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16 September 2009

Maters and more...

Juicy red to-maters puts a big smile on my face. It was quite shocking to go outside and see all the ripe grape tomatoes that were waiting so patiently to be picked today. And there is tons more just waiting to turn so that they will be next on the picking list. I've got to get my act together and get a few supplies for canning. There are at least 50 of the beef tomatoes just waiting to turn. There is no way I can eat all of them by myself.

But just think about all those yummy tomato sandwiches that I will be having with the juice dripping down my hands! I'm dying here!
Going to the store for bread did not seem like a good option today. So the bread machine was taken out just to make the dough. I still love baking the bread in the oven. The aroma is just so much better. They aren't perfect loaves. But who cares when you bite into a piece while the bread is still warm dripping with butter. The best! Cinnamon roll dough is next.
Last but not least today, I was smiling about the progress that has been made on Em's sweater. The back and left front is finished and blocked. The right front is halfway done. You don't know how bad I want to lock myself in the craft room and just knit away until the whole sweater is done.
I'll get to the last post of our trip hopefully tomorrow. Too much was going on around here today to get to that. Working on prime numbers and factoring, learning to tie shoes, making two loaves of bread and giving hugs to Baby Lamb Chop were way more important.

Hope you had a FAB day also!


  1. That is going to be a gorgeous sweater as well as a keepsake!

  2. Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla
    Blue Bell Chocolate
    Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate
    Blue Bell Moolinium
    Blue Bell ANYTHING


  3. Sherry, you are killing me here! LOL!!!! Even though like Tillamook, Blue Bell still beats them hands down. You can bet the next time I come to Texas for a visit I will put a few pounds on from eating as much Blue Bell as I can.

    You do know that it isn't nice to torture someone like that. ;}

  4. hey Kar..look at those! that pic is beautiful. cant wait to hang with you!

  5. You're a knitting pro! I've started my first cardigan and can only knit an inch a day. lol

  6. Ah, that bread looks glorious and I'd like to snatch a few of those beef tomatoes. I like the meatier tomatoes because they're not as juicy. And that sweater is beautiful - wonderful yarn choice. :-)