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07 July 2009

Crocheting and gardening...

This morning Em and I went outside as soon as Glenn left for work to get some garden work done before it got warm out.  It didn't take long at all even it looked like a forest of weeds were taking over.  That's what happens when it gets too hot here.  I don't like to work in the garden in the heat.  So we have made a promise to get out there first thing in the morning to keep on top of things.  Don't want to deal with another forest.  :)
Everything is looking pretty good so far.  We did have to buy some eggplant and watermelon plants to replace what did not come up by seed.  Just one of those things I guess.  We are finally seeing some pepper plants coming up.  Didn't think those were ever going to sprout.  Glenn kept checking on those everyday to let us know there was nothing there yet.  The sunflowers are doing nice so far.  They are past my knees now.  Thanks Julie for the seeds!
I'm waiting on the mums to pop open so that I can look at them for a wee bit and then I'm hacking them down so that they will sprout back for the fall.  That reminds me that I've got to trim all the ones out front!  Tomorrow.  I don't want to over work myself all in one day you know.  That would be awful!
The daylilies are doing great!  I just wish they would stay around a little longer than just a day when they bloom.  I'm still waiting to see the little yellow ones bloom.  They are always later than the red ones.

I just had to show you some pics from the car cruise that we went to see on Saturday evening before the fireworks.  There were over 200 hundred cars in the cruise and they were all too cool!  We had the perfect spot ... in the shade!  I'm going to have to figure out how to show off all the pics I took.  I took well over 100.  So I will add a few at a time, just to keep you coming back for more!  I'm so bad.  :)
This Woody was awesome.  Just look at the old bikes in the trailer and the classic skis and surfboard on top!  Too cool!

Loved this Mustang!  Mom and Dad had one like it when a was way small but with black stripes I do believe.  I always was reminded how they had to get rid of it because it was a tight squeeze for the 3 of us to ride in it.  That and it didn't A/C!

The Munster Mobile!  Brenna loved that one.  And the couple would wave at her every time they came back by us. 

Now is this not the best way to get around!  We were laughing so hard when we saw this come by.  Everyone was drinking "virgin" drinks while this was cruisin'.  One of the guys said that was the bummer.  We just about died laughing!

This cute Metropolitan was too adorable!  Wouldn't that be too cute to drive around town!

This is Glenn's dream car!  Could you imagine him driving around a Viper?  I told him I would buy him 2 of them when we win the lottery.  :)

This was the cutest little buggy I've seen in a long time.  This guy was having a blast driving this down the road.  As soon as I saw it I thought of the cartoon "Speed Buggy".  Yes, I'm showing my age.

Here's another one that Glenn would love to have.  I think it was mainly because it's painted his favorite color in metallic.  Very cool!

This beauty brought back memories!  When I was little, living in SC, there was a couple who were very dear friends of ours (more like grandparents) who had a car similar to this but mint green and white.  I remember riding in it with our heads hanging out the window (when we were on slow country roads) and having a ball!  I can see it now with the leather seats, stick shift in the steering column, the old radio, high beam button on the floor.  Man that was nice.  Don't know what ever happened to Mema and Woodrow's car.  It would be FAB to have it.

Well, I'm off to get the clothes done so that I can go sit with Em out on the deck.  It's a wonderful 58 outside right now!  BEEEAUTIFULLL!  Nothing like enjoying this cooler weather out on the deck in the morning, crocheting!  You knew that what pop up sometime.  Nearly done with the baby blanket.  Just trying to figure out what to work on next.  I'm torn between this two items:

I'm leaning towards the inspiration from Ingrid because I know I could get the scrap jacket done quicker than the blanket.  So we will see.  Hopefully by the end of the week I can decide, if the baby blanket is done!  :)
Hope every one has a FAB day out there!  The weather is perfect here and I will enjoy every moment I can crocheting outside.  Of course only when my "chore" list is done.  Don't want to be slacking!
Find something to smile about!  


  1. Your garden looks amazing and SO weed free!! I love old cars too. I had a '67 red Mustang in high school. Wish I'd kept it.

  2. Love the flowers in your garden. Amazing how the weeds grow so much faster than the plants. Oh that scrap jacket is too cute.

  3. Ohhhh Kar, that scrap jacket is just gorgeous!!!
    I want one!
    Would you mind telling me where you found the pattern?
    I am in love!

  4. I vote for the sweater, Kar. Looks like it would be fun to do too.

  5. My family had a Metro! Turquoise and white. With three kids. When I married the first time, my mother-in-law said that she remembered my mother from when they dropped kids off at school. Parents parted with it when my older brother had to drop his chin to his chest and scrooch down in order to ride in the back seat. Thanks for the memory!

  6. Ok, first off, check out your garden!!! Impressive; Nice layout. And...the cars. Wow again!

  7. 58 degrees??!! So wonderful but so not fair!! W've been topping out in the high 90's...but in NC we will have evenings like that!! Soon...very soon!! The garden looks great!! Isn't it something how fast weeds take over? We get spiritual weeds too, and keeping them under control isn't easy either!

    The woody stole my heart!! Second place, the Metro. Such fun!!

    Love my visits with you Kar! Love the header picture!! Love your upbeat personality!! So glad you're one of my bloggin' buddies! :)

    Have a grand week!!

  8. We have 66° right now at 6:00 p.m. Your garden looks great! I love that jacket it's so cute. I'm just having a hard time getting that baby blanket done...I'm not sure why. Love all the car pics, we used to have something similar called Scoop the Loop when I was in high school. They're trying to bring it back.

  9. first, love the banner photo of the girls in the meadow, so sweet! next, would you please consider slowing down & slacking off once in awhile, you're making the rest of us look bad. and finally, would you please share the source for the scrap jacket pattern, that looks gorgeous & maybe not too complex for pattern-challenged types like me.

    enjoy your garden, it looks beautiful!