"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

30 July 2009

It's here!!!

I just got my package from Dawn! Thank you so much Dawn! I love everything! I must tell you that a certain little bookworm that lives with me is eyeballing the book mark. So, I might end up losing that very soon. :) I love all the free pattern sheets that you snagged for me and put in the package. Awesome! I might have to re-do my project list because some of the new patterns are looking very nice! The chocolate bars and M&M's are some of my fav's. 100 Grand bar, M&M's and a HUGE Nestle Crunch bar! How can one go wrong with those! You can't. I must say that I will not be taking the "suggestion" on the Crunch bar wrapper seriously. Look closely. It says "great to share". Umm... NO! Sorry. They are all mine and the girls can share the M&M jar. :) Okay, now that's settled. Dawn made to loveliest handmade card with a sweet note in it. Very pretty! And last but not least, the yarn! If this is any indication of how nice the touch and colors are of the yarn at Hobby Lobby, I'm in so much trouble! Love it! They are going to go so well with the yarns I'm stashing for the next blankie I have in mind. Who wouldn't like a yarn called "old leaf". So a pretty green! And terra cotta and dark country blue. I'm in love! I can just hear Glenn now when he comes home... "Lord, help me!". LOL!!! This swap was too much fun! It was like having a special ME day. Thanks again Dawn! Everything is loved and much appreciated! You did good!

Now that my head is swimming from all the excitement from the package, I have to show you what we were up to yesterday. One big day of just SLACKING! It was fun!

So we went down early in the morning to the ponds at the golf course down the road from our house to feed the ducks. The girls made sure we had every scrap of bread and buns that didn't look "good" in one big bag. First there was just a few that came near...
Then a few more...
Then the whole flock speed swam over to us. Lost count at 30 because they were moving around so fast.
Then the bread and buns ran out, so the girls just stood and watched as some of the ducks fought over the last little scraps.

Once the ducks figured out that there was no more to the buffet, they scattered. So we decided to go look at the other pond on the other side of the street. That's where we saw all the little fishes swimming around. They must get fed bread also, because they followed the girls all along the edge whenever the girls moved.
There was one lone duck who was in the wrong pond at the wrong time.
We went back home before there was a chance of an attack for not having any more bread. There was some bug hunting to be done...
Then a picnic lunch out in the back yard in the shade.
Obviously it tastes better when you really kick back to eat. LOL!!!
But then Muaw spotted this little lovely on the eave of the house and lunch quickly retreated back in the house! It was HUGE! The size of a football! Now you may be asking, "How do you miss something that big being it's on the garden side of the house and there are daily trips made out there?". I'm a slacker and I haven't been as dutiful this summer in going around and looking for things that should not be. So Brendon was drug outside (not happily) and the ladder, hose and hornet spray were brought out to defeat the little beasts. Beasts, yes. Little, NO! Almost as big as my thumb! And they were blackjackets. Lovely! After a few times of hurdling off the ladder, diving for safety, being sprayed by Brendon and then climbing back up for another assault, the beasties were defeated! I'm so not kidding when I say that our neighbors go free comedy shows from this group. I know I heard some giggling going on from next door out by the back yard fence. I soon went in to shower (too much spraying going on and didn't want to have twitching fits myself) after we determined all was good. So we thought. Today I saw more back to make another nest. I'm waiting for Glenn to get home from work. He can not miss out on all the fun for Pete sake! Can't wait.
Then it was waiting time until it was dark enough to go lay on a blanket in the front yard and watch the stars and moon and listen for crickets. Very cool! I hope you can see some of the wee little stars. I'm on the old computer right now and the old Iphoto program bites compared to the new one, so I'm not sure if you can spot them. :(

Then there was a bite on the arm and it was all over. Sorry, I'm not a midnight snack and I'm not "sucking" it up while something is sucking blood out of me. Wiener I am. Brenna told me it was just fine to be a wiener, she understood. I love her. :)

Today I had to go check things out in the garden. There was the lovely sunflowers really starting to show themselves. Beautiful! Then that is when I noticed that there will be another full force attack this evening with the beasties again. You can just imagine my excitement. I was not "peeing my pants".
I was able to finish the label for the blankie last night. So the blankie should be in the mail tomorrow! I know, Priority Mail!! Don't worry, you guys haven't been the only ones waiting. My Mom asks about it everytime she calls. Soon dearies!
So off I am to go put on new big butt seats on the two bikes outside (mine & glenn's). ThLinke original seats were not the best. So I had to go get some nice squishy ones (as Brenna says). Too bad I don't have a bike specialist like Sally's husband near by. There would be nothing to worry about. He knows what he's doing. Bikes with neon lights and a music system! I'd be all over that! LOL!!!!

