"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

11 December 2012

What to say?

What is there to say about the things that have been happening with me in well over a month.

I've been so completely disgusted with the path this country is going down.  So utterly pathetic to say the least without ranting and raving for days on end.  I could just spit.

Heavy hearts have been the norm around here all due to a child who is suppose to be an adult, age wise at least, but refuses to be one.  It had me questioning everything I had ever done for this child to try and understand why they are the person they are at the moment.  But after much thought and discussion with dear family and friends, it is all due to the unwise, irresponsible choices that has lead this child down the road he is on.  Not due to anything I have done.  I can do no more.  I am tired of 'banging my head on a wall' trying to get through to someone who could really care less about how hard he is making life for himself.  I have to move on in order to save my sanity and the rest of the family's.

So with that I am really trying to get out of this funk and focus more on myself and the rest of the family who cares about making the most out of life.  Thanksgiving was a bust around here but Christmas will not be the same way.  Routines will be put back in place.  Traditions will be celebrated with nothing but happiness and joy.  And focus will be put on those who matter the most.

Here's to happier days ahead!
I need it.



  1. Hi Kar, I'm glad to "see" you again. Your quilting project is very pretty. I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you are going through with one of your "children". Sounds like you've found peace. Enjoy your Christmas holiday. Blessings to you and yours, Heather

  2. Kar, I know it's never really the same but when I say I have been there, I have. You are right. You will find no peace for yourself (and others close to you) unless you let it go. Our children must at some point become responsible for their own actions and choices. We know we taught them better and have to take comfort in that. It doesn't change the fact we love them unconditionally; it just changes the fact that we take any type of responsibility for their current actions. I tell my friends that "it ain't over until the fat lady sings and I ain't singing" with the hope that at some point he will get his crap together. You go girlfriend. I'm here for you cheering and supporting you in feeling better about it all.

  3. Oh man Kar do I ever get what you are saying, there's only so much you can do. Jim and I are learning how to be parents to adult children and it's soooo different now then when they were little....as far as where this country is headed, I have to wrap my head with duct tape to keep it from exploding (not really just a figure of speech...lol). Hang in there...

  4. I forgot to tell you also I love the quilt and your stitching.

  5. OH! My DEAR KAR! I am just now seeing this. My prayers are with you. Parenting is NOT for the faint of heart {and I can't tell you the times I have nearly fainted!} Hold tight and pray hard and I will pray for "the Peace that surpasses ALL UNDERSTANDING" to wrap Himself around you. I have had so much struggle here myself over the last 2 years. Now my youngest daughter may be trying to lose this baby she is carrying. We are praying not. My health is not good right now either. But I have learned to look for the JOY in every day and love my family more ferociously than ever before. Sometimes letting go for a bit is what a wayward one needs. Let God do His work. Been there too.
    Love to You,

  6. I'm glad to have you back and to see this beautiful quilt you're making. :-) Be encouraged!

  7. Oh Kar i think all parents can relate this post. We all have had big bumps in the road of parenting and wishing for better choices our kids make. Hang in mama this too shall pass. Happy to see you back!