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05 August 2009

This past Sunday...

We got up early to enjoy the morning before the heat set in. There's no sleeping in when you want to do something for the day, but have to get up at the crack of dawn to beat the heat. So we went down by the river in Boise to listen and see what was going on by the river.

The girls found a spot to sit and watch the ducks that were trying to swim against the currents. The poor things must have gotten tired from their attempt, gave up and just went to the shoreline and sat in the shallow water. The water is still running fast and cold. Freezing matter of fact. I don't know how the floaters handle being in the tubes and riding down through downtown. Too cold for me.
We found our way down the greenbelt heading towards the MK Nature Center. An absolutely wonderful place to bring the kids to just walk around and see birds, fish, flowers, etc. There were some trout to be seen in the big pond on the property. Brenna got all excited seeing all of them and would squeal every time she would see a trout swim from under the bridge that goes over the pond.
Then there was a stroll through the wildflower area that was created for the butterflies and hummingbirds. So pretty with all the simple looking flowers. I could sit there all day just watching all the activity going on amongst the flowers. It was very pretty seeing the morning light peek over the trees and shine on all the little blooms.

Then we had to make our way down another path to see the little creeks that had been made through out the property. You know I was wishing this was in my back yard. Glenn and the girls walked on after a bit and I still sat listening to the water and the birds in the trees. So calming. I finally realized I was by myself and found the gang sitting in a bird watching area trying to catch a glimpse of the black capped chickadees. Cute little things. Unfortunately they are hyper little things and no pictures were to be taken of them.
Down along the path there are several glass walls that are built along the small river on the property. You can sit and watch the areas where the different stages of a fishes life happen. Of course Brenna was all excited to see all the baby fish huddles along the small rocks on the bottom in one area. She didn't want to leave the babies until we explained that there were bigger fish to be seen down the path. The last glass wall is where we saw all the big rainbow trout and a few other species of fish. There was only one big salmon left and it hid under some logs in the water where you couldn't get a good pic of him. All the other salmon had already spawned and died off by now at the nature center.

One little observer who kept wishing she could touch one. If you were allowed in the water, she would have been the first one in. :) I sat in the stadium seats and watched her get her fill of the fish. It's so nice just sitting back and watching your kids get a huge thrill out of watching nature. I'm so glad my kids love the outdoors. And to see that they are really starting to appreciate the state we live in and everything about it is So Awesome!
There was a quick stop to see the waterfall that is built into the last pool of the fish watching area. Brenna had to go back down to the wall to say bye to the fishes.
Down another path found us by another bird watching area to see some Cedar Wax Wings and a few more Chickadees. And of course there was a wee little stop to sit by the Black Eyed Susans and listen to all the birds "talking" (as Brenna says).
After nearly 2 hours, the heat was setting in and it was time to retreat. So off we went out of the nature center and back down the greenbelt to where we parked. There were more crazy people floating the freezing river by then. It's so nice to sit on the edge of the river and take in the beauty that it brings to this area.
We made a quick stop at the grocery store before heading home for the all important brats and ice cream that everyone wanted on a hot day. After we got home and settled, I went down to the craft room and just stood looking into the closet for no certain reason. Then I had an
"AH-HA" (yes, I actually yelled that out) and yelled for Glenn to get in the room to help me grab something off the top shelf. He didn't feel the excitement of the moment that I was having. I had spotted this plastic drawer/bin thing, from a organizer thing that broke awhile back. It was housing some fabric in it but I saw the potential of another job it could take on. So down it came and all the yarn for the scrap blankie was CRAMMED into it. Brenna help me with placing all the different colors in while I smooshed everything to make more room for more. I am now mobile with this project and no longer have to sit on the floor with all these choices spread out in front of me. Now I should really be able to get some work done on the blankie. I can go outside (when its not hot), sit upstairs, etc. Happy little clam I am. No one else shared in the joy that came over me. Strictly a moment all to myself. :) Brenna just thought it was fun smooshing everything in one little drawer bin. She wanted to find more yarn to add in.
Well, off for more excitement for the day. Brenna is up already and wants to read more of her Dick and Jane book. She is so happy that she learned some bigger words yesterday and wants to read more. The spark has been lit! Yes! Then there will be some banana muffins to be made after a few lessons this morning.

I was emailed and asked the other day about how I keep things in order around this zoo. I have a schedule that I stick by for each day so things don't get totally out of control. I will share that along the side so all can share. I know it is something that everyone is "dying" to find out about. What else is there in life? Trust me, there are more exciting things out there and that is why I have my schedule so I'm not busting my tail keeping this zoo in order.

With that said, I hope everyone is having a FAB day so far. Go find something to smile about, NOW!! :) hehehe!!

Ta Ta For Now!


  1. Yep, Brenna is a great smoosher. lol I'm glad she's finding pleasure in reading. Yeah, for Dick & Jane. My brother and I read from that too, but it was the old version, not the cute new ones. "Look Mother, Look Father..."

  2. Beautiful pictures, and the rainbow trouts are wonderful.

  3. I love the pictures and I can totally relate to the "AH-HA".

  4. Kar, do you have the Top-sy Turvy Leisure Arts book by Jennifer Cirka? If not, I'd like to send you one.


  5. Yes Bev, I do. Thanks for the offer dear. You are so sweet! :) I made the girls spring sweaters (the purple & pink ones) from a pattern in that book. All the patterns in there are so cute. I'm trying to decide which to make next for the girls.


  6. Kar I want to come and live with you! It is so beautiful....and I love sunflowers and your yarn looks so colorful....! Great photos.

  7. Hi Kar
    What a wonderful place.You live really in a nice
    I wish you and your family a nice weekend with
    many sunshine and fun!!!!
    A lot of hugs,