"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

27 June 2011

A wonderful weekend...

The past weekend was absolutely wonderful around here.
No complaints at all.

The windows were open the whole time.  Love that!

I enjoyed the last of the peonies.
It was so great that they finally bloomed this year.

On my birthday Saturday I got to spend the entire day with little Connor.
I didn't need anything else for presents.  He was enough.

I finally finished off some of my jeans so I could enjoy some summery apparel.
Totally loving them!
Even the part about them being loose from my on and off exercising.
Must get back to that this week.
 Then there was the crazy goofiness by a little one who decided that her moose rug would be a great hat.
We weren't sure if a meeting was going to be called together by the Grand Poobah of our in house Moose Lodge.
You never know around here.
Now it's back to normal (if you can call the goings on around here normal) so that we can get ready for a visit from Mom.  Seriously can't wait for the end of the week till she gets here.  We all have ants in our pants over it.

Note to self, start straightening up the house a wee bit so Mom won't have anything to do except relax and veg out.


23 June 2011

Summer is here...

Summer definitely arrived yesterday, as far as the heat is concerned.  
Big shock for the system going from 60's & 70's and then to a whooping 94!
There were lots of Popsicles to be eaten and the whole afternoon spent running through the sprinklers.
And alot of yelling "shut the door, the air is on".

Then there was the loudest and flashiest thunderstorm last night I've ever seen here.
The whole house shook it was so loud.  I thought I was back in the south there for a minute.
It was very awesome watching the lightning on the front porch.  Way too cool!
Once the mosquitoes came out we retreated up to my room to watch the rest of the show.

So with the heat on now, there were a few things that had to be accomplished right away.

A little one needed a big trim to keep cool in the heat.

 All of the main colors have been made of the new blanket idea.
All 99 of them.
Now it's all about adding the border and them connecting.
Good thing they are small and can be worked on while sitting in the shade so one does not roast to death in the heat.
 Then there was some trimming to be done on worn out jeans, 
 so they could be turned into "new" summer shorts.
I've already trimmed up 3 pair of my own so I can have some 'new' summery things.
I can't wait to try them on!

Here's hoping that everyone's summer has started off great!

19 June 2011

Our new addition...

Sorry for being absent lately.
Things have been a bit busy trying to get ready for the new bundle of joy in the family.

Meet little Connor.
He's just so darn cute.
The spittin' image of Brendon when he was born.
He got so many little kisses last night.
There's no way he can ever say that he isn't loved.

We thought there was going to be a bit of a 'problem' last night because Brendon wouldn't let him go.  He said that it's his turn to hold him because Deidra has had 9mths of her turn and she shouldn't be stingy.  :)  We will let them work that one out for themselves.

Glenn is one proud Grandpa I tell you.  Not everyday you share a birthday with your first grandson.  We all told him that next year he has to remember to share the birthday cake with Connor.  I don't think he will have a problem with that at all.

More pics later.  We will be making a trip up after lunch so the new little family will have some time to themselves.  I can't be stingy either you know.  

15 June 2011


The past week has been near perfect around here.
Not too busy.  Not too noisy.
Just taking things one day, one moment at a time.

A trip to a couple of the local green houses/nurseries have us enjoying a few new plants and blooms.

I am doing my best to keep my maidenhair fern going.
So far so good.
I just love it's dainty little leaves.
 Glenn had to have some pretty clover.
He checks on them every afternoon when he comes home just to make sure they are still hanging in there.
Too funny!
 There are plenty of colorful blooms from our plants of many years.

 More yarn time has been happening as I have been enjoying the absolute gorgeous weather we have been having,
while sitting in full view of the gorgeous baskets that were acquired at Julie's shop again this year.

The girls are loving the brightly colored blooms they have picked out this year to take care of.  
 And then there was a fun day today spent with sweet friends as they came over for some help with altering a thrift store find
 into a very pretty dress for a local renaissance fair.
There are leftovers in the fridge and there is nothing else on the to-do list but work on more granny squares.
It's rough but someone has to deal with all this torture.

06 June 2011


The stripe blanket is finished!

It's really wonderful with all it's colorful stripeyness.
You can kind of tell how the colored stripes are dominate on one side
 and then the white shows a bit more on the other.
I made the blanket a bit longer than usual so that Glenn could use it without having to curl up in a ball just to get totally covered.  One must accommodate everyone in the house from time to time.  Glenn had to help with the pictures because of the blanket's size.  He's so nice.

I decided to go with a simple all white border and picot edging to finish to whole thing off.  Just plain and simple so not to compete with all the colorful stripes.

Now I'm off to enjoy the day's sunshine and breezes, before the rain and thunder show this evening.

04 June 2011

There's only one thing that can get us to stand out on the front porch in our pj's first thing in the morning.

Early summer hot air balloons!

You pretty much know that it's going to be a pretty darn good day when you see the balloons flying over your house.
So happy to see them back again.

01 June 2011


Satisfaction is...

~Watching your daughter take a fancy to cooking and baking.

She made us all lunch the other day, all by herself.
 Then she made cookies just because.
 ~Finishing the 'table doily' that I was making up as I went along.

~ Contemplating the border of the stripey blanket.
Something simple.
No need for competition with the stripes.
Now we are just waiting for the weekend to get here so that we can experience slightly warmer temps.
50's and 60's are getting a little boring.
And aggravating.
Low 70's would be exemplary.