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25 July 2009

One noisy Friday night!

Last night proved to be quite productive around the "funny farm". Glenn and the girls got caught up playing some new game they found on one of the game discs for the Wii. There was so much squealing and laughing going on I wasn't sure if it was safe to get too near. At least they were having a blast!

But while that was going on in the family room, I was in the craft room with the Ipod cranked up a wee bit with the speakers, just crocheting away. Every once in a while I would peel my eyes away from all the yarn/hooky business and peek into the family room to see what was going on. At least I didn't have to get up out of the chair because I've got a straight on view to all the action. So with all the tunes going and the hook flying, this is what came about...

some spot were added...
(the girls said it looked like some acupuncture was going on)
a special little tag for a special wee one to know who loves him/her a whole bunch...
(don't you just love the tail! it's too darn cute!)
and TADA! We have a cute and cuddly baby giraffe for a special someone to love. I did add a few more spots than what the pattern called for because who ever heard of a giraffe with spots only on the front. It's one of a kind, just like the expectant wee one. I have to admit that I stopped and admired it for a bit. It's just too darn cute! More cute cuddlies might be added to the project list. :)
After I snapped out of the "admiration" moment, I quickly grabbed the bags that had all the scrap yarn in it and dumped them out on the desk top. This is only some of what came out of the bags mind you. I quickly grabbed the hook and "dove" right into the yarn pool and started grannying. It was wonderful! Just think of all the color possibilities!
So after about a 1/2 hour or so, this is what was accomplished before I realized what time it was and hurriedly got myself and everyone else to bed. I am so liking it! The girls even stopped long enough to come in and see the progress. Brenna asked if I would someday show her how to crochet so that she can make a beautiful blanket just like this. I must admit I was a bit verklempt! It makes a mom tear up!

With the hook and yarn flying, I got so caught up with grabbing and adding colors that I didn't even take the time to weave in the loose "tails" (as the girls call them). Which when I saw them this morning, it drove me bonkers. Please do weave in the tails as you go! I've always been one to "weave as I go". Just seeing these two finished squares with all the commotion happening on the back side unnerved me. So I started tucking ends in this morning. It looks much better now. And I do like joining the squares as I go much better than sewing them together. Just seems quicker to me and I like the look better.
I must be off. I hate to chat and run but there is a load of laundry to throw in the dryer and then there is a Saturday market to browse around before the heat sets in. It's nice just to walk down and look even if nothing is bought. But then it will be back to grannying. What better way to spend a HOT summer day than creating a wonderful colorful comfy blankie. Oh the joy in life. Simply grand!

I'm hearing the bird chirping outside and just remembered that all the feeders are bone dry. Not a very good birder am I. So I will be off to fill them for breakfast. Don't want our fine feathered friends turning on us, do we! (imagine a scene from "the Birds". I am.)

Hope everyone has a StUpEnDoUs weekend!!! And find something to smile about! Why? Because I said so! LOL!!!!

Toodles Noodles!!!


  1. I'm glad I gave you something to laugh about this morning.

    BUT...it sounds like you live on a funny farm with your co-inhabitants!

    Just so you know...I had M&Ms on my serving table along with the mints and nuts when Sam and I married. I'm a choco-hound.

  2. Oh the giraffe is so cute! I know he will love his new home with the baby. :-)

    I like how your yarn is already rolled. Do you take the time to do that when you get a skein or do you have a yarn winder? Sometimes I get lazy and go for it right from the skein, but I almost always regret that because I like to pull from the center and sometimes finding the center is work in and of itself! lol

    Have a great weekend. Today I'm off to a 5 year old girl's birthday party. Hope to get lots of great pictures. :-)


  3. The suspicious item has become a beautiful giraffe!! :-D I love the cute label you attached to it.

    I also like your stash and how the yarn is neatly rolled. As Libby, I like to pull from the center and never took the time to roll my skeins, but I guess I would do it if I had a winder. ;-)

    I'm smiling! :-D

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kar that giraffe is adorable!
    I love your tag too! Did you make the tag yourself?
    How neat to have your girl asking if you can teach her to crochet, that's simply wonderful!
    ** I weave in and join the squares as I go too, or else it would drive me bananas!

    Happy Saturday!

  5. Yes girls, I have a yarn winder. It drives me insane to hunt for the end and then lets not even talk about starting from the outside of a skein and watching the thing flop and roll around while you are working with it! I don't know how some deal with that. Remember, I have issues but I do not seek help for the issues. Too costly! :) And lets not even get started about going to yarn shops, buying yarn and having to remind them to wind the yarn for you because you don't have a swift at home. I can't stand getting those dirty looks. I have since stopped going to those shops. My dream one day would be to have my own yarn shop and everything would be bright, bubbly and cheery all day, everyday!

    And the tag on the giraffe... I bought pre made ones at JoAnn's and then just added "kar" to it. That reminds me, I have to make a homemade one for the blanket. Makes it a wee bit more special! :) I always do that with something that took that long and with that much "heart" put into it. :)

  6. Ooohhh....I LOVE the giraffe!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE him!! He's going to be happy living with Baby, I'm sure. Great idea to put the tag on it!

    Loving the new granny ghan. They're my very favorite. So bright and beautiful!! I like to work my ends as I go along, if I didn't I'd have to sew a sheet to the backside or it would NEVER be finished...LOL!!

  7. That is too cute Kar. I want a yarn winder soooooooo bad that I can taste it.

  8. I love the giraffe, it's just too cute.

    Loving the granny squares too, I was doing the same thing last night LOL

  9. Oh he is cute. You did a great job on the little guy. I spent the afternoon making granny squares out of thread for a scarf for my daughter. Girls they are a mother's heart!

  10. Tell Glenn thanks for the post office tip. I'll check in with them to see if they can find it. My mom said it might be right in the local post office at the destination site. Or right here in town. Now wouldn't that be funny. Thanks again. :-)

  11. Wow, Kar!!! I sure have missed my daily Karfee!! I'll be back in town tomorrow and back to my bloggy buddies! LOVE the giraffe and all your scrap yarn!! You are just such fun! Catch up with ya soon!!
    Love and hugs,

  12. I'm am nearly falling out of the chair! Karfee! I've been called alot of things but not Karfee! LOL!!!!! You are truly touched Becky! hahahahaha! Now I'm going to go to bed with my sides hurting. Glenn got a big kick out of that too!

  13. What a cute giraffe! I just love granny square blankets and the brighter the yarn the better I like the granny square.

  14. Cute giraffe!

    I really must learn how to join squares as I go along...
    You're right, it does look better!
    Right now I have about hundred squares that need sewing together...

    Rose XXX

  15. Hey Kar, I thought Karfee was pretty clever myself!! (As she pats herself on the back!) You are one of my favorite gals to visit!! I so enjoy your humor and zest for life. We'd be great friends if you lived around here, I just know it!! ;o) So, I sit down with my coffee and get my daily Karfee!!
    Life is good.