"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

16 July 2009

Just simple summer pleasures around here.

The last few day have been relaxed around here.  Just enjoying the days as they come and as they are.  (except for Wednesday when I was in a foul mood and tired from not sleeping well the night before.  not pleasant for those who had to "hang out" with me).
 Tuesday was spent down along the river that cuts right through the middle of town, just watching all the fishermen get all "verklempt" over the chinook salmon that was to be released into the river for the season.  The pic below just shows a smattering of how many people were trying their luck at grabbing one of the beautiful fish.  I'm not a fan of fishing, especially with this many people around.  You wouldn't believe how many times we watched as lines were detangled or cut because of the big snags that would occur with all the lines in the water.  Made no sense to me.  But who am I?  I would say this would be the "superbowl" of fishing around here.  Very funny to just sit and watch how carried away all these people got when they would see the slightest move in the water and it turn out to be someone else casting their line.  LOL!!!  We counted at least 40 people along the banks in this one stretch of the river.  Too many.  Even after all the time spent walking along the river and then sitting and watching, there were no salmon to be seen because fish & game had not dropped them yet when we decided to head home.  I laughed.  hehehehe!  I'm so awful!
Other wise, all that has been happening is hanging out and trying to stay cool.  It's going to be Africa hot here the next two days!  Yes, I know what Africa hot is.  I was out in the desert over there for nearly 6 months playing "war games" at one time in the AF.  Not pretty.  So I do not like it when it gets in the 100's.  Luckily it's only suppose to be like that for a couple of days.  I thanked my Mom and my friend Julie (both in the Houston area) for sending those temps up here.  There was no need to share.  I would not have thought of you to be rude by keeping it all to yourselves.  Really!
And no, you will not see me in the pool with the girls.  Not a pretty sight!  And I will spare everyone the scary pics.  It's the least I can do.  :)  Trust me, you would never go near the water again after seeing any pics of that.  LOL!!!
Well, I'm going to go find something easy for dinner that won't heat up the kitchen.  And then back to the blankie!  I've only got one more square to do!  I'm very giddy about it all.  Then I only have to do the outside border and then it will be done.  I honestly haven't worked on it much this week because I've been outside with the girls or at the river.  And I wasn't about to have all that blankie laying all over me while outside, in the heat.  So tonight I'm doing my best to finish the last square and to see if I can get going on the border.
Hopefully there was something you found to put a big ol' smile on your face today.  I'm smiling just thinking about the Tillamook Udderly Chocolate ice cream that is waiting patiently for me to finish dinner!  Life is goooood!!!
Toodles Noodles!!!


  1. No fishies??!! Well, sounds like you made the most of the day anyway!! That's my girl!!

    And I'm right there with ya on the pool pics!! Don't want anyone to put anything sharp in their eyes now do we??!!

    Show me the Blankie!! :o)

    And thanks a lot! Now I want some chocolate ice cream, too!

    I'm soon headed to a bit cooler temps, and can't wait!! I'll pray yours go down!!

    You're a joy, Kar!! Thanks for being YOU!

  2. And just think, I've never been fishing before, and now I see what fun I've been missing out on!

    Looks like your girls are having plenty of fun. Maybe you could have put your feet in. :-)

    And thanks for reminding me how good chocolate ice cream really is. It's the best (but sadly, all I have in the freezer is rainbow sherbet)!

  3. I love the girls in the pool...they look like they are cooling off pretty good.
    That river looks like the river where the salmon come back to spawn in our area after they leave Lake Michigan. Except your area is much prettier.