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24 August 2009

A day at the FAIR!!!!

So this weekend was again a very busy one. Making sure things were done around the house, a trip down to the market in town and a day spent at the fair. I was one tired girl this morning, trying to get up when Glenn got up for work. It wasn't easy. Before I get on about the Fair, I must tell you about two bits of information that I think are pretty important.

First off, Glenn started a blog; The Wandering Crow. Just something fun he wants to do to play around with his photos and his writing at times. Stop by some time and see what he is up too. I can't guarantee that he will update as much as I do mine, but who knows. :)

And the second is that... Glenn got a ribbon at the Fair for one of his pictures that he entered! I was so happy for him. The girls squealed when they saw it. It was Honorable Mentioned, but hey it was a ribbon his first time out! Something to be proud about! And yes, he is strutting around here reminding everyone he got a ribbon. We just smile, laugh a bit and let him have his day. Like I told him, you can't win anything unless you try. Good lesson for the girls! :) Congrats Glenn!

So now for the regularly scheduled program:

There were simple farm engines to be seen and watched. The girls thought it was cool how some were being used to grid corn and wheat to show how they worked.

Then there were the good ol' tractors. So neat to see these old timers. I remember sitting up on a few of these when I was little. Very cool indeed!

There were a few "korny" pics of the girls having fun with the displays at the fair. Sorry, I couldn't resist! LOL!!!

There were the Texas Thunder horses to be seen. Such beautiful horses and HUGE!!! You must click on the link and see how talented these horses are. Their shoulders came up to the top of Glenn's head. And their hooves were massive! Very glad we were able to see these beauties!

Brenna found her favorite. You can see below why. She fell in love with him when she saw his name. She was talking to him so sweetly. It was adorable!

Who wouldn't love a name like that!

Then it was off to see the bunnies. This one was washing his face. The girls thought that was too adorable.

There was this gorgeous goose. He was very quiet. Unlike the two big white ones in the pen next to him.

This big guy made sure he puffed himself up to show us who was boss. Very pretty colors on his face.

There were baby quail that were hatching right before our eyes. The girls were watching so intently to see which eggs were moving just in case they were able to see the shells cracking open. Too cute!

There were a few beautiful birds to be seen.

And more little babies to watch. The girls thought it was funny to watch some chicks walk right over the top of some that were sleeping. And there were some sleeping right in the middle of the feed tray. Very funny!

There were more hokey pictures to be taken as two little ones were attempting to make animal sounds as the pics were being taken.

They look like they are having a BAAAAAAD hair day! sorry! hehehehe!

Then it was off to the rides. Glenn and Em tried this beast out. Sorry, not me. I stayed on the ground where it was safe. You can see Glenn in the pic on the far right. Em was next to him with hands and feet hanging out all over the place. No fear with that girl. She even went back on it a second time because it was her favorite ride!

Then it was Brenna's turn to ride the roller coaster with Em. They are in the yellow car. She had a blast copying Em with holding their hands up in the air, squealing and laughing the whole time.

Next was the sack slide. Apparently we need to find a huge piece of property so that we can buy one of these. The girls had to go on this quite a few times because they figured out how to catch air as they were coming down the slide. Very awesome! I wonder about them at times. :) I'm surprised we don't live at the ER.

There were the house of mirrors to go in. Brenna laughed so hard when she saw herself in this one. She said she looked stubby. They just thought it was funny that I had to slide down the twisty slide to get out of this thing. Glenn was rolling! Glad I could add to the humor of the day.

We were very glad to get away from this noisy ride. This one could have lost it's sound making capability and no one would have minded. But Brenna enjoyed it.

We were glad to hear that if we were to ever get a BIG piece of property that pigs were not allowed on it because they stink. We breathed a sigh of relief on that one.

Here was a prize dairy cow. Very pretty eyes she had. And we need one on our "big" property we were told.

A few little goats had to be fed. Brenna didn't like the bigger ones. She said they didn't have manners shoving the little babies around stealing their feed. She yelled at one of them for squishing one baby into the fence. Everyone cracked up!

