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04 September 2009

A little bit of history...

This week has been quite productive in the lessons department. Algebra is clicking, counting money is going great (Glenn and I are slowly running out of change though.) and there was a wonderful trip to the Idaho History Museum on Glenn's day off. I honestly wasn't sure it was going to be a "hit" with the other three family members. But oh how I was surprised! There really isn't much fuss made about the history of Idaho and those who put everything into this state to make it what it is. What a joy this museum was.

I am a history "freak" of sorts. I love to learn about the history of our country and where our family lives. I will never forget my 7th grade Texas history project where we had to make a book about all the facts we could dig up about Texas as to how it started and what made it so great. The only way I can describe it is - picture "the Christmas Story" movie in your head and then go to the scene where Ralphy gave his teacher the huge big fruit basket for a gift when all the other kids gave her one piece of fruit. That was my project. A "huge" book when all the other kids turned in maybe 5 sheets of paper with clipped pics glued to them and short little bits of info with them. I worked on that project every night for a month. And all the pics where hand drawn. I'm beaming with pride right now.

Uh-hum! Sorry! :) Right, back to the museum. There were so many things to see and read about from the earliest Indians that called this home, to the first settlers up north, the mining, logging, agriculture, etc. It's just so fascinating! I was very happy to see Glenn and the girls taking in everything they walked by. We were there for 3 hrs but still think that we could have slowed down a wee bit to absorb more of the wonderful info that was there telling the story of this great state. There is this feeling that comes over me with great appreciation when reading about the stories of the people who came before and what they dealt with from day to day just to make it in life within this state, out in the raw wilderness. Miners talking about how a particular winter was milder than the one before because they have only gotten 8-9ft of snow so far and it was only December. OMG!!! I don't want to see normal! And then working the mines with only candles to light the way. How lumberjacks did their job no matter how bad the terrain or the living conditions were. How settlers figured out how to create the best irrigation system ever to bring agriculture to the very fertile areas of Idaho in the south and the north. It blows your mind to read about and see pics of pioneers who crossed the desert plains in search of a better life, no matter that it was life threatening just getting across some of the territory. WOW!!! My hats of to all of these people. Hard core!

What a FABULOUS state! Not only do we have the most beautiful scenery anywhere but to think about what it took to get to the present time here in Idaho. WOW!!!

The lighting wasn't absolutely FAB for taking pics so there aren't alot to share. But here are a few interesting things.

Here is a leg shackle that was used on the prisoners at the Idaho Penitentiary that once operated here in Boise. They weighed 28lbs and only wore one so it would throw the prisoner off balance if they even thought about "running". Fat chance.

Here are the girls trying out the saddles that were on display. They thought it was funny that girls had to use these saddles while wearing their dresses and be more lady like. I tried getting a pic of Glenn on the military saddle but he hopped off the second he saw me turn in his direction. It was all a blur. Good thing he didn't hurt himself. :)

There was a display of a general store from eastern Idaho, which was awesome to look at all the things that had been saved from long ago. I loved the original Orange Crush pop bottle. Brenna loved the moose head. She still wants one as a pet. Yeah, right. :/ I'll get right on that one.

There was the first Idaho state flag ever made. Oh the detail that was put into it. Beautiful! What a treasure.

Did you know that at one time before Idaho was made a state, the Idaho territory included all of Montana and Wyoming also! Could you imagine! We "could have" been even more big and beautiful. We'll keep what we have and be happy.

Then there was "Deja Moo". The two headed calf that was born on a farm in Gooding, Id in the spring of 1950. It only lived a couple of days. The farmer gave it to the Idaho Historical Society soon after. Of course it was stuffed and is now the official mascot of the museum. They had stuffed toys in the gift shop but sadly the girls did not come home with one. Little weird.

Then there was the original bar from the Smith Saloon from here in Boise. Glenn was loving that. You can bet that if we ever win the lottery, something just like this will be built in the basement of a new home just for him to drool over. And it would be filled with Mtn. Dew. Be prepared Gary. Your woodworking skills may one day be in need. Yeah, Gary is good!

