

    Give the girls a big "Howdy" for Bev in Utah. I feel like they are growing up right before my eyes. It's so awesome that you share them with us.

  3. Ouch! Poor you. Some weeks are just downers, no matter what. I hope that finger feels better soon. Annoying. That's too bad about that bobbin-winder -- I was hoping for a good review so I could get myself one. There are times I blow through bobbins like crazy. Enjoy that fabric.

  4. Oh man and I have been wanting to get a bobbin winder. I wonder if they're all bad? I hope your week goes better. We've had a rough start. I can't imagine anything else in our house breaking on us...our well pump, chest freezer, computer and now the washer is going...Ugh!!!! Calgon...take me away.

  5. Glad it turned out to be a good weekend regardless of the bobbin winder thingy:)
    Love the Wolf-y!

  6. You'll be the first that I know to admit to rising early and trying to beat the cloth cutting line. lol The closest Joann's or any other fabric store is at least 65 miles away, so waiting in line is really okay for me.

    I love those yarns. Is that your idea book?

    I hope your finger is on the mends now. I can feel your pain.

  7. Ouch that hurts! You also have to be careful about infection too. I'm sure all will be fine again soon.