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22 September 2009

Pulling my "freakin" hair out!!!

This is what I felt like last night. If anyone would have looked at me wrong I probably would have thumped them. Let me fill you in.

So, I get to the very end of the increase area of the sleeves (or at least what I thought would be) and ask Em to stand near so I could hold it up on her arm. I just about fell over as I sounded out in absolute disgust. Em saw the look on my face and started to slowly back away. Now keep in mind that I still had to finish the round "cup" area of the top of the sleeve where it fits into the arm hole. But the increase area alone was up to her shoulder at this time! So obviously what I thought was "right" on the second try was WRONG!!! Glenn came into the room after hearing my "little sound off" and asked what was wrong. Em just told him "Don't get near her" and kept backing away. Also keep in mind that I had just finished 111 rows of work. I was not a happy little person at all. I sat there in total disgust that "it" was wrong again and I was going to have to start over again!!!!! How could I be reading the pattern and it not be clicking in my head in order for me to understand it? Really?!

I took a deep breath, went upstairs to tuck the girls in bed, got a HUGE handful of chocolate and begin to...
FROG the entire sleeve!!! Yes siree!!! All 111 rows. I wasn't even going to bother saving the 6 little measly ribbing rows at the very beginning. Yes, I was that disgusted. After every little stitch was ripped out, I proceeded towards the craft room to dig the yarn winder out in hopes to tame the huge mound of yarn that I now had in my hands. I stared at it for a minute before I said a few choice words, quietly, and then wound it all up in a couple of neat little yarn cakes. Afterwards I was still so disgusted that I went back in the family room, turned the TV and all the lights off and went to bed. Glenn was trying to remind me that it's not a good idea to go to bed upset but all he got in return was the "look". Enough said.

I woke up in a better mood this morning. Glenn didn't get his head bit off or anything like that but the minute I started thinking about the stupid pattern, I was determined that I would be calling the yarn shop up that the two girls who wrote the book own. So online I went to check out what time they open and then at the top of the appropriate hour I was dialing. I explained that I was calling from out of state and I had a big problem with getting the sleeves to work and wondered if anyone could help me out. So after going over things a couple of times (because what was being explained the first few times made NO sense) she cast on a few stitches and started working the increase area while telling me everything she was doing. Well, at the end it was determined that pertinent information was left out in the instructions!!! Hello!!!!!

So I have now cast on for the sleeve again in VERY high hopes that the 3rd time is a charm and all will be good now. It better be! 'Cause you don't want to see me freak out and snap or something or even give the "EYE" again. Not pretty. Plus, I'm not sure that there would be enough chocolate in the house to keep me calm if this isn't the fix.

Crazy lady in Idaho wigs out after a knitting project goes wrong.

Wish me luck, please.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry you are having all those problems. I hope they are going to give you lots of yarn for there mistake.

  2. I don't think so. Nothing was mentioned about that. Tell you the truth, I'm just hoping that this "new" info works and I don't have to rip anything else apart. I'm also hoping that this is the only bit of left out info in the whole book. I'm really wanting to try more patterns in the book. Not quite sure if the girl I spoke to is one of the owners really. I'm thinking about writing them personally to let them know that more detailed instructions must be included in the patterns just in case there are "newbies" to knitting who want to try their patterns. I just think that written instructions need to be as detailed as possible because you don't know how someone is going to read into something when you are not there to show them personally. It's a military thing I guess.

  3. Oh NO, you FROGGED 111 rows!! I would be hysterical about that...I sure hope this new info is right. Good Luck!

  4. Oh I hate frogging anything but 111 rows....so frustrating.

  5. Kar, I'm taking a deep breath for you. My goodness! I hope you weren't planning on making another scarf like this, and when you get finished (because I know you will), I hope that Em loves it so much that she wears it on a regular basis. :-D

  6. The third time is always the charm and good for you going back to the pattern writers for help and answers.