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06 June 2011


The stripe blanket is finished!

It's really wonderful with all it's colorful stripeyness.
You can kind of tell how the colored stripes are dominate on one side
 and then the white shows a bit more on the other.
I made the blanket a bit longer than usual so that Glenn could use it without having to curl up in a ball just to get totally covered.  One must accommodate everyone in the house from time to time.  Glenn had to help with the pictures because of the blanket's size.  He's so nice.

I decided to go with a simple all white border and picot edging to finish to whole thing off.  Just plain and simple so not to compete with all the colorful stripes.

Now I'm off to enjoy the day's sunshine and breezes, before the rain and thunder show this evening.


  1. It turned out really well. Lovely summery colours

  2. I love it!
    Its so cheery and sweet!
    I am glad that all can use it and be snuggily warm:)
    Have a great day, Kar!

  3. Beautiful huge blanket! I like stripes. :-)

  4. Oh, this blanket looks so wonderful! I'm glad you considered your hubby and made it longer. Great work. Now, tell the truth. Are your fingers tired? lol

  5. Looks beautiful and plenty big! He'll be nice and toasty now.

  6. Your blanket is beautiful and I'm loving the sunshine too. It's cold, raining and windy here today so I'm looking for some northern hemisphere summer cheer. :)
    Anne xx

  7. I could hardly wait for you to share your finished blanket with us. :o) I love it!!
    Funny, I do the same with Woody, I measure our quilts so they are long enough if he would like to snuggle under one! :o)
    Have a nice day.
    Sincerely, Trish

  8. Absolutely lovely! It's so nice to finish a big project isn't it? It probably gets cool enough at night still that you can use it right away.

  9. What a great blanket! I love colorful stripes like that.

    Thanks for the decoration help Kar. I've been thinking the same thing for the walls, but can't convince hubby. (He'd probably be doing most of the work-unless we could afford to hire it out). The thing is it is continuous into the dining room, kitchen, den, and hallway. It would be a lot of white. Then again, it's a lot of greenish as is. Do you think different colors in other rooms would be OK?

  10. It's a beauty! You must be so pleased....I would be.
    -- Jodi (The Jolly Bee)

  11. Yay love those stripes. What a wonderful large blanket to snuggle up in. You sure are talented my friend, enjoy your day!

  12. I LOVE that blanket! The colors are gorgeous.
    (She says as she's huddled under her own blanket with the fireplace blazing.)
    (In June.)