Well, I have go to be going. I have some goodies to go look at and something goofy is going on with Blogger and it's getting on my nerves severely!

Find something to smile about! I have and it's spelled Y-A-R-N and C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E !!!


PS: So sorry for the edit to the edit. I just got a call from my sister and I will be having a ....
NIECE!!!! I'm not picky! Either one is good to me, just as long as the baby isn't Cousin It (Adams' family). Mom is planning a shopping trip tomorrow. Just wait Kim, you are going to need a bigger house just from all the things she buys. I did! LOL!!!

27 July 2009

Too much fun around these parts...

Aren't Sundays suppose to be spent recovering from the week? Well, not here! Glenn and the kids had to "race" to the game store to buy the new Wii Sports Resort game and come home to try out every game that is on there. Loud is not the word I would have used to describe all the laughing, cheering and just plain fun that was going on. Every one was tired at the end of the day after all the cycling, canoeing, kayaking, table tennis, dog frisbee, etc. around here. Hilarious!! It's harder than one would think! I didn't get alot of crocheting done to say the least. I think I've got tennis elbow too! Who would have thought.

We did manage to make it out to the garden today and saw some very wonderful things.

The first GORGEOUS little sunflower!
Look at all the future zucchini!
And all the BEEEAUUTIFULLL cucumbers!
Let's not forget the lovely okra! I was peeing my pants seeing all the little bitty okras growing.
Glenn (and Em) have some more banana peppers for sandwiches.
This little beauty is finally starting to show the slightest bit of pink coming to it.
Pure Bliss!
Then last but not least, this is what I accomplished so far with the grannies for the new blankie. I tried to take a pic of it laying straight out on the grass but very poor quality. The colors didn't show up very good because I had to stand away from it too much. So I had to resort to this. I determined yesterday that the blankie will be 21 squares by 21 squares. Yes, that will be a total of 441 squares, with out the border that will be put on! I've got my work cut out for myself. Oh well, there could be worse things to be doing! hehehehe!
It's another warm day here, low 90's. At least that is lower than what was predicted a few days ago. Now, only if the numbers would keep going down just a wee bit more. I'm crossing my fingers that Glenn won't have to work his day off Thursday and maybe we can go into the hills for some exploring. I need my fix. I'm starting to get twitches from the withdrawals!

I must be off for now. I've got a lovely tasting ham sandwich waiting for me to bite into it. Can't keep it waiting! Then it is back to more cycling, canoeing, etc.

Find something to smile about! I'm sure there is something just waiting out there for you to find! Go ahead and look! :)

Toodles Noodles!

25 July 2009

One noisy Friday night!

Last night proved to be quite productive around the "funny farm". Glenn and the girls got caught up playing some new game they found on one of the game discs for the Wii. There was so much squealing and laughing going on I wasn't sure if it was safe to get too near. At least they were having a blast!

But while that was going on in the family room, I was in the craft room with the Ipod cranked up a wee bit with the speakers, just crocheting away. Every once in a while I would peel my eyes away from all the yarn/hooky business and peek into the family room to see what was going on. At least I didn't have to get up out of the chair because I've got a straight on view to all the action. So with all the tunes going and the hook flying, this is what came about...

some spot were added...
(the girls said it looked like some acupuncture was going on)
a special little tag for a special wee one to know who loves him/her a whole bunch...
(don't you just love the tail! it's too darn cute!)
and TADA! We have a cute and cuddly baby giraffe for a special someone to love. I did add a few more spots than what the pattern called for because who ever heard of a giraffe with spots only on the front. It's one of a kind, just like the expectant wee one. I have to admit that I stopped and admired it for a bit. It's just too darn cute! More cute cuddlies might be added to the project list. :)
After I snapped out of the "admiration" moment, I quickly grabbed the bags that had all the scrap yarn in it and dumped them out on the desk top. This is only some of what came out of the bags mind you. I quickly grabbed the hook and "dove" right into the yarn pool and started grannying. It was wonderful! Just think of all the color possibilities!
So after about a 1/2 hour or so, this is what was accomplished before I realized what time it was and hurriedly got myself and everyone else to bed. I am so liking it! The girls even stopped long enough to come in and see the progress. Brenna asked if I would someday show her how to crochet so that she can make a beautiful blanket just like this. I must admit I was a bit verklempt! It makes a mom tear up!

