"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

16 February 2011

All smiles...

Lots of smiles going on around here today.
All from simple but wonderful little things.
I'll share it all with you.  :)

The planning and tweaking of the 2 quilt tops have been made.
 They have been sewn together and now patiently wait for the planning and tweaking of the backing now.
 I'm trying to be good and use what I have left of the collection instead of ordering more online.  I must save my money for more fabric from a new collection that will be coming out soon, I hope.  :)  It surely put a smile on my face when I saw it.
Another smile presented itself when I peeked out my craft room window and saw little spring sprouts starting to show them selves.
(excuse the blurry view.  I snapped a pic through the window.  little lazy I am.)
 And a quick trip to the mailbox produced a another smile when I saw the book I ordered had arrived.  Absolutely cute I tell you.  You must go and take a look at Alessandra's work.  You won't be disappointed with all the cuteness she creates.  The book is wonderful!
You know there will be lots of little hats made for all the wee ones in the family.  Gotta keep the wee ones looking good.

As I was typing away minding my own business, trying to share all the smiley stuff with you, the clouds rolled in fast making everything miserably dark.  Didn't think anything of it until there were a few claps of thunder and flashes of lightning.  So off I went, with the camera, to see a freak snow storm roar through making everything white in less than a minute.  It only lasted for about 20 minutes but man was it wild.  The girls thought we were getting a blizzard.  All is quiet now. 
Good thing because I want to get back to cutting some more fabric and put the whole "Pooh bear" thought process in motion on how to create the backing for the quilts.  It's alot of work doing the "Pooh bear" thing you know.  

I hope there was something for you to smile about today.  
Do tell.


  1. I love reading your blog! And I love the Quit you have going on!!!

  2. The quilt top is beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. The quilt top looks lovely. I have also been trying to use up everything I have instead of buying anything else.

  4. Hi Kar, I love the quilt colors, and really neat about Alessandra's book

  5. Your quilt is fantastic, that's one of the things in my bucket list: to make a quilt one day.
    I am so excited you got your book and that you like it.

  6. Oh, Kar, the quilt top is amazing. I know the backing will be equally amazing too. Yes, please do save up for the new collection. You make such lovely things.

    Now as for that storm. I've never even heard of thunder/snow storm. Kind of freaky sounding, to be honest. Currently, we are just dealing with fluctuating weather on a very daily basis.

    I'm planning on ordering Alessandra's book too. Glad you like it. Look forward to seeing some new hats. :-)

    As for my crafting bit: After having to come home early sick on yesterday, I thought I'd do a little crafting. Crafting while sick only produces many mistakes. The bag lining I made wasn't right and there wasn't enough of that fabric to cut a new piece. I learned my lesson, took meds, and went to bed. Later I started completely over (with a different piece of fabric from my stash) and the bag lining is done. Just have to finish hand-stitching it in place and make a flower pin. We're getting there, slowly but surely.

  7. I like your quilt top! I'm still a new quilter (going on four years of being a new quilter - that's what happens when you borrow a sewing machine for your first project then move out of state!) and I love seeing what other people do with thread and fabric.

    Today, seeing my fruit basket full of colorful fruit made me smile! =)

  8. Whoohoo Spring and warmer days are coming, so exciting to see new growth! Your quilt top is awesome!!! Yes lots of smiles indeed, have a great week and enjoy your crafty time :).

  9. Ugh! We're still buried in about 3 feet of icy stubborn snow! Today was a lovely 50 degrees and we got some melt - I was able to throw open the doors of my chicken coop and air it and the ladies out a bit, which they enjoyed immensely :)

    The quilt top is beautiful - I envy your sewing talent! I can't stitch a straight line to save my life!

    Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  10. I've always been intrigued by those jellyrolls. They just always seem to be chirping "buy me, buy me!"

    Your quilt looks like it will be gorgeous~ can't wait to see how it turns out!

  11. I love it Kar, it turned out great! We can't see any sprouts yet as they are still buried in snow. Tho it is melting some.

  12. What a pretty quilt top. I love the tweaking part. I stopped over from Trish's to say Hi.

  13. Oh you got Alessandra's book! I haven't ordered mine yet.

    That quilt is going to be gorgeous and I really mean it. The colours and design are eye-catching! I'd love to make one too but sadly I'm too clumsy to sew. ;-)