"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

22 January 2013

Cabin fever...

We have had below 0 temps for the last 3 mornings and the highs maybe 15 or so.   To say we have had our fill of the cold is an understatement.  Love the snow (when it's not frozen solid) but the bitter cold can now leave and it wouldn't hurt our feelings.

Some people have kept themselves busy to fight the cabin fever that has set in.  There has been lots of fort building going on.  I had to hide a few blankets just to have something to wrap up with on the couch in the evening.  It's a little hard to eat at the dining room table when all the chairs are part of the fort you know.  There was even an attempt to camp out in the creation one night but that only lasted an hour before the floor got way to uncomfortable for the girls liking.

Lots of crafting, game playing and working on puzzles have been going on along with a bit of quilt finishing.  Em has been dragging around her finished polka dot quilt the past two days like it's been sewn onto her some how.  It's her favorite by far.

Especially since it has bunny polka dot fabric for the binding.  Two of her most favorite things.  Can it get any better than that?  Em thinks not.



  1. I remember my kids making forts in the living room, it would keep them busy for a long time. The bunny binding is too cute. We have one week left down here and I'm not looking forward to going back to the cold.

  2. Best kind of fort! Climate controlled. ;) I remember those days with my son.

  3. The quilt fort looks great. I think kids do that the world over. Mine always have done it in the house. My sister and I used to do it in the garden, over the climbing frame, in the summer. I love the polka dot quilt.

  4. It's 12 below zero here... if I had a polka dot quilt I'd drag it around with me too! It's beautiful!

  5. The quilt is so beautiful, looks warm and snuggly i can see why see's keeping it close. Stay warm buddy and btw love the forts, brings back memories.

  6. Beautiful quilts! Love it!
    I love the forts and the crafting, it looks fun and cozy:)

  7. I'm with Miss Em! How could it get much better? Especially in the Bitter Cold!
    Our highs have been in the teens lately too. Today is 20 degrees though. My old drafty house is COLD!
    Keep snuggled up!
    Happy Camping :)

  8. Oh yes, the bunny memories. That is a beautiful blanket that Em has created. Building forts is the best too. I remember those days, but I had to put my Barbie dolls in there with me since my older brother was too "cool" to cooperate. lol