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07 August 2009

A beautiful day of rain!

We are enjoying some very welcome rain around here in these parts. The temps yesterday and today was & is only going to be in the low 60's. Such a great treat from the hot, dry weather we have had recently. This is the weather I can handle. Just not rain everyday though. :) Yesterday started out with thunder and lightening for a few hours in the morning. What a show it was! Very pretty! At least there were no fires from all of it. Too much rain happening with it. I know some will think I'm crazy when I tell you that there was an actual tornado warning up in the mountains near Stanley. Seriously! Luckily the storm was moving fast, slammed into the mountains ahead of it and nothing had time to make it to the ground. But it was forming. That is definitely something that we just don't have around here in these parts. Good thing it's a freak of nature around here. Sorry couldn't help myself. :)

Glenn came home to tell me that he was already out on his route when the lightening was happening. He was walking up to one of the houses saying hello to the guy that lives there (who was in the garage at the time) and a huge bolt cracked off horizontally in the trees above. He said the both of them dropped to the ground and just waited to see if it was going to happen again. He said the both of them couldn't hear for a minute and his ears rang for a while after. The both of them felt the heat and air move from the bolt. Freaked them both out. That is something I did not need to know I tell you. Now every time there is lightening around and he's at work, I'm going to be a nervous wreck. He really knows how to get me going.

Today there is only rain and cool air to deal with. All the windows are open enjoying all the fresh air that we haven't had to enjoy for awhile. It's nice to sit in the living room with the windows open and just enjoying the peaceful sound of the rain while working on another project. It's wonderful! It's so wonderful to just sit around, cuddled up with blankies and just hang out with each other. There will be yummy pizza for lunch and casserole for dinner. What could be better? Not much.

The tomato plants are out of control. I have to go back out, when it dries up to gather up all the little branches so that they aren't laying all over. Grape tomato plants are not little like the little tags say they are suppose to be. But just think of all the yummy little beauties that will be on there. YUMMO!!!
With all the nice, cool weather I've been thinking about some sweaters for the girls. So I've been going through the book below that I have to see what the girls would like. (it's listed in my bookstore below) Very nice projects and all seem very easy to work up. I'll keep you posted with what is decided.
Here are the scarves that have been done so far with the sock yarn: one for me and the red for Brenna. The little balls of yarn are for Em's scarf. I'm curious to see how that works up with all the colors that are in the skein. If I can get started today hopefully there will something to show you tomorrow.
The girls have been busy making all these little pom pom creatures the past few days. They are laying around every where just waiting to pounce on whoever walks by. The girls are having a blast coming up with all these little things. Simple pleasures! At least they are happy with simple stuff. The bank account is happy with that! :) And I'm really trying to cut TV out of their day as much as possible. They only watch one or two shows maybe every other day, but even that can seem to be too much with the "junk" that is out there. I'm very picky.
Well, I am off to go spend more cuddly time with the girls. There are two little girls who are watching the clock to remind me that lunch is getting close. You would think that they never get pizza.

Hope all of you are having a great day like we are and smiling the whole time. And hopefully the weekend will be great also! We are spending a wonderful day off with Glenn tomorrow. It was suppose to be his long weekend but was called in to help because someone called in today. He's the go to guy when things need to get done. Anyhoo, two nice days with him anyway. It will be FAB!



  1. We are having rain today too and it's in the low 60's. It just hasn't seemed like summer. I love the little creature...it's too cute. Enjoy your day with Glenn.

  2. Back on track for my daily Karrrr-Feeeee!! YAY!!!! I've missed ya gal!! I am so glad that Glenn is fine!! I would be a tad freaked out, too!! God protected him...so cool!! I wanna hang out with ya and do some needlework and chat! How fun would that be?

    Love all your handiwork! And I really like the color for the scarf!! I've got to get to making some Christmas gifts. Just have to decide what to do!!

    It's great that your garden is doing so well!! I've got a bit of envy there!! I LOVE vine ripened tomatoes, and fresh veggies from the garden...just haven't figured out how to do it successfully at this house!! Maybe next season!!

    Hope your weekend is a glorious one!! Enjoy your time with the hubster!!

    Love ya,

  3. Oh yeh!! And the flower in your header...GORG!!!!! I just love all of the little yellow flowers within the flower!!


  4. Kar I bet your husband and the other gentlemen where shaken by the lightening. Hey if you get hurricanes that means I will be going from Texas to your neck of the woods. Tom works as part of a Team for natural disasters. Pizza who doesn't love Pizza...I make homemade and they like it more than buying it out. It doesn't always work for me because sometimes I want a night off and buying pizza out would give me that night off from dishes. Oh well. Less than 3 weeks and we are Texas bought have to go deal with lawyers and litagation over unsettle insurance claims from the Texas hurricanes. Katrina, I wasn't there when it happen but went with Tom down there to work and I swear I have some PTSD from that storm, absolutely devastating to just see what it did......it literally unearthed New Orleans but helping other people is very rewarding.

  5. I wish you could send that weather here! ;-)

    I love the pom pom spider? turtle? hybrid? It's too cute!

  6. Hi,

    Just to let you know you've been tagged :-)

    Have a great weekend!

    Rose XXX

  7. So many scary lighting stories I'm hearing! Check out the blog "In this Small House" on my sidebar to read Sandra's scary story. YIKES!

  8. Hi Kar sounds like a good week, we won't be able to open the windows until mid September if we are lucky and I have been hoping for a storm, and I will wait patiently. Cute pom-pom pictures, Kate and Orla love to make glitter glue pictures. Ta-ta!


    Love and hugs,