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30 July 2009

It's here!!!

I just got my package from Dawn! Thank you so much Dawn! I love everything! I must tell you that a certain little bookworm that lives with me is eyeballing the book mark. So, I might end up losing that very soon. :) I love all the free pattern sheets that you snagged for me and put in the package. Awesome! I might have to re-do my project list because some of the new patterns are looking very nice! The chocolate bars and M&M's are some of my fav's. 100 Grand bar, M&M's and a HUGE Nestle Crunch bar! How can one go wrong with those! You can't. I must say that I will not be taking the "suggestion" on the Crunch bar wrapper seriously. Look closely. It says "great to share". Umm... NO! Sorry. They are all mine and the girls can share the M&M jar. :) Okay, now that's settled. Dawn made to loveliest handmade card with a sweet note in it. Very pretty! And last but not least, the yarn! If this is any indication of how nice the touch and colors are of the yarn at Hobby Lobby, I'm in so much trouble! Love it! They are going to go so well with the yarns I'm stashing for the next blankie I have in mind. Who wouldn't like a yarn called "old leaf". So a pretty green! And terra cotta and dark country blue. I'm in love! I can just hear Glenn now when he comes home... "Lord, help me!". LOL!!! This swap was too much fun! It was like having a special ME day. Thanks again Dawn! Everything is loved and much appreciated! You did good!

Now that my head is swimming from all the excitement from the package, I have to show you what we were up to yesterday. One big day of just SLACKING! It was fun!

So we went down early in the morning to the ponds at the golf course down the road from our house to feed the ducks. The girls made sure we had every scrap of bread and buns that didn't look "good" in one big bag. First there was just a few that came near...
Then a few more...
Then the whole flock speed swam over to us. Lost count at 30 because they were moving around so fast.
Then the bread and buns ran out, so the girls just stood and watched as some of the ducks fought over the last little scraps.

Once the ducks figured out that there was no more to the buffet, they scattered. So we decided to go look at the other pond on the other side of the street. That's where we saw all the little fishes swimming around. They must get fed bread also, because they followed the girls all along the edge whenever the girls moved.
There was one lone duck who was in the wrong pond at the wrong time.
We went back home before there was a chance of an attack for not having any more bread. There was some bug hunting to be done...
Then a picnic lunch out in the back yard in the shade.
Obviously it tastes better when you really kick back to eat. LOL!!!
But then Muaw spotted this little lovely on the eave of the house and lunch quickly retreated back in the house! It was HUGE! The size of a football! Now you may be asking, "How do you miss something that big being it's on the garden side of the house and there are daily trips made out there?". I'm a slacker and I haven't been as dutiful this summer in going around and looking for things that should not be. So Brendon was drug outside (not happily) and the ladder, hose and hornet spray were brought out to defeat the little beasts. Beasts, yes. Little, NO! Almost as big as my thumb! And they were blackjackets. Lovely! After a few times of hurdling off the ladder, diving for safety, being sprayed by Brendon and then climbing back up for another assault, the beasties were defeated! I'm so not kidding when I say that our neighbors go free comedy shows from this group. I know I heard some giggling going on from next door out by the back yard fence. I soon went in to shower (too much spraying going on and didn't want to have twitching fits myself) after we determined all was good. So we thought. Today I saw more back to make another nest. I'm waiting for Glenn to get home from work. He can not miss out on all the fun for Pete sake! Can't wait.
Then it was waiting time until it was dark enough to go lay on a blanket in the front yard and watch the stars and moon and listen for crickets. Very cool! I hope you can see some of the wee little stars. I'm on the old computer right now and the old Iphoto program bites compared to the new one, so I'm not sure if you can spot them. :(

Then there was a bite on the arm and it was all over. Sorry, I'm not a midnight snack and I'm not "sucking" it up while something is sucking blood out of me. Wiener I am. Brenna told me it was just fine to be a wiener, she understood. I love her. :)

Today I had to go check things out in the garden. There was the lovely sunflowers really starting to show themselves. Beautiful! Then that is when I noticed that there will be another full force attack this evening with the beasties again. You can just imagine my excitement. I was not "peeing my pants".
I was able to finish the label for the blankie last night. So the blankie should be in the mail tomorrow! I know, Priority Mail!! Don't worry, you guys haven't been the only ones waiting. My Mom asks about it everytime she calls. Soon dearies!
So off I am to go put on new big butt seats on the two bikes outside (mine & glenn's). ThLinke original seats were not the best. So I had to go get some nice squishy ones (as Brenna says). Too bad I don't have a bike specialist like Sally's husband near by. There would be nothing to worry about. He knows what he's doing. Bikes with neon lights and a music system! I'd be all over that! LOL!!!!

Well, I have go to be going. I have some goodies to go look at and something goofy is going on with Blogger and it's getting on my nerves severely!

Find something to smile about! I have and it's spelled Y-A-R-N and C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E !!!


PS: So sorry for the edit to the edit. I just got a call from my sister and I will be having a ....
NIECE!!!! I'm not picky! Either one is good to me, just as long as the baby isn't Cousin It (Adams' family). Mom is planning a shopping trip tomorrow. Just wait Kim, you are going to need a bigger house just from all the things she buys. I did! LOL!!!


  1. Hi Kar!! I can't get over the size of that hive or nest or whatever you call it!! I wouldn't get any where near that!! You deserve the badge of courage!!

    Love your duckies!! Too cute! And your backyard picnic!!

    Hope you have an awesome Friday, Auntie Kar!! Congrats on the niece!!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Your picnic lunch looks SO yummy! And what a great gift...two of my favorites..yarn & chocolate!!!


  3. Oh Kar, we should do a swap. That would be so much fun!

  4. Hey there,

    what fab goodies you have received :-D

    looks like you had a great time feeding the ducks - my daughter loves to do that!

    Have fun with the yarn & chocolate, sounds like heaven to me!

    Rose XXX

  5. That swap package was full of good stuff. :-D
    Cute label on the blanket, by the way. Congrats on your niece! And beware of that nest...

  6. I enjoyed this post. Lovely picnicking - you and your girls have lots of fun together. Can't wait to see the full blankie, but I know I like it already. Glad you liked your swap items too. Enjoy!

  7. What a fun post and what an AWESOME swap package. Swaps are fun to do.

  8. So happy you like your swap package!! When you said you needed some "blankie" yarn, I new exactly what to get you! I love doing this swap think...shopping and sending is as much fun as receiving. I can't wait until the next one!!

    Love your blog!


  9. Hi Kar
    Wonderful things!!! Swaps are wonderful.I like
    swaps.Congrats on your niece!!!!!
    I like the photos from the sea and the girls,it
    looks wonderful.
    Have a wonderful summertime!!!!!

  10. Fun post Kar, you did receive a swell swap, can't wait to the the finished goods!