With the hook and yarn flying, I got so caught up with grabbing and adding colors that I didn't even take the time to weave in the loose "tails" (as the girls call them). Which when I saw them this morning, it drove me bonkers. Please do weave in the tails as you go! I've always been one to "weave as I go". Just seeing these two finished squares with all the commotion happening on the back side unnerved me. So I started tucking ends in this morning. It looks much better now. And I do like joining the squares as I go much better than sewing them together. Just seems quicker to me and I like the look better.
I must be off. I hate to chat and run but there is a load of laundry to throw in the dryer and then there is a Saturday market to browse around before the heat sets in. It's nice just to walk down and look even if nothing is bought. But then it will be back to grannying. What better way to spend a HOT summer day than creating a wonderful colorful comfy blankie. Oh the joy in life. Simply grand!

I'm hearing the bird chirping outside and just remembered that all the feeders are bone dry. Not a very good birder am I. So I will be off to fill them for breakfast. Don't want our fine feathered friends turning on us, do we! (imagine a scene from "the Birds". I am.)

Hope everyone has a StUpEnDoUs weekend!!! And find something to smile about! Why? Because I said so! LOL!!!!

Toodles Noodles!!!

24 July 2009

A quiet beginning for a Friday...

This morning has been rather quiet to start off. And I am enjoying it tremendously! After seeing Glenn off to work and finishing the laundry, I had to head outside with the camera and see what was going on with the flowers before the heat sets in.

The one little pink rose bush is showing itself again after being dead headed last week. They are mini roses and I love their small little petals as they start to bloom again. So very pretty they are. :)
The cone flowers are putting on a wonderful show with their dainty pink color. I'm hoping they drop a huge amount of seeds this year so that the flower bed in this area will be crammed full of them next year. :)
Then there is my favorite of all the flowers in the yard. The mini yellow rose bush that my Daddy gave me during his last visit here with me. I am very protective of this bush. I even went so far as to dig it up and put it in a big planter when we thought we wanted to sell the house and move. I was not leaving this plant behind! Long story short, it was planted back in the flower bed where my Daddy put it to begin with. I'm just so glad it made it and didn't die. Brenna has taken to it and calls it her plant and won't let anyone but me touch it. I still find it curious how close her personality is to my Dad's and she has his freckles and all. I still wonder at times if she has part of Dad's soul in her. I do see that twinkle in her eye at times. And do I ever have to keep on eye on the butter bowl to make sure there is not a huge chunk taken out of it every time it comes out of the fridge. Apparently Dad did the same thing when he was little. Do remember we found out she was on the way only a few months after he passed away. So, who knows. Maybe it's Dad's way of staying close to us.
Anyhoo, this is what the little "critter" is looking like this morning. I couldn't go to bed last night until I got all the appendages finished. (like how I get all smart and all) Basically all that is left is the finishing touches. Hopefully that will be done today. Cross your fingers.
Glenn and I had a good laugh this morning as he was upstairs giving his morning hugs and kisses to the girls before he left. Last night as he was giving out hugs, kisses and singing songs Brenna asked if she could have a piece of Rollo candy. He told her she could have it after she eats breakfast in the morning. So this morning as he was doing the "ritual" (because Lord knows everyone will hear about it all day if Daddy doesn't say bye in the morning) Brenna turned her head and asked if she could have her piece of candy now. The girl just doesn't forget about candy. Especially chocolate! She will run down the two sets of stairs if she hears someone messing with my M&M jar that is in my craft room. Darn near kills herself. The "joke" around this house is that she would be the one to take candy from a stranger. So to say the least, I do not let her out of my sight. We just found it hilarious how there are some things she will not remember, by choice I think, but never forgets anything to do with chocolate.

Well, off to get a few things done now that the lessons are done for the day. The girls have been getting up early to get started with all the reviewing we are doing before the new stuff next week. I have to finish the "critter" above and find a few baby things that will be sent along with the blankie and critter. It's a shame that Kim isn't closer because I would be sending her home with a Uhaul trailer full of baby things that I have kept through the years. She wouldn't have to buy anything for years! Kim, just remember, you can always make a trip up here still! LOL!!! I would love to know what it is like to not have huge bins in the attic and garage! :)

One good note for the day. We won't be in the 100's for a while. Close but not in it. I'm so ready for fall weather. It's just nice to be outside and not be miserable. Ah, fresh crisp air! I can almost feel it. Oh wait, that was the A/C kicking in already for the day. :(

I really need to get going on my next project (the scrap blankie) before my head pops. It's driving me crazy! I'm still looking for some really neat colors to make the scrap jacket with. So that will be after this up and coming project. I know, how can it be a scrap jacket if I'm going to buy colors for it. Crazy, but that's just me. And I like it. :)

I'm rambling now so I will be off to see what else the day brings me. No doubt around here, there will be something to smile about. Hope you can find something to smile about too!

