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20 August 2009

Frog Legs anyone?

I had to show the progress that was made on the little frog last night. If there wasn't so much going on around here I would have already had one of these little guys finished by now. It took me a few minutes to wrap my head around how to start the hands after the wee little i-cord legs are done. It was a piece of cake really. The problem: I was tired when I started reading the instructions for the hands. Not good. But it all came out good. I just had to show the scale of this little guys hands & toes. Yes, there are toes. And they have to be made separately and then stitched onto the hands.
All in all, I think "he" is coming along very well. I probably could have knit with 2 strands to make the stitches "thicker" but I still love the yarn with the colorful flecks all throughout. I just used fluff to stuff the body and not a tennis ball like Susan did in her pattern. You do not want to encourage "bad" behavior around here. I can envision little frogs flying through the air if certain little girls knew that tennis balls were inside the frogs. Not good. Avoid the whole situation I say. I mean really, would you want to see your mother "wigging" out because a frog just happened to "hop" across the room by himself? I didn't think so. :) Anyhoo, we must press on with the remainder of the frog so that "he" can stop going around the house with no head. It's just not right.

On the veggie front, there was a heap of kale to be picked today. It is so good in soups and sauted with other veggies. YUMMO!!! And look at the lovely Thumbelina carrots! So sweet. Not sure what the reddish colored one is. Definitely not a Thumbelina carrot. We will just have to take a nibble just to see if it is as good as the others. If it is, we may have to look to see if there are seeds for red carrots next year.

Off for more fun. There is still math to be done being we took a wee break to check out the garden. Then there will be some work getting the veggies ready for the freezer. Thank goodness for left overs. :) My favorite! We had White Bean Chicken Chili last night and it was FAB! Super with cornbread! Plus, who wants to cook when it is so terribly hot out today. 100! Can't wait for next week and the temps are suppose to be mid 80's.

The math, veggies and little froggie are calling. Can't get done by themselves you know. And I can't wiggle my nose and things magically just get done. Haven't been able to figure that one out yet.

Have a wonderful rest of the day to you all! Put a smile on! :)


  1. You do such cool stuff, Kar!! And I am still "GREEN" with envy over your vegetable garden!!

    Isn't life just so good? I wouldn't trade my life for anyone's and I don't think you would either!

    I finally finished my tag! Come on and check it out!!

    HUGS Gal,

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I'm slow getting started blogging. I get so many ideas. They will be coming soon.
    Smiles to you!

  3. Now I see, the knitted frog has nothing to do with the huge toad from that picture *sigh of relief* ;-)
    I barely knit and can't help but be amazed at those little hands and toes, so cute!

  4. Hi Kar,

    The frog is looking fab!
    I have a pattern for a crochet frog, but it is TINY! Yours is much better!

    Veggies are looking great :-)

    Rose XXX

  5. The frog is super cute! Can't wait to see his head. He's the shy one, I know. :-)

  6. The frog is going to be sooooo cute. The veggies look awesome...our carrots did not make it for some reason...We'll have to try again next year. I have never planted Kale...have to check into that next year.

  7. Hi Kar
    the frog is cute!!!!!!I have the same yarn for a
    knitting jacket.
    What for wonderful carrots you have.I have many
    zuchini,eggplants and tomateos.It's wonderful.
    The last week we had a very hot days,now is it cooler.That is really better.
    I hope you and your family are ok.
    Have a nice weekend with your family,hugs Regina

  8. Your frog is great, can't wait to see it finished!