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17 July 2009

Keeping out of the heat...

One could tell it was going to be Africa hot today the moment Glenn opened the garage door to leave for work this morning.  It was already 70 something out!  Yuck!  That temp is only fine for late in the day I tell you.
So after a bit of meandering around the house getting a few chores done in the peace and quiet, the girls got up for the day, ate and we went outside to patrol for weeds before it was too unbearable out.  Well, I patrolled and the girls rode their bikes for a bit.  Then after not finding too many weeds, I decided it would be a swell time to stain the little bench I got as a Christmas present.  It has remained unfinished this whole time because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.  Sometime last week an idea just came to me.  So what better time to start making it look presentable.  For the longest time I never had anything by my front door where anyone could sit and put their shoes on and then a dear friend (Nate) asked what I wanted and TADA!!  Now there is a place to sit and two shelves to put shoes on so no one tripping over them.  Below is just step 1.  The next step will be done sometime tomorrow in the early morning hours.  I will show finished pics later.  After this there is a desk that has been sitting in my kitchen/dining room for the longest time because I had no ideas.  But it will soon be finished also.  :)
After all the fun out in the front yard and garage, the girls persuaded me to go and sit out back while they splashed in the wade pool a bit.  While sitting at the table I noticed this little beauty fluttering around in between the two butterfly bushes.  I've been waiting for a week to catch a shot of him.  Isn't it a beautiful little Swallowtail!  The blue dots at the very bottom of his tail was so pretty in the sun.  I kept following him for a while just watching him get nectar from the flowers.  Gorgeous!!!
Then I noticed my dahlia had opened even more to show more of the yellowy orange on its inner petals.  So pretty!  I'm just waiting for the others to open up any day now.  I'm getting a wee bit impatient.  Can't wait to see them all open together.  :)
By then I was getting a bit warm in the sun so I went back to the patio and sat down with what I brought outside to keep busy while watching the girls.  Nothing like a wee bit of crocheting and enjoying some Tangerine Zinger iced tea.  I like the flavored teas iced in the summer time.  They are light and refreshing that way.  Anyhoo, I didn't want to bring the "big" baby blankie outside to work on in the heat so I found something small to work on while hearing the girls squeal about how chilly the water was still as they were trying to sit on two floaty rings.  Two floaty rings really don't work to well to say the least.  Especially with skinny butts that just slide right through them.  :)
So I've got this sock yarn (Fiesta baby boom) that I bought but wasn't too sure about wanting to make socks out of it after it has sat on the shelf for a while now.  So I thought what about a skinny scarf thingy!  So there I sat looking in one of my stitch books trying to find just the right stitch.  Something that would look a little lacey but not too many holes where it would defeat the purpose of wearing a scarf.
Here's what it looks like so far.  Quite pleased with it so far.  And I'm happy how the colors are falling in place along the pattern.  The color of the yarn in called "Mochachino".The colors are just right for fall also.  So this will be my outdoor project while having to sit and watch the girls splash around in the pool.
Now I must be off the sweep the floor because it is looking a bit gross to me and I don't want to drive everyone else crazy with my "craziness" on how my socks are looking dingy from "stuff" on the floor.  I have issues that I will not deny.  :)  
I have one more thing.  I have noticed that there have been an awful lot of us out in blog land this week that have just been "tard" and dragging along.  It really must be in the air or something.  But I hope everyone is starting to come around and perk up a bit.  I'm starting to feel a bit more "alive".  No thanks to the heat though.
Find something to smile about, even if it's for a wee bit.  I'm smiling about a yummy green apple popsicle that has my name all over it!
Toodles Noodles!


  1. Ohhhhh, I likkkkkkeeee it.

  2. This may be a crazy, but I've been wondering if you had to use sock yarn for socks only. I have so much to learn about yarns. :-)

    Have a great weekend. I'm washing loads and loads of clothes while my hair is drying....

  3. I love your yarn and the scarf pattern. I finally made a few things but I'll post about them later.

  4. Thanks for the info on the sock yarn. That is a very pretty collection there at Knitpicks. I had just gotten a catalog in from them the other day, but the selection online is so much more inviting!

    When I can stand putting down this crochet hook, I want to keep practicing knitting because I love the way the yarns look different in knitted projects. Wish me luck! :-D

  5. Beautiful yarn! What stitch is that you are using?

  6. It's awfully hot here too and I don't feel like finishing my ufos, just lazing around. Btw, I like the yarn you're using, it does fall in place!
    I'll check tomorrow to see what you've done with the bench.
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Love reading your blogs. I always feel as if your talking to me. My mouth started to water when I read your comment about the white chocolate. Oh boy! It is so beautiful where you live. Well speaking of floor I have to get off this computer and vac the floors.

  8. I got the shawl pattern from the Happy Hooker crochet book. :-)

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog a while back. I love your blog and am now a follower!!! :)