"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

04 July 2009

America, the land of the free & home of the brave!

 I celebrate today with my family filled with a great many emotions.  
Happy that we live in the greatest country on Earth, proud that Glenn & I served our country with the greatest pride one could have, humbled to know that there are many members of both sides of our family that have served this GREAT country to included Glenn's father who served in WWII and sacrificed everything he held dear to defend this country in order to make sure we continued to live in the greatest country on Earth and my Father who served in the US Army with great pride and risked everything dear to him while serving in Vietnam.
We do not take things for granted and teach our kids that life in this country is much more than a nice home, nice clothes to wear, more than enough food to eat and deciding about what to watch on TV.  We teach them about what our founding fathers went through to make sure they and others to follow behind them had the freedom to make choices for themselves and could enjoy the fruits of life, given by God, without anyone making those choices for them.  No one person is better than another, no matter how much money one has, what school one attended, where you live, what you wear, etc.
I ask everyone this holiday to remember the struggles that were overcome to build this country into the great land that it is.  Also do not forget those who continue, without force, to serve our great country so that we may continue to live in this great land.  These great, honorable, selfless individuals continue to be the reason why we can continue to live the lives that we have.
Also remember the two most important documents ever created in this world.  Created with the blood, sweat, tears and ultimate sacrifices of those who were willing to die to make sure that there was a land where one could live and make choices for himself and not under the tyranny of a few people who looked down upon their fellow citizens.
I ask everyone to think about the direction the country is moving towards.  It is NOT what our founding fathers and those who fought and lost their lives to start this country, wanted for themselves and those who followed.  I know that all of their souls are being tortured right now with what is happening to what they held most dear in their hearts.

We are not continuing down that path but down one where a scant few think they deserve absolute power over the masses.  It needs to stop, NOW!  I ask everyone to remember that this government was built on the following premise:
Of the People
By the People
For the People
Those in Washington are suppose to be working for us.  Not to control us.  We are the BOSS, not them. I think it is time to remind everyone of that matter.  No matter what office they hold.  They are not above us.  We are above them as far as who is in charge of this country!  Do not let them forget that one important part of their job.
Please listen to the following if you want this country to continue how the founding fathers and citizens wanted.

I do wish every American a very Happy 4th of July!  But do start standing up for your rights as an American citizen before they are taken from you.  Do not let the fight and struggles that our founding fathers, first brave patriots, and those who serve our country now, go in vain.  Enjoy the food, celebrations, fireworks and happiness you have today but remember what has happened in order for you to that.  Do not let that be trampled on.  Do not become consumed with materialistic ideals but consume yourself with what is morally right for this country...  Protect it from Tyranny and hold those responsible for these acts to the fire.  
Hold those in Washington accountable for every action they take.  They are not there for us any longer.  Only for themselves and we need to change that before this country gets to a point where there is no turning back.  My family and I are not putting up with it any longer.  I hope you won't put up with this tyranny any longer either.  Let your voice be heard by any means possible.  Do not be afraid of the few who continue to commit tyranny against us all.
Be proud of our country!
Love this country!
Stand up for this country!
Do not let this country be destroyed by the few who continue to commit tyranny against our great country!

I did not intend for this to be a soap box event but my heart aches as I watch what is happening to our great country.  Please ask everyone you know to stand up for themselves also and speak out to those in Washington.  We want to continue celebrating the greatness of this beautiful country.  Do ever let that be taken away from us, forever.
Happy 4th of July to all Americans!
(You can share this with everyone you know.  Just link to my blog and pass the word about standing up for what is right.)


  1. Very well said, Kar, and I couldn't agree with you more.

  2. Whishing you a happy 4th of july !

  3. Oh Kar, This post moved me to tears. I am in complete agreement with everything you said. Many in my family as well as my hubby have served, and I had uncles that lost their lives in service to this great nation.

    Thank you for this reminder to appreciate all of our freedoms and to do our best to protect them.

    So well said...
    Love ya gal!

  4. What a great post Kar! You said it all and I want to say THANK YOU to you both.
    I love your new blog look.

  5. YOU ARE SO RIGHT! It hurts me the few that want to 'get rid of' God carry so much weight! I am glad you enjoyed my pictures of "96"! If there is anything you want to see let me know! I live in Mathews Mill Village. You would be amazed about the schools, They tore down Southside and are building a new Mathews there, maybe I will Blog on it. We have an online paper called Greenwood Today I bet you would love!