It was a fun afternoon at the museum. I'm really miffed that it took us this long to go there being we have been back in Idaho for quite some time now. What a bunch of boobs we are. That is why we try to go everywhere we can now. One way or another we will travel around this state to see all we can. We will be hitting the "trails" again soon for another adventure. More on that later. :) Oh the suspense! Keep your pants on.

On the yarn front around here, the second frog was finished except for his eyes and mouth. I will get to that later today. But I could not just sit and do na-da while all that new yarn was sitting in the craft room just waiting for me to get all into it. So I copied the pattern out of the book (so I can highlight things, etc) got my new needles out(from Christmas) and got the sizes that were needed, put everything in a "project" bag and set off for another adventure. I was tired but could not sit back and do nothing while "watching" the beginning of "the" football game. So the girls were sent to bed at 9pm and I sat in the family room starting on Em's sweater while listening to Glenn yell at the TV during the BSU - Oregon game. Yea. Sorry not a big fan of anything other than hockey. I'll probably be trounced by all the Bronco fans now. :}

Here is what I was able to get done for an hour before exhaustion sit in. I didn't even want to see if BSU would win the game. I guess I missed some good action after the end of the game when there were punches being thrown by a poor sport from Oregon's team.

Anyhoo, I'm loving the colors and how they are working together. I have to hold two strands as I'm knitting, so the colors are meshing together beautifully. I just started this last night and just can't wait to see how it looks all finished. :} And I must say that I love my new needles. They are from Knit Picks, the nickel plated interchangeable set. AWESOME!!!!! They just fly through your hands. Makes this project wonderful!

Also, just had to show you the little guy that was buzzing me this morning when I went out to take pics of what had been done on the sweater so far.

He was so cute! He kept going back and forth to the feeder while I was just sitting nearby clicking away. Didn't seem to mind the crazy lady sitting near him. I love mornings like this. I get distracted just sitting and watching these little birds.

Well, I'm being paged by a certain little 5yr old to come work on her prairie pocket doll. We bought her a little kit when at the museum and she is peeing her pants to get started on the two of them. They will only be about 3" tall. She wants them finished so she can take them with on our next little adventure. So I must get busy and wait for the knitting until the evening. Then off to make dinner. Last night was easy. Everyone wanted snacky foods because of the game. So tonight will be a bit more healthy. Try to at least. :)

Have a great weekend all! Libby, I have not forgotten about the blog award you gave me. I'm just trying to decide who to pass it along to before I post it. Very hard choices with all the wonderful blogs I keep up with. I will give it more thought tonight and post it tomorrow. Thanks again dear!

Find something that makes you happy and smile about it! It's wonderful!

Toodles Noodles!!


  1. I am glad you enjoyed the Museum together! When the kids were young we did a lot of fun things like that. We love the history re-enactments they have in Ninety Six and Abbeville. You know how much history is around here with the Civil War! I love Bible History, Would love to have one of those Bibles that are in order. Your colors are wonderful in your project! I wish I liked knitting better, I am just hooked by crochet, LOL!

  2. Oh-oh, a perfect lesson day: History! It was one of my favourite subjects and I ended being some kind of Roman /Middle Ages little know-it-all. :-)

    Happy knitting!

  3. One of the kids at school this week while I was subbing made the statement about what a waste history classes are. I hope I pointed her in the right direction!

    (Sam did NOT like my hair longer...then he sat around here almost four hours before asking me if I had 'styled' it differently. 4-6 inches had been cut off! Men!)

  4. KKKKKKarfffeeeee!! Man have I missed you gal! But I'm back from Outer space!! Sounds like a great trip to the museum! Pet moose...tall order there! Let me know when you get one, K? I'll make my trip to Idaho then!! Moose rides...what fun!!

    Love the little hummingbird! I have never seen one perched anywhere except on a feeder.

    The new yarn is pretty. DD made a beautiful scarf with a similar yarn.

    Hope your weekend is going just swimmingly!! Ours is!!

    Enjoy, my friend!