She finally got to pet a sheep and loved it. Apparently we have to get some of them also along with some chickens, goats and a pony. Yeah.

There was a baby bison to pet. The girls did not want to leave him. Brenna said he was pretty.

After riding "Fudge", Brenna needs to have one of her own. She said she wants to ride all day long. Can you feel the pain for the pony! Poor thing! :)

Then there was Em on "Lightining".

We were laughing while the girls were waiting their turn because the kids that were riding at the time suddenly stopped because one of the ponies had to take a "potty" break right in the middle of the ride. Little kids can wait when there is business to be taken care of. Hilarious! The kids weren't sure if they were suppose to get off or not.

Then there was the last ride of the day to get rid of the last of the ride tickets we had. Brenna was happy she got to go on a swing ride. She wasn't tall enough for the big one that Glenn and Em went on earlier. So she was very happy to go on this one with Em!

Everyone was tired by this time. One last stop was to be made as we all headed out towards the main gate for Lemonade ICEEs. The absolute best! A FAB ending to the day.

After we got home and started to settle down for the day, I thought my feet were going to fall off. I must be getting old. No other explanation. But at least it was all for a good cause so that the girls had a GREAT day. Glenn and I just need to start taking large sums of donations so that we can start looking for a HUGE property to keep all the little critters that need to be acquired. Can you feel the pain? I am just thinking about it. I just don't think the girls are kidding about it all though. They are talking about wanting to get into the 4H club so they can have pets. Lord help me. I did see quite a few kids wearing their FFA jackets around the fair. Man, did that bring back memories from high school. You were nothing if you didn't have a navy colored corduroy jacket. Letterman jackets were nothing. I was nothing. But oh the memories from way back then.

Well, off to put on the comfy pj's and grab the frog to finish his face. Can you believe I didn't touch anything "yarny" all weekend! I'm having withdrawals right now. About as bad as when I don't have a bite of chocolate for the day. Pretty bad. So off I go so I can sleep peacefully tonight.

Find something to smile about. You need a smile a day, at least! :)



  1. Ha ha, funny lovely pics of your girls!! You had such a great day, I'm sure they won't forget it.

    Smiling here! Have a good week.

  2. That looks like a great day out! Congratulations to Glenn. Love the goose he looks like a real character!

  3. Good Morning Karfee!!!! What a great start to my day!! Our fair is the week of Halloween and we can't wait!! Maddy makes all kind of stuff to enter, and usually comes away with a nice little sum of cash and pretty ribbons!! She's working on it already!

    Love all of your pics and really caught the joy of the fair from reading this post!! Love your commentary!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day and that froggy's face gets finished!! Can't wait to see him!!

    Thanks for making me smile, gal!! You rock!!
    Love ya,

  4. What a joyous and fun post, Kar, you did make me smile!

  5. Priefert! I know that name. Imagine my surprise when I realized it's the same people! The Prieferts have quite a name in Mt. Pleasant Texas. They manufacture all sorts of metal works necessary around a farm and/or ranch. I didn't remember that they had the horses. Beautiful animals!

  6. What a fun day at the fair you guys had. We missed the fair this year :(
    Congrats to Glenn! I checked out his blog and he can really take pictures...awesome!!

  7. It has been YEARS since I attended a fair. The Utah State Fair is always such a huge event that I felt lost last time I attended. I stood in line for hours to get into the needlework building and by the time I got out I wanted to scream. I used to love the Idaho State Fair as a young girl. It wasn't nearly so crowded. Wish I could have gone with you guys. What fun!

  8. P.S. Congratulations, Glenn!!!!!!

  9. Well Congratulations to Glenn!!!
    Looks like you all had a wonderful trip to the fair. I haven't been to our state fair since I was a child which is a crime really. I live so close I can hear it...only 2 miles down the road. It starts this Fri...now that I've seen how much fun you all have had, maybe I'll just have to go to ours!! Great post!

  10. Fairs are such fun!! We're off to our local fair this weekend if hurricane Danny doesn't foul up our plans. Glad to see you all had such a great time!

    Congrats to Glenn!