"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

26 January 2015

Where did the time go...

     What happened to the month of January?  It seems like just a few days ago it just started and now there are only a few days left of it.  At least it has been a pleasant rush of days.  Nothing too hectic.  Just a nice easy pace for us all to enjoy.

     The weather has been here, there and everywhere.  We started out the month with snow on the ground, gray skies and cold temps.  The gray skies got old real quick with hanging around the first two weeks of the month.  That much time with nothing but gray skies gets to a person.  Especially me since I thrive on the sun.  Even Mr. Snowman seemed to mock me outside my craft room window every day as to be telling me to get moving with his so called yoga moves (the triangle pose the girls say).  Like that was going to make the day better some how.  Then there were a few glorious days of sun to perk everyone up a bit and put Mr. Snowman in his place for being a smarty pants.  Things got better then.  Hopefully the days of inversions this Winter are drawing to a close and sunshine will be the norm.  I'm hoping.

     With the days also being quite chilly out there has been lots of time to finish projects that were sitting patiently at the side just waiting for the holidays to be over with the hopes of being finished soon after.  My crochet jacket is complete and fits wonderfully.  There has been quite a few days it has kept me nice and warm when dashing outside to run errands here and there.  Then there is the  sweater for my dearest.  That project hadn't been touched since September from what I remember.  It's coming along nicely with only the sleeves to be completed.  Crossing fingers that it will complete by the end of the week in hopes of it being worn before Winter is done.

     There is another pile of flannel patiently waiting to be turned into pj's.  I just couldn't help myself after seeing all these wonderful prints at the fabric store.  And one can never have too many cozy flannel pants to lounge around in inside when it's chilly outside.

    We had a very important birthday happen here this past weekend.  I was a tad bit emotional even after trying to keep it contained a bit.  16.  How did that happen?  It really does seem like yesterday we were rushing to the hospital hoping she wouldn't be born in the car.  We found out quite quickly that she was a snuggle bug.  Loved being held, never too fussy.  Just calm and content with someone holding her in a soft, warm blanket.  She never really liked being by herself.  Not even at night when it came down to sleeping in her crib.  Snuggled in between us is where she liked it best.  Until 2am every night when she had to hear her Daddy sing her special song to her until she was ready to go back to sleep again.  There were many nights we would be walking in circles in the living room telling her "we love singing your song to you but you need to got back to sleep" only to see those little eyes looking back at us along with her cutest smile as to be telling us "that's nice".  We have been on quite a wonderful ride with this sweet girl.  She's kind, smart, hard working.  When she sets her mind on something, you know she will get it done.  She's got an beautiful, old soul.  She's grounded.  Knows what is important and doesn't follow along with anyone or anything.  She listens to our advice without argument and makes smart decisions afterwards.  We are filled with pride with this darling girl of ours.  16 wonderful years so far, with many more to come with her.



02 January 2015

Quiet holiday season...

     Christmas and New Year's passed without a hitch.  It was quiet and peaceful.  Just what was asked for.  Plenty of snack foods to be eaten on Christmas Eve while family gifts were opened.  Lots of new games being played afterwards until bedtime. Such excitement in the air.  But not so when one little person made sure everyone was awake at 3:30am on Christmas morning.  I for one was not very yippy skippy over that start to the day.  After about a half hour I quickly retreated back to bed as the rest of the crew stayed up to admire all that they had received from Santa.  Oh the stamina that they have.  Very admirable.  Oh to remember the days when I could stay awake for 3 days straight and not bat an eye.  Yeah.  I could just as easily admire my treasures later after a bit more sleep.  It was a great day indeed though topped off with the powdering of snow that we received the night before after we had all gone to sleep.  A wonderful day all around.

     The following weekend treated us with more snow and time with Dad.  The two days off he had was very much needed after all the hard work that he had endure within the last month and a half.  But those days were not wasted by staying inside the whole time.  The girls were not having any of that.  The important event of building a snowman had to be accomplished.  And even a few snowballs were chucked at each other during the building process.  A few times the crew had to be talked to when they thought that throwing a snowball at me would be a good idea.  The stink eye was given to each offender without hesitation, with a reminder that they could be locked out of the house if they went through with their plan.  They chose snowman building and went back to work.  Even after all that work out front, smallish one had to go out in the backyard to make a tiny snow bear.  The backyard can't be without its own decoration.  The poor little bear didn't have his hat for very long due to a pesky squirrel that looked to be taking a fancy to the hat that he was wearing.  The rest of the weekend was spent in the warmth of the house playing more games and myself working away on a project at my own pace while sitting in front of the bedroom window taking glances of the falling snow that continued on and off for two days.

     New Year Eve was exciting but quiet.  Games, snack foods and staying up late for all.  I may have taken a teensy little nap just to make sure I wasn't all cranky before midnight.  I wouldn't want to ruin things for everyone you know.  The next morning was a slow one.  Everyone doing their own thing at their own pace.  Traditional New Year's food being made for lunch and nibbles throughout the day.  We couldn't ask for a better way to start the year ahead.

     And as quick as it all came upon us, the holidays are now over.  The decorations are all put away.  Everyone breathing a sigh of relief, as the house seems to do also with all the extra stuff packed away now.  A fresh start.  Clutter free.  Waiting to see what lies ahead in this brand new year.

    And to think, December is only 11 months away!