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24 July 2009

A quiet beginning for a Friday...

This morning has been rather quiet to start off. And I am enjoying it tremendously! After seeing Glenn off to work and finishing the laundry, I had to head outside with the camera and see what was going on with the flowers before the heat sets in.

The one little pink rose bush is showing itself again after being dead headed last week. They are mini roses and I love their small little petals as they start to bloom again. So very pretty they are. :)
The cone flowers are putting on a wonderful show with their dainty pink color. I'm hoping they drop a huge amount of seeds this year so that the flower bed in this area will be crammed full of them next year. :)
Then there is my favorite of all the flowers in the yard. The mini yellow rose bush that my Daddy gave me during his last visit here with me. I am very protective of this bush. I even went so far as to dig it up and put it in a big planter when we thought we wanted to sell the house and move. I was not leaving this plant behind! Long story short, it was planted back in the flower bed where my Daddy put it to begin with. I'm just so glad it made it and didn't die. Brenna has taken to it and calls it her plant and won't let anyone but me touch it. I still find it curious how close her personality is to my Dad's and she has his freckles and all. I still wonder at times if she has part of Dad's soul in her. I do see that twinkle in her eye at times. And do I ever have to keep on eye on the butter bowl to make sure there is not a huge chunk taken out of it every time it comes out of the fridge. Apparently Dad did the same thing when he was little. Do remember we found out she was on the way only a few months after he passed away. So, who knows. Maybe it's Dad's way of staying close to us.
Anyhoo, this is what the little "critter" is looking like this morning. I couldn't go to bed last night until I got all the appendages finished. (like how I get all smart and all) Basically all that is left is the finishing touches. Hopefully that will be done today. Cross your fingers.
Glenn and I had a good laugh this morning as he was upstairs giving his morning hugs and kisses to the girls before he left. Last night as he was giving out hugs, kisses and singing songs Brenna asked if she could have a piece of Rollo candy. He told her she could have it after she eats breakfast in the morning. So this morning as he was doing the "ritual" (because Lord knows everyone will hear about it all day if Daddy doesn't say bye in the morning) Brenna turned her head and asked if she could have her piece of candy now. The girl just doesn't forget about candy. Especially chocolate! She will run down the two sets of stairs if she hears someone messing with my M&M jar that is in my craft room. Darn near kills herself. The "joke" around this house is that she would be the one to take candy from a stranger. So to say the least, I do not let her out of my sight. We just found it hilarious how there are some things she will not remember, by choice I think, but never forgets anything to do with chocolate.

Well, off to get a few things done now that the lessons are done for the day. The girls have been getting up early to get started with all the reviewing we are doing before the new stuff next week. I have to finish the "critter" above and find a few baby things that will be sent along with the blankie and critter. It's a shame that Kim isn't closer because I would be sending her home with a Uhaul trailer full of baby things that I have kept through the years. She wouldn't have to buy anything for years! Kim, just remember, you can always make a trip up here still! LOL!!! I would love to know what it is like to not have huge bins in the attic and garage! :)

One good note for the day. We won't be in the 100's for a while. Close but not in it. I'm so ready for fall weather. It's just nice to be outside and not be miserable. Ah, fresh crisp air! I can almost feel it. Oh wait, that was the A/C kicking in already for the day. :(

I really need to get going on my next project (the scrap blankie) before my head pops. It's driving me crazy! I'm still looking for some really neat colors to make the scrap jacket with. So that will be after this up and coming project. I know, how can it be a scrap jacket if I'm going to buy colors for it. Crazy, but that's just me. And I like it. :)

I'm rambling now so I will be off to see what else the day brings me. No doubt around here, there will be something to smile about. Hope you can find something to smile about too!

Have a FaNtAbUlOuS Day!!!


  1. What a wonderful post. It just made me feel so good. I love the touching story about your dad and the kids. He sounds like he was very very special. Your roses are lovely and the yellow one is so, so special. I am having a FaNtAbUlOuS day and I hope yours will be the same. Mary

  2. How funny about the butter. Mama tells about coming back in the house after hanging clothes out to dry. A whole stick was gone. She looked at my older brother. (Little kid.) He burped and it all just oozed back out. Oh, dear. I may have to go get a tissue to wipe my eyes.

  3. I'm just about pee'ing my pants Sherry! The things kids get into! My face hurts from laughing so hard!

  4. I was too little...probably still in diapers so I don't remember it. But I can just SEE it in my mind's eye!

    Um...should I tell what I did while she was out hanging clothes on the line?

  5. Please do tell! I'm still laughing about the butter. :)

  6. Great post...flowers are beauties!! Chocolate girl is a kid after my own heart. I can't even have an m & m jar in my craft room!! The butter story is funny but I want to hear what you got into also!!!

  7. I can't wait to see your little "critter" done and your flowers are gorgeous! I finally posted about the 7 things I love award. Okay you can pick yourself up off the floor now. I love what's been going on here about the butter.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Okay...okay. Kar begged me to tell on myself.

    Just please remember that we didn't do this to poor Mama all on the same day. We evidently had a silent agreement to make mischief one at a time...had to keep her on her toes.

    She and I talked last night and she filled in the details...

    She used Niagara starch. Pink flakes that you just mixed with cold water...didn't have to be cooked. While she was outside hanging laundry on the line of course and thinking we were sound asleep taking a nap in our little beds, I crawled up on a chair and onto the wooden dining table. I understand that it was my dad's dad's table. Just an old wooden table with not much finish on top...until I got through.

    I dumped the pink flakey starch on the dining table and played in it. That would've been mess enough, but I then peed. This was the days before disposable diapers and rubber pants were hard to come by. Mama said that the mother's would nearly kill each other over a dry cleaner's bag to cut up and pin over the diapers.

    So...I'm doing finger painting on the old wood top of that table when Mama walked back in the house. She said that she had to clean me up first and by that time a good portion of the peed starched was drying. She said she likedto've never got it all out and that in the minute cracks and grooves in the old tabletop you could still see starch. Gave it a couple of good washes with bleach to disinfect...and they continued to use the table.

    Can't let this be all about me so I have to divert your attention to...

    The brother who ate the butter...you know how little kids like to help. One day she put some dishes in the sink for him to wash. When she left the room, he was standing in a chair. When she re-entered, he was sitting on the cabinet with his feet in the dishwater.

    I'm sure Mama had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) back then. She was a meticulous housekeeper...with three small children. I'm surprised she didn't have a nervous breakdown!

    Okay...enough about me. ;o)

  9. Hilarious! Those were the good ole days!

  10. Oye....I need to windex my monitor now!!