"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

07 January 2013


We have certainly been distracted here today with the beautiful snow that is falling outside.  School work isn't getting accomplished as fast as it normally does.  And going to bed late due to watching Downton Abbey doesn't help either.  :)

There's a few peeks outside to watch the birds gather in the trees over in other yards.

Checking to see how much "powder sugar" is covering the trees.

Watching it accumulate on the other side of the craft room window.

And every once in a while I will go to the back door, open it and just stand there to watch it fall and listen to the snow hitting things as it comes down.
So peaceful.

 I will have to focus later today as to which one of these pretty fabrics will be the backing of the two small little projects that I started the other day.  I'm only giving myself a couple more days to have them finished.  I've got more things to do on my list.  :)

It's so hard to stay focused on snowy days.  At least for me.



  1. Even tho we're down here in warmer weather, I still love to watch the snow fly.

  2. I love a snowy day. We've had a nice snow fall so far this year, it's all melting now though and isn't as pretty as when it first came down. I like your fabric; especially the red print. Enjoy your week and the snow. :-) Heather

  3. That snow looks beautiful. A bit of a novelty for me. Enjoy!
    Anne xx

  4. Enjoy the snow for me. It's just cold around here with gray skies that look like snow skies, but no snow. If we have some sudden blizzard, I hope I can run back and bring my sewing machine over to my mom's. I've got some stitching to do.

  5. Oh my gosh how great is that... SNOW! We are expecting more rain here tomorrow. How super fun, enjoy it. I bet it is peaceful...