"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

27 June 2011

A wonderful weekend...

The past weekend was absolutely wonderful around here.
No complaints at all.

The windows were open the whole time.  Love that!

I enjoyed the last of the peonies.
It was so great that they finally bloomed this year.

On my birthday Saturday I got to spend the entire day with little Connor.
I didn't need anything else for presents.  He was enough.

I finally finished off some of my jeans so I could enjoy some summery apparel.
Totally loving them!
Even the part about them being loose from my on and off exercising.
Must get back to that this week.
 Then there was the crazy goofiness by a little one who decided that her moose rug would be a great hat.
We weren't sure if a meeting was going to be called together by the Grand Poobah of our in house Moose Lodge.
You never know around here.
Now it's back to normal (if you can call the goings on around here normal) so that we can get ready for a visit from Mom.  Seriously can't wait for the end of the week till she gets here.  We all have ants in our pants over it.

Note to self, start straightening up the house a wee bit so Mom won't have anything to do except relax and veg out.



  1. Connor is sweet sweet sweet, such a little nice man. Well done!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! I'm so glad you had 1-on-1 baby time. I love the cut flowers and the decorate hems. Hope you have a fabulous time with your Mom. :-)

  3. Happy "belated" Birthday Kar. I can't think of a better gift than getting to hold that beautiful bundle of joy. It totally love the hem job!

  4. Where have I been?? The little man has made an arrival, there's more gorgeous color on your blog, and a birthday to boot! Happy belated to you!

  5. Another Happy Belated birthday, Kar! So glad you got to enjoy your little grandson! Oh my goodness he is such a little doll! Hope you have a great time with your mom! Talk to you soon! Oh, loved the granny squares you are crocheting.....can't believe you have gotten so much done. Can't wait to see it finished!

  6. Karrrrrfeeeeee!! Wow! Where have I been!!??
    Congratulations, gal on your new little grandy Connor! What a sweet bundle of joy!! Lots of kissing and hugging and squeezing going on there, too, I'm sure! We are loving our time with little Hannah!!

    Have loved going back through and catching up! Sorry for my absence!! Just juggling, as usual!!

    Your tulips and lilacs are divine! Em's quilt is fabulous, and so is the blanket! You never cease to amaze me gal!

    Always love hearing about your chunk of the good life!! :o)

    Big hugs n love!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!
    So glad you got to spend it with the special little man in your life.
    So happy you and your family are having some nice summery days, you all deserve it!

  8. Happy belated birthday to you!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day! Sending you a big birthday hug :)

  9. Those new (old) shorts have such appeal....I really ought to take the plunge with my scissors.
    -- Jodi B.

  10. Enjoy your summer.....LOVE the jeans!
    Conner, such a beautiful baby, soak in every moment.

    :O) BECKY