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19 August 2009

Critters, exploring & YARN!!!!

To say it's been busy around here is quite the under statement. Last night was the first time I could really sit down and just have quiet time to myself after the girls went to bed. More about the goings on in just a smidge. First I must attend to two important bits of business. :)

I received this blog award the other day from Dawn. She is so very talented and so very sweet. I'm still debating back and forth with what to actually use the yarn she gave me from the yarn swap in July. Decisions! Anyhoo, she had some very lovely things to say about me and they were very appreciated.
The rules are:
1. accept the award
2. post it on your blog saying who gave it to you
3. pass it on to other new blogs you think are wonderful

So the first to receive this award is Becky. She cracks me up with all the comments she leaves on my blog and her blog is such a wonderful place to visit. She reminds us what is truly important with her wonderful family, friends and her love of life.

And next in line is Libby. She is such a sweetheart. She is always making things for others to enjoy and she has a passion for teaching. What else could you ask for. She has a very big heart and loves to share it with everyone.

Then the next order of business is posting 6 random things about yourself and post the rules.
I was tagged by Rose a few days ago and I'm just getting around to it. Sorry Rose.
here's the rules:
1. link to the person who tagged you
2. post the rules on your blog
3. post the six random things
4. tag six people at the end of the post and link to them
5. let each person know that they've been tagged

So here goes:
1. I absolutely adore chocolate chip cookies and apple crisp. That is why I can't ever get back to weighing 120!! LOL!!!
2. I don't own one pair of high heels. Can't stand them. We were not meant to walk around that way.
3. I love listening to my Ipod with the music up a wee bit loud so I can't hear anything else going on around me.
4. I miss being in the Air Force. It's a rush!
5. I love Fall and everything about it.
6. My life revolves around my family and always will. It is what makes me the happiest. :)

Next to be tagged are:

Now for the regularly scheduled program: :)

There have been some critters to sit and stare at while yard work was suppose to be getting done. We had no idea that the trunk of the butterfly bush was a wonderful spot for toads to hang out around. This guy was huge! Bigger than my hand! Gross! But the girls enjoyed just sitting and watching him as I went back to trying to make the front yard presentable.

There was another quick trip up into the hills to enjoy the cool breezes, crickets and sunset. It was wonderful walking around enjoying the peacefulness...

Until this guy was spotted and I made a quick retreat back to the truck! His body alone was as big as a half dollar and his legs as long as my finger! I wasn't hanging around to see if he had any friends. My back is crawling just thinking about it again. Jeez!!!!

At least before that sighting, there was this one of the wild sunflowers. So pretty!

There was a spontaneous trip made out to the spot where the best rocks can be found. The little creek has dried up by now being the snow melt is gone. But treasures were to be found! A piece of petrified wood and a piece of crystallized wood. So cool!

Little explorers with their boots on hoping that there would still be water in the creek. But at least they were good at keeping cheatgrass from getting all in your socks. It is the most annoying stuff. Another lovely thing that was "imported" here from overseas. :(

I personally found a great spot to just sit and work on a new project as the other explorers were bouncing from one place to another trying to find treasures.

I found the easiest pattern for the cutest frog by Susan. You've got to check her stuff out. Just fantastically adorable! I am using Rowan Felt Tweed because of all the wonderful colorful bits that are spun into the green yarn. And it was on sale at the LYS (40% off). What could be better for a cute little frog.

It's all coming along nicely. First the body, now the legs. They are very tiny legs. Probably as big around as a straw and no longer than my finger. I've never knit anything this small before. It's been interesting and fun. This whole making little critters can be addicting. And yes, there will be two made. I'm just letting the girls decided who gets the first one. I'm not getting into that battle. :)

Just another pic of the finished scarves to include the newest one made from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts (chapman springs) sock yarn (front "row"). The others were made out of the Fiesta Baby Boom. Em's was made with Australia, Mine with Mochachino and Brenna's with Poppies. Can't say who owns the one up front just yet. It's a surprise!!!! hehehe!!

