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31 August 2009

Parties and more projects...

It was another busy weekend here at the zoo. A little bit of errands, yard work and rearranging going on around here. Plenty to keep a person busy. At least until I had to take medicine for my allergy attack after I mowed the grass on Saturday. Then it was nap time in the family room while the girls were watching one of their favorite movies. Good ol' Benadryl works every time. But that was two hours wasted that could have been used doing something else, with yarn! What do you do? Go with the flow I guess. So the rest of the evening was very "slow" with not much accomplished but coming down off of the Benadryl. Sunday was spent rearranging the craft room. It hasn't been a very inspiring environment lately. Just not a room I have been wanting to hang out in lately. I'm hoping that the new spot for the desk and the shelves of yarn and fabric will help bring out some new creations in the future. I'm already liking the lovely light that comes in from the window and just pours itself across the desk. Very nice! So cross your fingers that all the work yesterday pays off. But as you can tell, not a lot of work was done on the frog.

I just had to show you the rowdy play doh party that was going on Friday. Good thing I came in when I did. There were purple mice, green walruses, blue giraffes, etc. And lets not forget all the brightly colored party food! That would make a group crazy just looking at it all. :) Everyone behaved themselves and a good time was had by all. The color combinations were a bit wild though.

Today the much awaited package arrived with the sock yarn that will make some fabulous sweaters for the girls.

This is "Antique Rose" that Brenna picked out. At first she was a little bummed because she didn't think there wasn't enough red in the color scheme. Once the box was opened, here smile was ear to ear. She has really warmed up to this color very quickly!

Then there is "Berry Bliss" for Em. She was also delighted to see that there was a more intense purple color to this then what was perceived while looking on line.

So just remember, as always noted online, the true colors don't always look like the pic on the websites.

Now to go finish the frog so I can get started on these sweaters. I'm just as excited as the girls are!

I was completely surprised when checking the mail today and saw that my patterns I ordered FRIDAY were here already! Way to go USPS!!! I've always been a big fan you know. :) Wonder why? So after the sweaters there will be some chickens made so that they can find a wonderful spot in the kitchen to take up residence. Awesome!

Notice the pattern for ballerina slippers. Strictly for the girls. How cute!

Well, I must be off. We've got a busy day tomorrow with new lessons in beginning Algebra and trying to figure out the sun's power. Maybe I'll try to explain that one later. :/ Brenna is hitting Glenn up for some dimes so she has some tomorrow while she's doing her lessons. She's becoming a real "miss money bags". She'll try to scam you out of a penny here lately! It's cute listening to her explain to Glenn how many pennies make up a nickel and so forth. It's fun seeing the light come on when they are learning something new. So awesome!

Have a grand day tomorrow! I'm going to stay up a wee bit later just to get those toes onto the frogs hands, even if I pay for it tomorrow when I don't feel like getting up and start the day with my normal cheerful self. LOL!!!! Yeah right! Morning person I am NOT. Anyhoo, hopefully there will be something to smile about in your neck of the woods. There was lots here today with all the lovely little things being delivered to us. (doing a little jig right now!) :)



  1. oh Kar, the yarn you got for the sweater is just gorgeius - I can't wait to see it done!
    you are a busy bee!!!
    have a wonderful week!

  2. Lovely yarn! Your girls must be delighted. :-D
    Good luck with Algebra tomorrow!

  3. The yarn is lovely. I see you've helped to raise girls with such wonderful tastes. :-)

  4. I love those colors...but then I love all colors of yarn and fabric. I always have a hard time picking colors. I love those chickens in the bottom picture...too cute.

  5. Hi Kar
    The yarn for the girls sweater have a fantastic
    color.I can not wait to see it's finish.
    I wish you a wonderful time!!!!!

  6. Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

    It's all perfect !

    Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....