Have a FaNtAbUlOuS Day!!!

23 July 2009

The blanket is finished!

Yesterday turned out to be quite productive even if it didn't seem like it was going to start out that way. The alarm went off to make sure that trash and recycles were put out to the street on time. But there was a lot of delay and debating on my part when it came down to actually getting out of the bed. 20 minutes of delay at least. So enthusiasm was not high on the list in the beginning hours of the day. Glenn must have sensed that I was not too eager to go out and do this, like I normally do when he is getting together for work, and he got up to help out. But let there be no mistake that after the awful "chore" was finished, I quickly changed back into my comfy t-shirt and plopped back in bed. You could already tell that is was going to be Africa hot once again. yea!
Eventually I found the ambition to get up and get a few things done. No hiking or exploring was planned because of the heat, so after all the morning "stuff" was done and a quick trip to the store, Glenn decided it would be a good time to go to the book store. I wasn't overly thrilled about the trip but at least there would be A/C there. It was already so hot outside that the A/C in the truck just didn't feel cool enough in the back. I must say that once we got to the bookstore I plopped myself in front of the knit/crochet section and browsed until I had my crew standing there waiting on me. I had a few inspirations looking through all the lovely books. More ideas running around this already "packed" head of ideas. Wonderful, huh! After the bookstore we got something for lunch and when we were heading out of "this" particular parking lot Brendon happened to mention a very large sign about a business that was coming to town and taking up residence and a recently vacated sporting goods store. I was thrilled but Glenn was less than thrilled. It was a sign for ...
Oh the joy! But immediately I thought "For the love of Pete! Is there no mercy for me!". Just one more temptation just 3 miles from the house! It will be pure torture for me not to head up the hill and just "browse" around to get ideas. Yeah right! Only time will tell how "good" I am with that store being so close. Now to find out when they will open! I have to plan my "intervention" for staying away you know. :)
After getting home and getting out of the heat, everyone could be found down in the family room doing their own thing. Well at least me. I was crocheting and everyone else was watching a movie. I am very proud to say that I finally finished the baby blanket! I am only showing a smidgin of it being that it has not been sent off yet. But at least you can see how I finished off the edge with the orange all the way around and then did a picot edge around that. It looks awesome! I will show full pics when I send it off and get word that my sister has it. I know the suspense is killing you but please be patient grasshopper! You will be rewarded soon!
After that I went back in the craft room and went through some more "stuff" for the girls and their school work until they went to bed. Then after that the yarn was back out to start and finish something to go with the beautiful blankie. This is what I was able to get done in just a 1/2 hour. Pretty cool! It's going to be so cute! All I can say right now is it is going to be an adorable cuddly!
Well, I must be off. The girls are hounding me to get off of here so that we can get out in the garden before the heat takes over today. We must look for more beans!
Hope today finds you being productive and with a smile on your face. It should be for me, if only I can stick to the "to do list"! LOL!!!!
Have Fun!!!

20 July 2009

Homegrown Baby!!!!