Then there has been some good eating out of the garden the past few days. You don't know how bad I just wanted to chomp down into that yummy tomato like an apple. But I controlled myself and brought it in to share with the others. The sacrifices I make. :) The cukes were awesome also! There will be tons more of those soon!

Let's not forget the yummy banana chocolate chip muffins made two days ago and only 5 are left! Nothing goes to waste around here. Brenna helped with those while Em made dinner by herself; pork chops, rice and veggies. She did an awesome job! I really had to control myself with not getting in there and "helping" out. More like take over at times! I just kept myself busy with the frog project and just answered questions. That way I would be in the middle of a row and would not be able to put it down and go "help". Em thought that was a great idea also.

Well, off for another busy day with the girls. Brenna is loving her new book about money. She is trying to scam everyone out of their change because it is helping her learn, so she says. Miss Money Bags! :) Em is liking her books so far, even spelling. So maybe she won't dislike that as much this year. Cross your fingers. Tonight we will be working on a moon phases project. She loves anything to do with space. Should be fun.

I will keep you posted on the frog. It's fun to see it take shape. How do these smart people come up with the patterns for these things. One day I will figure it out!

Have a great everyone! Find something to smile about! It's easier than you think!



  1. Those veggies look great!
    Although I have to admit, I would have eaten all those muffins by now ;-)

    Rose XXX

  2. Ha! I have a little toad picture on my blog today too. :D What beautiful scenery, it must be very inspiring. Admittedly though, that spider inspired me to shiver uncontrollably. Enjoy your tomatoes! I'm all for eating them like apples too, but mine are still green here in MN.


  3. Oh how I wish I had your talent. My sister can do all things like this...I think she double dipped and that's why I have none when it comes to handywork. I will share your blog with her...I know she will love it too and maybe even have something in common with you. As for me I will just sit back and enjoy all of your pretties!

  4. The veggies look great. I canned some stewed tomatoes with the ones I picked last night.
    I love that yarn...it's my favorite color of green. I love Susan's blog.

  5. Thanks, Kar, for all the lovely compliments and this award and for tagging me! I'll post as soon as I can. :-)

    Oh I love the scarves, the veggies, and that new green yarn.

    * I ordered a swift and winder and they arrived this week - can't wait to try them out. :-D

  6. Love the pic of the sunflowers......always enjoy your pics.........

  7. I hope your knitted frogs look cuter than that toad. It's so big!! Eww.

    Don't you like cheatgrass? We used to play with it when we were kids: throw & stick on your sweater! The one who gets more grass on loses. Lol. (That's what happens when it doesn't snow at your place and you can't have snow wars).

    Beautiful pictures of your veggies, as always. You could make a delicious gazpacho with them.

  8. Hi Karfee!! :o( I have no cream or milk to put in my coffee, so I have to just rely on you to start my day off right today!! And you have!! :o)
    Love your pics, especially the one with the sunflower! AND love love love all of those scarves!! You keep those hands of yours busy, huh? Lovely work, as usual!!

    Hmmm, technically I am a tag free, award free blog, but I sure do want to say a big thank you for thinking of me!! You are the best!! My friend Nancy tagged me with this, too, so I am going to post the six random things in a little bit. In fact I will probably make it 10!! HA!!

    I sure do love your sense of adventure and how much you share with your children! What a loving example you are!

    I spent the day at Universal Studios yesterday. We had a great time, and splurged and had lunch at Hard Rock. Maddy and Kristina had never been there. We walked around to see all of the different memorabilia and it was so cool. It was awesome, too, because we all got in for free! Can't beat that!! I didn't , however, take even the first photo! We just kept moving so we could fit in as much as possible. I don't care for the show "The Simpson's" at all, but I have to say that the Simpson ride was killer!! We didn't do any of the really high speed coasters. The girls just aren't there yet, and are to young to leave alone, so Britt (20 yo # 3 daughter) and I just did whatever they wanted to. The "Mummy" ride was really great, too. I think you can see some of them on youtube.

    Well, better go post my random things!!
    Hope your day is full of wonder!!

    Thanks again, sweetie!!
    Love and hugs,