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13 August 2009

Little Chickadees!

Glenn was kind enough to share one of the pics taken of the Mountain Chickadees he snapped on Sunday.

The one below here is a stock image of a Black Capped Chickadee I found on the net so you could see the difference between the two.
This one is the Mountain Chickadee from Glenn. You can see the difference with the little white streak above their eyes. This pic isn't the best because of all the "stuff" around the chickadee and the breeze was moving things so there is a bit of blur going on. But Glenn said this was the best one to show the streak on his head.
Hope you enjoyed your little lesson on the differences between the two little chickadees. The girls really love these little birds. Their song is so pretty. We get the Black Caps in the yard sometimes. The pine siskins chase them away when they get near the feeders. The pine siskins can be such a "bully" of a bird. They fight amongst each other for food at the feeders. They are not my favorite and another reason why I don't like pine trees in yards. And wouldn't you know we have one in the front and one in our neighbors yard out back. yea. Pine trees belong in the mountains. So, I'm still trying to figure out how to keep the little bullies out front and not hang out around the back. One day there will be a solution! :)

I hate to post and run but I have several errands to run today and then it is back to the house to go through a few more closets to get rid of JUNK!! The girls got me all wigged out yesterday when they were trying to find their bike helmets to ride on our street. Please keep in mind that these helmets are new to replace ones that could not be found for the longest time. So I wigged out a bit about constantly spending money replacing things and then they don't take care of things. So after cleaning out the closets in the laundry room (1 found) and the shelves in the garage that were looking so bad (the others found) there are more helmets than we know what to do with. The ones in the garage were crammed between the wall and the shelves with other stuff crammed in front of them. Don't ask. And then there was a ton of stuff that had been used and never put back where it was originally taken from. I have things in bins and they are labeled so that you can find things when you need them, but things never get returned to the bins. It's easier to just lay it on a shelf and walk away and then cry that you can't find something. And then you end up with more bike helmets than you have heads for. So for a couple of hours yesterday there was the "EYE" being given to people around here. Hopefully all will be better today, until I find something that has been lost forever and then to realize that replacements were bought to replace the lost.

( I will try to escape later while finishing the scarf today) :)

To say the least, I will be trying to find something to smile about while going through things. Hopefully y'all will have a "easier" time finding a smile around your parts.

Have a FAB day!!!!


  1. I used to get so mad at the kids when I couldn't find a pair of scissors when I needed them. After they were gone I discovered it wasn't them that didn't put them back -- it was their DAD! I can never find anything because Ken puts things away in different places all the time. About drives me crazy. His reaction is always, "Well, I put it away didn't I?" Yes -- but in the most illogical place. I found my GOOD scissors our in the garage on his work table the other day. Hmmmm, see what I mean? (I didn't even bother to ask what he had used them for -- better not to know.)

  2. This is so my life, and constantly telling my kid clients, as well as Orla, they are old enough to start taking care of their toys. Also, Kevin and I have gotten into birding and we have an excellent bird book.

  3. KARFEEE!! I smiled so big when I saw the chickadee!! Tell Glenn thank you for sharing!! They are so cute!!

    My hubby is the lord of the garage, and often can't find what he needs and then goes to buy another one!! Too funny!! I'm helping out there and it is getting better, but has a way to go!!

    Well, the beach was wonderful. I'll put pics up tomorrow!!

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  4. We get those in the winter around here. They are mostly the only birds we see in the winter. I can so relate to "junk"...We searched high and low for our daughters Social Security card yesterday so she could get her drivers license. I need to go through all the papers I have lying around here.
    Have a wonderful weekend.