"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

06 February 2013


Life has certainly been flying by here lately.  I'm still wondering how in the world are we already into February already.  ???  So many things happening, it all makes my head spin.

Someone turned 14 since the last post.  Wow!  I still remember bringing her home all those years ago on a frosty, snowy morning and just snuggling with her forever.  I'm so very proud of the sweet, kind, happy 14 year old that she is.  And yes, the cheesecake is purple.  Being a nice Mom and all I had to go with the birthday girls request.

All of this is nearly gone.  Thank goodness.  I love it seriously but when it turned to solid ice and then combined with seriously cold temps, I'm done with it.  See you next year snow.

Before the snow started melting the girls had to get out and make a fort.  It is their one goal when we get enough of it.  They worked their tails off for two afternoons, 5 hours each, just building away.  They finally got it to be as tall as they were, 5ft. at least.  Now it just sits waiting for its demise.

 Summer coolers work swell for building blocks for snow forts.  Just saying.

Now I'm working patiently on quilting the newest quilt that I've been working on sporadicly since the middle of January.  Hopefully this weekend will bring on it's completion.



  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! Your cheesecake looks great, I usually make one at Christmas, but didn't this year for some reason. Looking forward to seeing your new quilt. Have a wonderful day, Heather

  2. Yep life seems to fly by sometimes doesn't Kar. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I love cheesecake and how sweet of you to go with purple. Purple is monkeys fav color too. The photos look like snow building IS a lot of work but fun too. Happy to hear you guys are thawing out over there, can't wait to see your finished quilt. I know it will be gorgeous, you inspire me friend. One day i'll finish mine.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet 14 year old!
    Excited about the new quilt.
    Love all the fort building, what fun!

  4. 14! Has it really been that long? Time surely flies. Please tell sweet Em Happy Birthday for me. Purple cheesecake sounds like a wonderful choice, as I love cheesecake and purple is one of my favorite colors. Tell Em that my new Macbook has a purple shell and purple keyboard cover. heeheehee