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28 December 2012


There were a few gifts that were made around here during the last few weeks here.  Gifts that were very loved when completed.

This was a quilt that Em gifted to herself for all the hard work and thoughtfulness she has passed on to others this year.  She had been patiently gathering all the right bits for this quilt since the beginning of the year.  After all the creating and giving to others she finally has her wonderful snuggly quilt she has been dreaming about.  Well done Em!

Then the next day she started on another for her little sister B.  Little B asked what she was doing and how wonderful it would be to have her very own quilt like Em made for herself.  That is when Em told her it was another quilt for herself and would B love to help her pick out colors.  B helped happily always saying that it would be a very beautiful quilt with those wonderful colors she helped Em pick out.  B watched patiently for a week and a half as the quilt was put together always admiring it.  Then when Em was finished sewing the binding and signed the back of the quilt, it was quickly washed and dried so that B would get her very special Christmas present early from her big sis.  Let's just say she carries it everywhere in the house and is never seen without it.

I was finally able to start and finish a gift to Mom just in the nick of time for me to get it mailed off in time for Christmas.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute.  A nice big hot pad trivet for her table.  The pictures are terrible with the lack of light that was going on the morning it was sent off. 

Now there is another special request that has come in from one special little niece that needs something for her special princess baby doll after she saw Mom's table trivet.  Apparently it is just the perfect size for a special baby doll.  Better get moving on that now.



  1. Your daughter's quilts are beautiful. She must have inherited your quilting talent. The hot pad you made for your mom looks too nice to be used as such, I think I'd use it on my table with a candle on top. Happy New Year Kar. :-) Heather

  2. Oh my goodness, Em sews beautifully!! She had a great teacher :) Those are beautiful!!!
    What a neat idea for a large hot pad, I love that idea and I just may steal it :)

  3. Completely in awe, and inspired !

  4. I cannot believe all those amazing quilts. I think there are a few happy people out there. I hope you had a wonderful christmas and I hope your 2013 is fabulous, full of happiness and good times :)


  5. Miss Em is truly amazing with needle & thread {and colorful fabric}! I am in awe! Just like her mother before her :) Anxious to see the princess baby doll blankie.

  6. Wow Kar these are all so beautiful! Your daughter is not only talented but sounds like a very sweet big sister. Happy you all had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year Kar to you and your family!

  7. Kar, that Em has such talent. Did she make all three quilts? I definitely know who her momma is. :-)

    I wish you all a very Happy New Year!