I wasn't sure about posting today but after walking around outside after dinner, I had to share all the little treats there were to be found.  Today was calm and relaxing after a busy weekend around here.  There was the important business of shopping for the yarn and chocolate swap that Alessandra put together.  So, Saturday was spent traveling over to the east side of Boise just to go to the best candy shop around.  Before that the girls and I had to go find Glenn on his route and persuade him to eat lunch with us.  We found him as he was delivering mail to some businesses.  I couldn't help but coming up near him in the parking lot, roll down the window and YELL "Hey you sexy thang, wanna go to lunch?".  He turned around, saw it was me and said "you are such a doofus!".  Can you feel the love!  Anyway the girls twisted his arm to stop for lunch and afterwards the girls and I headed out for the candy shop.  I really had to control myself while being in Lee's.  Very hard to do.  So many choices!  Not enough money to buy the place out though.  So we bought the white chocolate for Gloria and headed home for the yarn shop down the hill from the house.  We found some very yummy cotton yarn for Gloria.  Brenna picked out the colors.  Very nice choices I must say.  I might have to go back and pick out a few for a project.  I must control myself!  Anyhoo, Sunday found all us going to see the Harry Potter movie.  It was hot out and the theater has A/C.  No brainer!  Then lunch and the book store afterwards.  Pretty nice day out and about.  But as soon as we made it home, I made a bee line for nap time.  I ate too much at Golden Corral.  :)  Couldn't resist the grilled steak and all that yummy fried okra!!!  I'm such a pig!
It was an early rise for me today to get chores done, go to the post office to mail off Gloria's goodies and head to the store before it got Africa hot out.  And inside I have been until after dinner.  And then all these lovely little things were to be found.
More Dahlias!  The first one died off already.  But there are more to take it's place!
The sunflowers are up to my shoulders already.  Good thing we don't have one big sunflower garden or Brenna would be lost in it.  :)
Still watching this beauty getting bigger each day and waiting for it to turn red!
Just look at all that yummy okra that will be blooming soon!  I can see it now!  Fried okra and Gumbo!  I better go get my pig snout out and ready!
This is what was waiting for to pick while in the garden.  Glenn is licking the lips over the banana peppers that will be going on his sandwiches tomorrow.  The girls and I had to try a few green beans while out in the garden and this is all that is left before we controlled ourselves!  The were nice, sweet and crunchy!  Yummy!  And the one little carrot that was sacrificed just to see how they were coming along.  They've got a ways to go.
Then we found the coneflowers blooming.  Love the color pink they have.  They kind of fool you at first with the white that shows first but then they show the prettiest pale pink.  Awesome!
Then of course a trip out front had to be made to look for the "dreaded" weeds and a few "flippy spinny" things had to be done before Brendon came to the front yard to cut the grass.  After rolling around the grass for some time the whining about being itchy from it started.  That found two little girls inside hitting the shower fast.  Can't have all that whining going on now, can we!
Not alot of yarn was to be done this weekend, except for the trip to the yarn shop.  So maybe later after everyone is washed and squeaky clean there might be some yarn-hooky time squeezed in before bed.  Tomorrow is another busy day: our PE group meeting, bowling, having a friend over afterwards and maybe some yarn time.  Cross your fingers!
Find something to smile about tomorrow unless you can squeeze something in tonight!  Hope everyone has a FaBuLoSo day tomorrow!
I must ask one thing of all of you please.  That is to say a prayer for  Pfc Bowe Bergdahl and that he is released by his captors and that he returns home safely.  This small town Idaho boy needs every prayer he can get right now and it only takes a minute.  Thanks.  Please remember in the back of your mind that this is what can happen to those who choose to serve our country so that we can live the lives we have.  There is danger everywhere for all those who serve to defend us.  God Bless them all!  No matter how long a person has been out of the military, it still hits you in the gut when something like this happens to one of our "family members".

17 July 2009

Keeping out of the heat...

