"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

05 January 2013


Every once in a while I sit and think about how I want things to happen around here.  It usually happens when I get away from what works for me and things just get a bit wacky through out the day to day happenings.  

Lists are very important for me.  I admit it.  They keep me sane, whatever that may be for me.  They let me breathe.  Without them I feel scattered and often think about what did I actually get done for the day.  Then that just gets me thinking if I really accomplished anything for the day.  Makes me a bit crazy.  It's a vicious cycle to deal with.  Especially for me when I get so many things running through my head all at once.  It can get pretty wild up there.  There are pads of paper, strategically placed, just waiting patiently around for when the craziness strikes within my head.

So after dealing with that craziness here lately,  I pulled my trusty notebook out from the pile it was sitting on top of and started jotting down what I wanted and needed to get done for myself.  There is something about seeing things written down for you to see.  Kind of holds you accountable in a weird way.  At least for me.  So with the list right in front of my face, I went to work.

I cranked out a little blanket for my niece that she desperately needed for her princess "baby".  You should have heard that sweet little voice asking if I could make one for her.  Yes, I melted.  And then to hear her squeal when I said yes, I melted again.  I could just squeeze her in a big ole' hug.

Then I started working on a couple of small projects that may just be presents to be put away for next Christmas.  I know, CRAZY!!!  I was feeling pretty dang great about that idea!  I may just stick with it.

Then the big thing on the list.

Learn how to properly use this contraption below.  I've always dealt with point 'n shoot cameras.  Nothing of this caliber.  Poor thing has been sitting around since August when Glenn got his new camera.  Just patiently waiting for me to get my act together.  I would move it out of eye sight so I wouldn't feel so guilty about not using it.  I swear someone would sneak into my craft room from time to time and move it back just so I had to look at it.  And then it would get moved out of sight again.  Back and forth, back and forth.  So I had to stop this messed up little game.  I suspect that there is a sneaky little gremlin in this house that is pretty happy right about now.

So today is the day when I take at least an hour a day and put it into becoming friends with this new fangled thing.  Glenn was even kind enough to take some books out of his collection for me to read and work with.  

I even came up with the wild hair idea to get up waaaaay early tomorrow in the crazy single digit temps and try to get the sunrise at one of my most favorite spots about an hour away.  To say that Glenn is super excited is a bit tame.  He loves doing insane things like that.  He thinks he may have a new photography buddy here.  We'll just have to see how tomorrow pans out.  I just haven't told the girls that they will be getting up also to tag along with us.  Aren't I a nice Mom!



  1. Lists are great and when I make them I get way more achieved.
    Have fun with your camera. Daunting isn't it to come to grips with a new piece of technology?! I'm sure you will be taking gorgeous photos with your new camera very soon.
    Anne xx

  2. I like lists too and can't live without them, even though a lot of the time my list is somewhere I am not! Not much good then, but sometimes I'm able to remember what I wrote down. :))

    I hope you love the dslr. I love mine and have sooooo much fun taking photos and trying to improve my skills.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Ah-yes. I am a list maker too. Many of mine are made mentally, not put on paper. LOL So if I forget...I just get to make another list! :)

  4. We are kindred spirits, I ALWAYS make lists. That blanket is so cute. I've been experimenting with my camera and the settings, this coming April I'm taking a digital photography class. I hope it's not a class where you just learn the basics on the camera, the description didn't give much info. I was going to bring my books down here and I totally forgot to put it on my list of things to bring :)

  5. I'm an obsessive list-maker. too. I figure I would rather free up my head to think of more interesting things than remembering what I need to do ;).

  6. I too am a list maker. I carry a journal in my purse at all times or I can't function. Well, I could, but I'd be a bit too scatterbrained for people to stand me.

    And I love your new "contraption". You know I'm a die-hard Canon girl and my camera looks like yours. Twins!