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20 July 2009

Homegrown Baby!!!!

I wasn't sure about posting today but after walking around outside after dinner, I had to share all the little treats there were to be found.  Today was calm and relaxing after a busy weekend around here.  There was the important business of shopping for the yarn and chocolate swap that Alessandra put together.  So, Saturday was spent traveling over to the east side of Boise just to go to the best candy shop around.  Before that the girls and I had to go find Glenn on his route and persuade him to eat lunch with us.  We found him as he was delivering mail to some businesses.  I couldn't help but coming up near him in the parking lot, roll down the window and YELL "Hey you sexy thang, wanna go to lunch?".  He turned around, saw it was me and said "you are such a doofus!".  Can you feel the love!  Anyway the girls twisted his arm to stop for lunch and afterwards the girls and I headed out for the candy shop.  I really had to control myself while being in Lee's.  Very hard to do.  So many choices!  Not enough money to buy the place out though.  So we bought the white chocolate for Gloria and headed home for the yarn shop down the hill from the house.  We found some very yummy cotton yarn for Gloria.  Brenna picked out the colors.  Very nice choices I must say.  I might have to go back and pick out a few for a project.  I must control myself!  Anyhoo, Sunday found all us going to see the Harry Potter movie.  It was hot out and the theater has A/C.  No brainer!  Then lunch and the book store afterwards.  Pretty nice day out and about.  But as soon as we made it home, I made a bee line for nap time.  I ate too much at Golden Corral.  :)  Couldn't resist the grilled steak and all that yummy fried okra!!!  I'm such a pig!
It was an early rise for me today to get chores done, go to the post office to mail off Gloria's goodies and head to the store before it got Africa hot out.  And inside I have been until after dinner.  And then all these lovely little things were to be found.
More Dahlias!  The first one died off already.  But there are more to take it's place!
The sunflowers are up to my shoulders already.  Good thing we don't have one big sunflower garden or Brenna would be lost in it.  :)
Still watching this beauty getting bigger each day and waiting for it to turn red!
Just look at all that yummy okra that will be blooming soon!  I can see it now!  Fried okra and Gumbo!  I better go get my pig snout out and ready!
This is what was waiting for to pick while in the garden.  Glenn is licking the lips over the banana peppers that will be going on his sandwiches tomorrow.  The girls and I had to try a few green beans while out in the garden and this is all that is left before we controlled ourselves!  The were nice, sweet and crunchy!  Yummy!  And the one little carrot that was sacrificed just to see how they were coming along.  They've got a ways to go.
Then we found the coneflowers blooming.  Love the color pink they have.  They kind of fool you at first with the white that shows first but then they show the prettiest pale pink.  Awesome!
Then of course a trip out front had to be made to look for the "dreaded" weeds and a few "flippy spinny" things had to be done before Brendon came to the front yard to cut the grass.  After rolling around the grass for some time the whining about being itchy from it started.  That found two little girls inside hitting the shower fast.  Can't have all that whining going on now, can we!
Not alot of yarn was to be done this weekend, except for the trip to the yarn shop.  So maybe later after everyone is washed and squeaky clean there might be some yarn-hooky time squeezed in before bed.  Tomorrow is another busy day: our PE group meeting, bowling, having a friend over afterwards and maybe some yarn time.  Cross your fingers!
Find something to smile about tomorrow unless you can squeeze something in tonight!  Hope everyone has a FaBuLoSo day tomorrow!
I must ask one thing of all of you please.  That is to say a prayer for  Pfc Bowe Bergdahl and that he is released by his captors and that he returns home safely.  This small town Idaho boy needs every prayer he can get right now and it only takes a minute.  Thanks.  Please remember in the back of your mind that this is what can happen to those who choose to serve our country so that we can live the lives we have.  There is danger everywhere for all those who serve to defend us.  God Bless them all!  No matter how long a person has been out of the military, it still hits you in the gut when something like this happens to one of our "family members".


  1. He has our prayers Kar.
    Your garden is looking great. The chipmunks ate all my sunflower seeds that I planted and all our bean plants as they were coming up...Grrrrr!!
    Made me so mad.

  2. Praying for his safe release!!

    Your garden is looking mahvelous dahling!!
    I don't know how you keep your hands off that tomato? I have to fry the first big boy while it's still green!! I'm still waiting on mine to get as big as it's gonna. We got a slow start this year thanks to the weather!!

    Hope you get some time to play with your yarn today!! I love bowling...I watch many sports but bowling is the only one I actively participate in...I hope you all bowl good today!!

  3. Thank you so much Kar for participating in the swap! I mailed my partner's goodies yesterday.
    It's going to be a warm day here in Tacoma, WA too, high 80's!
    Your garden is fantastic!!!
    Have a great day.

  4. I said a prayer for him too!

    I know Gloria will like what you and your girls have chosen. I've got to get my package sent off too.

    I love your garden and those banana peppers look totally delicious. I would ask for one, but, um...it's been licked already! lol

    Have a great day today. :-D

  5. You have a nice garden, and let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE the song I'm listening while writing this comment - Liz on the top of the world. :-D

  6. I've said a prayer for the soldier :)

    I love the Golden Corral too and especially the okra, Oh MY.