"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

01 July 2009

simple summer "treats"

Things sure have been busy around here the last couple of days.  Monday was just a blur of housework, lessons and puttering around in the craft room and finding some nice little stripes to add to the blog (it needed a wee bit of color).  Can you believe I was just getting around to sewing the girls tops for the 4th!  I'm so dysfunctional!  It drives me insane.  Tuesday was full of just hanging out with friends for the girls.  Some dear friends of ours met us at the bowling alley to play a game and then the two friends came home with us when their mom had to leave early to go to work.  The girls had a blast!  Talk about getting into the games on the Wii system.  I thought I was crazy silly but they topped me.  It was funny.  They didn't want to go home when their dad came to get them after work.  They are both sweethearts and their parents are awesome.  I'm glad we have friends like them.

Well, today found me getting up early with Glenn as usual and while getting the trash out to the curb, I realized that a new water hose was needed for the front.  There is only so much trimming you can do to one and keep adding the adapter back to it till one runs out of hose.  That is what was starting to happen.  No matter where the darn things was trimmed, it would bust again in about 5 mins.  Picture Brendon out washing his car the other day after we mended it and the hose bursting in his face as he was rinsing the car off.  I was laughing my butt off!  I don't think he saw me, being I was inside and just happened to peek out the window as it happened.  He wouldn't be to happy knowing I saw that!  I'm still giggling.  I'm a baaaaaaddd Mommy!  hehehehe!!!  I think it made it even funnier being he was out there with his grumpy old man look on.  Wonder if I should ask him about it?

So after breakfast, laundry, chores, etc., the girls and I went to tackle a few errands.  One to get a lottery ticket.  Can't win if you don't play.  And the mountains are calling me to live amongst them.  So I will do my part with one ticket a week to see if I will ever be so lucky.  Please!!!!! cross your fingers!  Thanks!
Then it was off to a little store in town for a new hose and a new sprayer.  I just found out about the sprayer this morning.  Supposedly the old one looked like it was broken from being dropped? and it wouldn't turn off when you let go of the handle.  Wonder if that happened while someone was washing their car?  I hate it when my sprayers get messed up.  So a hose and sprayer was picked out and then we made our way back where the YARN is.  Now you should know that I'm not going into a store with yarn without peeking at the color selection.  I would have to be committed.  And yes two colors were picked up for a future project.

I'm going for the faded, worn out, scrappy, retro colors.  Confused?  Sorry.  Just an old retro kind of feel is what I'm looking for.  So I picked Gold and Spa Blue today.  I'm sure more will be added to the "scrap" bag before the project ever gets going.
Then we could not pass up these cute little shoes for the girls.  They were only $3 thank you.

You must know that I'm not a huge fan of clogs or flip flops.  Every time the girls put flip flops on, some how the feet get injured.  Who knows.  And for whatever reason, clogs just look sloppy to me.  But these called out to me with the jellie look to them.  And the reminded me alot of the jellies I use to wear all the time in junior high (early 80's).  Yeah, I'm getting up there.  So I could resist them and now the girls have something they can slip into when they want to go outside fast.  And then I'm not washing tennies all the time keeping them clean.
When we got back home we saw that a another package arrived from Oma.  She went shopping again and found the cutest little summer dresses for the girls.  She is quite the shopper.  She can wander around and look all day if you let her.  I surely did not pick that up from her.  I'm the one that goes in, get what you need and get out before the store takes too much of my money.

Too cute! They will be very cool on these hot days we are having lately.  Hey!  News Flash!  We are suppose to be back in the 80's next week!  I'm doing a jig!  Better stop before I hurt myself.

Then while outside I notice that the butterfly bushes are starting to bloom.  That means I had better get my tail moving on getting the hummingbird feeders out!  I've not a very good bird friend this year.  I'm so slacking.  I've got two purple ones in the back yard and one huge pink "tree" out front.  It's at least 10' tall.  Not a bush.

Well, I must go and get a wee bit more sewing done and something thawing for dinner.  I don' want any complaints at the end of the day about my productivity (or lack of).  Wonder if I would ever get fired around here for that?  Not with this crew.  They wouldn't know what to do with out me.  Isn't it great knowing that you are wanted!  Yeah!!!  hahahaha!
Find something to smile about!   Your face needs it!
Have a FaBtAsTiC day to all of you!


  1. Oh Kar, you are too funny!
    what a nice layout you chose for your blog, it looks fabulous!

  2. Hi Kar!! You crazy wii playing, laffing baaaaaad Mama!! How are ya? Glad to see that you got your yarn fix! Did I tell you that everytime my Dad came home and found that my Mom had bought more yarn he would always say, "So, what's for dinner tonight??? Yarn Soup??" My Mom would shoot him a look and then turn to me and smile...sure do miss her...she was an amazing knitter. Her needles would actually appear to FLY!! She made everything from Barbie clothes, to shawls to vests, to afghans...you name it.

    Well, hope you have a great evening, gal and thank you so much for encouraging Maddy. I had fun telling her a bit about you...I started with " I really like Kar"... :o)

    Love and hugs!!

  3. Kar, I made the shawl yesterday and the scarf today.

  4. I really like the yarn. Such summery colours. Also loving the new stripey blog!

  5. I'm smiling over the waterhose bursting! I've been washing the car, and dropped the hose so that I could soap the car some more. The spray nozzle hit handle down and would give me a blast of cold air - up the shorts most of the time. Whew! Shocker!

    Always keep a camera handy for those grumpy old man looks!

    I had a boy. No little girl. I did make dolls, toys, and clothes for nieces. I'm with you on the clogs. They look like garden shoes to me. It's kinda like wearing your pajama/lounge pants to down. No-no.

    You are younger than I am...I enjoy listening to your music choices. Most are new to me. Wait! Tim McGraw! I know about him! ;o)