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03 August 2009

Things are "gittin' done" ...

The Blankie has arrived!!!

I just got the call from my sister that the blankie was waiting for her by the door
when she got home. I told her that she needed to try it out just to make sure that it feels just right for the baby. She loves the little giraffe that went through the acupuncture treatment also! At least the little cuddly won't be going through that again. haha! There was another little treat put in the box. A cute little giraffe that has a music box. While the music box plays the little neck moves around. That should catch a wee ones attention. And hopefully lull the wee one to sleep.

Well, I hope that the wait was worth it. I really liked how it turned out with all the pretty colors. And it's big enough so that the baby can grow with it and should be able to cuddle with it for a long time. Anyhoo, I hated to keep everyone waiting but you should know by now how I like to torture folks! hehehe!!

(now back to the post from earlier in the day!)

Another busy weekend around this zoo. Some shopping errands were to be done on Friday. House cleaning on Saturday (the entire house in 1 1/2 hrs!) Just crank the music up and go to town! Oh it is so nice to have wee ones big enough to be given a task so cleaning isn't taking all. day. long. I still have to check things out to see if there is any tweaking to be done. But who cares when I'm not doing everything! Love it! Then yesterday we were up early to go enjoy the outdoors before it got too hot. I was dancing at 5:30 this morning while catching the weather. We will be in the low 80's at the end of the week! I had to be careful not to hurt myself while jigging. Anyhoo, I will show pics of yesterdays adventure tomorrow. Too many pics right now to deal with and I have to move quick today to get things on the list done.

I had to show what the bench looks like so far. I have to spray it today with the finish, and then it will be complete! This is what it looks like with black painted over the stain and then sanded off a wee bit. Looks very old. That way even after the finish is on it won't look so bad if it gets a scuff or two from shoes being put on the shelves. It's so nice to have this by the front door. I'm a happy camper! For now. :)

As the sun was going down last night, I walked around outside to see what was going on. I have to spray for beasties again. yea. But then I was happy when I saw that this little beauty was good enough to pick and make a sandwich with it! And yes, I went right inside and cut this little 'mater up and had the best tomato sandwich! I even showed my manners and shared a slice or two with Brenna. She is the only other one in the house that shows my enthusiasm for the gourmet eats. And yes, I was a slobbering mess while enjoying the whole sandwich! What else did you expect? I can sit down and eat these things like apples, right off the vine. Can life get any better? No. :)
Afterwards, I found myself back outside enjoying the little zinnias that we grew from seeds this year. I'm so glad we decided on them. I've not really taken notice to zinnias in the past but have enjoyed them alot this year. I love all the bright colors they have. I'm definitely planting more next year for all that wonderful color. I'm waiting to see if the green ones we planted will come up. That will be neat. Cross your fingers.

Then of course I had to show everyone the scarf that I had been working on. I must admit that I had ripped out what I initially started because working with a size E hook with this yarn was driving me batty when I was making the little puff stitches in the pattern. The pointy part of the hook kept catching on the yarn, snagging it and then I would have a few words to say, etc. So all 4 inches of aggravating work was ripped and I started over with a G hook and all went well. Now the girls are eyeballing the other two skeins of the Fiesta Baby Boom for scarves for themselves. I'm thinking that will be a swell idea. I will show those colors later. Of course one is red and that will be Brenna's. How did you know?
I haven't really worked on the granny blankie too much this past week. Last night I made three more squares which were for starting the second row of the blankie. So at least there was some progress made. It's just gotta grab me. And it wasn't doing that last week.

Well, I must be off to finish a few more things around here. It's going to be too hot to go out today and it smells absolutely nasty outside. There was a big grass fire not quite 2 miles away from the house at 4 this morning. Yeah, I heard all the fire trucks going to it being that I woke up at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. Joy. I was worried at first being the news was saying this morning that it was right by my friends house but then they got their facts right and it wasn't near her. But it did get up into the foothills east of town here. Luckily the crews were able to get control of it before it went out of control. But now there is the stink to put up with today. It makes me sneeze to be outside after one of those fires. I had a sneezing fit this morning after seeing Glenn off and checking out the wonderful 78 degrees at 6am! I'm just being patient for the end of the week. Patience grasshopper! :)

I'm waiting for a call this afternoon (cross your fingers) to be told if the baby blankie was delivered. As soon as I get the call, I will post the pics. It's been awful to wait!

Ta Ta For Now!!!


  1. I love how the bench looks now, not "very" old but old "enough". ;-)
    Sadly here the temperature will rise at the weekend - 100s. Enjoy yours!

  2. Kar, the bench sounds like a great idea to keep the shoes organized.
    Your flower picture header is stunning, my goodness!
    What a cute scarf you made, I can't wait to see the other colors!
    I bought a couple of skeins to try some new scarf patterns, but I haven't had a chance to start yet, I've been busy making a cardigan that was requested by my sister.
    Hapy Monday!

  3. I L-O-V-E the bench! You have gorgeous flowers too. I'm jealous that you've perfected cleaning the whole house in 1 1/2 hours! I think I get distracted; I usually have to make a "to-do" list and put crocheting or photography at the very bottom to make me work more diligently on those other things. :-)

    Great scarf too!

  4. OMG..the afghan is absolutely gorgeous. I would have had a hard time giving that one away!!


  5. Oh, Kar, this blanket is gorgeous! Is this Vanna Baby yarn? I'm so glad I looked back at this post. Now I guess I better get back to that blanket I'm working on, but it's not nearly as colorful as yours!

    * p.s. I got some sock yarn in today. :-D

  6. Fun and beautiful all in one post. How DO you DO it? Love the blankie. LOVE it!

  7. I had to come back to say that I'm in LOVE with the blanket, it's fabulous!!!

  8. Hi Kar
    I love zinnien.I have the same flowers in my garden.And your blanket is so colorful,it's absolut wonderful.We have wonderful summer weather
    I love it.I sit on my terrace and knit a towel.
    I hope you are okay?
    Have a nice day,
    hugs Regina

  9. I love the blanket, its beauiful xxx.