One could tell it was going to be Africa hot today the moment Glenn opened the garage door to leave for work this morning.  It was already 70 something out!  Yuck!  That temp is only fine for late in the day I tell you.
So after a bit of meandering around the house getting a few chores done in the peace and quiet, the girls got up for the day, ate and we went outside to patrol for weeds before it was too unbearable out.  Well, I patrolled and the girls rode their bikes for a bit.  Then after not finding too many weeds, I decided it would be a swell time to stain the little bench I got as a Christmas present.  It has remained unfinished this whole time because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.  Sometime last week an idea just came to me.  So what better time to start making it look presentable.  For the longest time I never had anything by my front door where anyone could sit and put their shoes on and then a dear friend (Nate) asked what I wanted and TADA!!  Now there is a place to sit and two shelves to put shoes on so no one tripping over them.  Below is just step 1.  The next step will be done sometime tomorrow in the early morning hours.  I will show finished pics later.  After this there is a desk that has been sitting in my kitchen/dining room for the longest time because I had no ideas.  But it will soon be finished also.  :)
After all the fun out in the front yard and garage, the girls persuaded me to go and sit out back while they splashed in the wade pool a bit.  While sitting at the table I noticed this little beauty fluttering around in between the two butterfly bushes.  I've been waiting for a week to catch a shot of him.  Isn't it a beautiful little Swallowtail!  The blue dots at the very bottom of his tail was so pretty in the sun.  I kept following him for a while just watching him get nectar from the flowers.  Gorgeous!!!
Then I noticed my dahlia had opened even more to show more of the yellowy orange on its inner petals.  So pretty!  I'm just waiting for the others to open up any day now.  I'm getting a wee bit impatient.  Can't wait to see them all open together.  :)
By then I was getting a bit warm in the sun so I went back to the patio and sat down with what I brought outside to keep busy while watching the girls.  Nothing like a wee bit of crocheting and enjoying some Tangerine Zinger iced tea.  I like the flavored teas iced in the summer time.  They are light and refreshing that way.  Anyhoo, I didn't want to bring the "big" baby blankie outside to work on in the heat so I found something small to work on while hearing the girls squeal about how chilly the water was still as they were trying to sit on two floaty rings.  Two floaty rings really don't work to well to say the least.  Especially with skinny butts that just slide right through them.  :)
So I've got this sock yarn (Fiesta baby boom) that I bought but wasn't too sure about wanting to make socks out of it after it has sat on the shelf for a while now.  So I thought what about a skinny scarf thingy!  So there I sat looking in one of my stitch books trying to find just the right stitch.  Something that would look a little lacey but not too many holes where it would defeat the purpose of wearing a scarf.
Here's what it looks like so far.  Quite pleased with it so far.  And I'm happy how the colors are falling in place along the pattern.  The color of the yarn in called "Mochachino".The colors are just right for fall also.  So this will be my outdoor project while having to sit and watch the girls splash around in the pool.
Now I must be off the sweep the floor because it is looking a bit gross to me and I don't want to drive everyone else crazy with my "craziness" on how my socks are looking dingy from "stuff" on the floor.  I have issues that I will not deny.  :)  
I have one more thing.  I have noticed that there have been an awful lot of us out in blog land this week that have just been "tard" and dragging along.  It really must be in the air or something.  But I hope everyone is starting to come around and perk up a bit.  I'm starting to feel a bit more "alive".  No thanks to the heat though.
Find something to smile about, even if it's for a wee bit.  I'm smiling about a yummy green apple popsicle that has my name all over it!
Toodles Noodles!

16 July 2009

Just simple summer pleasures around here.

The last few day have been relaxed around here.  Just enjoying the days as they come and as they are.  (except for Wednesday when I was in a foul mood and tired from not sleeping well the night before.  not pleasant for those who had to "hang out" with me).
 Tuesday was spent down along the river that cuts right through the middle of town, just watching all the fishermen get all "verklempt" over the chinook salmon that was to be released into the river for the season.  The pic below just shows a smattering of how many people were trying their luck at grabbing one of the beautiful fish.  I'm not a fan of fishing, especially with this many people around.  You wouldn't believe how many times we watched as lines were detangled or cut because of the big snags that would occur with all the lines in the water.  Made no sense to me.  But who am I?  I would say this would be the "superbowl" of fishing around here.  Very funny to just sit and watch how carried away all these people got when they would see the slightest move in the water and it turn out to be someone else casting their line.  LOL!!!  We counted at least 40 people along the banks in this one stretch of the river.  Too many.  Even after all the time spent walking along the river and then sitting and watching, there were no salmon to be seen because fish & game had not dropped them yet when we decided to head home.  I laughed.  hehehehe!  I'm so awful!
Other wise, all that has been happening is hanging out and trying to stay cool.  It's going to be Africa hot here the next two days!  Yes, I know what Africa hot is.  I was out in the desert over there for nearly 6 months playing "war games" at one time in the AF.  Not pretty.  So I do not like it when it gets in the 100's.  Luckily it's only suppose to be like that for a couple of days.  I thanked my Mom and my friend Julie (both in the Houston area) for sending those temps up here.  There was no need to share.  I would not have thought of you to be rude by keeping it all to yourselves.  Really!
And no, you will not see me in the pool with the girls.  Not a pretty sight!  And I will spare everyone the scary pics.  It's the least I can do.  :)  Trust me, you would never go near the water again after seeing any pics of that.  LOL!!!
Well, I'm going to go find something easy for dinner that won't heat up the kitchen.  And then back to the blankie!  I've only got one more square to do!  I'm very giddy about it all.  Then I only have to do the outside border and then it will be done.  I honestly haven't worked on it much this week because I've been outside with the girls or at the river.  And I wasn't about to have all that blankie laying all over me while outside, in the heat.  So tonight I'm doing my best to finish the last square and to see if I can get going on the border.
Hopefully there was something you found to put a big ol' smile on your face today.  I'm smiling just thinking about the Tillamook Udderly Chocolate ice cream that is waiting patiently for me to finish dinner!  Life is goooood!!!
Toodles Noodles!!!