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23 June 2011

Summer is here...

Summer definitely arrived yesterday, as far as the heat is concerned.  
Big shock for the system going from 60's & 70's and then to a whooping 94!
There were lots of Popsicles to be eaten and the whole afternoon spent running through the sprinklers.
And alot of yelling "shut the door, the air is on".

Then there was the loudest and flashiest thunderstorm last night I've ever seen here.
The whole house shook it was so loud.  I thought I was back in the south there for a minute.
It was very awesome watching the lightning on the front porch.  Way too cool!
Once the mosquitoes came out we retreated up to my room to watch the rest of the show.

So with the heat on now, there were a few things that had to be accomplished right away.

A little one needed a big trim to keep cool in the heat.

 All of the main colors have been made of the new blanket idea.
All 99 of them.
Now it's all about adding the border and them connecting.
Good thing they are small and can be worked on while sitting in the shade so one does not roast to death in the heat.
 Then there was some trimming to be done on worn out jeans, 
 so they could be turned into "new" summer shorts.
I've already trimmed up 3 pair of my own so I can have some 'new' summery things.
I can't wait to try them on!

Here's hoping that everyone's summer has started off great!


  1. What a great idea, Kar! They look great.

  2. You give a great trim! It's very hot here. Today was the coolest day at 90 something degrees. We've had strong thunderstorms and in a city near the capital the forest caught on fire (I believe due to lightening) and the smoke was unreal! I was in the capital during the smoke spell. It's now just traveling up the state. Needless to say, going out isn't really pleasant.

    I'm glad to see your granny's are coming along. You sure are using tons of colors. That will make someone super happy. :-)

    To Popsicles!

  3. I wonderful if summer weather is ever going to get here. We're still having rain and I dressed in long pants and a long sleeve shirt today. Yikes!

  4. Your new blanket looks so fun! Are those Granny squares? I'd love to learn how to make those and a blanket with them.

    I got my hair cut for summer last week too. It was just too much to fuss about!

  5. love the hair cut photo! And the cut down shorts is an excellent idea

  6. We've had some rockin' and rollin' storms too. I can't say I'm a fan -- I like my sleep :).

    Your grannies look wonderful -- great color choices!

    For some reason, I still can't comment without being "anonymous."

    -- Jodi

  7. Summer sounds well underway at your house. Good luck with all that piecing for your blanket.