"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

20 February 2013

Blanket love...

A blanket full of stripey goodness finished for soon to be newest member of the family.  I just love how the colors came together.  

I loved them so much that a second was quickly made, just not so stripey.

I've got colors running around in my head so fast right now.  There are definitely more blankets coming soon.


13 February 2013

A new addition...

I'm not one to just sit still and veg out so I thought why not create a bright and cheery little blanket.  One inspired by water and fish.

Perfect for the newest little guy that will be joining our family in June.  Two grandsons in June.  Quite special indeed.  I'm kind of excited to see if this little guy will share a birthday with someone like the first time or will he have a day all to himself.


11 February 2013

Quilt love...

The quilt is finished.  

Around lunch time yesterday it was thrown into the wash and then the dryer to get all that soft, crinkly goodness into it.  Can't even think of using it until its all soft and crinkly.  Especially when it was expected to be used while watching Downton Abbey last night.  So awesome!  Is there anyone else starting to have issues with the fact that next week will be the last show of this season and we will have to wait a whole year again for the next?  I wasn't sure if I was the only one.

And of course I can't have just a plain backing on it.  So one lone block and left overs of a fabric roll was used to liven things up a bit.  Perfect.

 Since there was proper lighting going on in the craft room, Em's quilt was taken away from her for a few quick pics.  Here's is her triangle masterpiece in all its glory.

And the back, of course.  All polka dots, front and back.

All quilt modeling was accomplished with the help of the new shelves I finally put in the craft room.  Love them! they are so perfect when going out in the cold is just not an option.  It is so nice to be able to look over at everything and be able to see things to make choices.  Now if I can get the closet in the craft room looking half as nice.  Soon.


09 February 2013

blustery day...

It is amazing what one day of nearly 50 degrees will do to a snow fort that had so much hard work put into it.  I felt bad for the girls when I saw this.  At least they had fun working together on it.  Memories.

Now it's back to the quilt since there is no way I will be venturing out today with all the blustery winds that have decided to visit us.  Not the kind of visitor I would ask for.  So I must make the most of the day and sit with this quilt on my lap on work diligently to complete it.  Such hard work.


06 February 2013


Life has certainly been flying by here lately.  I'm still wondering how in the world are we already into February already.  ???  So many things happening, it all makes my head spin.

Someone turned 14 since the last post.  Wow!  I still remember bringing her home all those years ago on a frosty, snowy morning and just snuggling with her forever.  I'm so very proud of the sweet, kind, happy 14 year old that she is.  And yes, the cheesecake is purple.  Being a nice Mom and all I had to go with the birthday girls request.

All of this is nearly gone.  Thank goodness.  I love it seriously but when it turned to solid ice and then combined with seriously cold temps, I'm done with it.  See you next year snow.

Before the snow started melting the girls had to get out and make a fort.  It is their one goal when we get enough of it.  They worked their tails off for two afternoons, 5 hours each, just building away.  They finally got it to be as tall as they were, 5ft. at least.  Now it just sits waiting for its demise.

 Summer coolers work swell for building blocks for snow forts.  Just saying.

Now I'm working patiently on quilting the newest quilt that I've been working on sporadicly since the middle of January.  Hopefully this weekend will bring on it's completion.