"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

12 July 2009

A day of doing... nothing.

Not a lot going on around here today.  Yesterday was a disaster as far as doing anything or getting things done.  I kept having a woozy head so I spent most of the day laying down anywhere I could in the house when the "dizzy" feeling came up, usually when I moved to fast.  Who knows.  Today is better but I'm still not doing much.
I got up early this morning, after going to bed at 7:30 last night, just so I could go out and enjoy the quiet, cool morning before everyone got up.  It was very nice.  And to my surprise, look what I found had opened up in the back yard!  This gorgeous red dahlia with yellow edges!  It was closed up tight yesterday morning.  Love the color.  I can't wait to see how the other ones look when they bloom.  Very glad I planted them this year.  I might have to get more for next year and just cram them in somewhere.  
Then I couldn't help but notice the red coral bells that my little piggie friend was admiring.  Very pretty!  The pink ones are just about done showing themselves but these lovely red ones still have some more showing off to do.
I have to keep an eye on the butterfly bushes because the swallow tails are having a feast on them.  It's hard running back and forth from the front yard and back yard just to see if there is one to snap a pic of.  And to make a choice of which ones to sit and watch by: the purple one in the back or the pink in the front.  Those choices alone can take alot out of a person.  :)
Well, off to slowly putter around, waiting for the thunderstorms to show up.  I'm happily awaiting them.  Maybe I will bring the crochet basket upstairs and sit on the bed while enjoying some hooky time and sneaking peeks of the sky to see if the storm is coming.  As you can tell, way too much going on around here today.  I must slow down.  :)
At least I'm smiling today because I can move around with out feeling like I'm falling down!  Hopefully you will find something to smile about today too!


  1. I hope you're feeling better today, I hate that dizzy feeling.

  2. Being dizzy is no fun. Hope you feel better soon. Your flowers are just beautiful!

  3. I hope you're feeling better today. I wonder if it's something going around, because I sure didn't feel good on Saturday. I didn't feel dizzy but I sure felt "funny". I love dahlias but don't have any in my garden. Yours is beautiful. We love a good thunderstorm around here, just as long as the tornadoes don't come with them.

  4. Hey Gal, Sounds like you had a great lazy day! We are busy getting ready for my family reunion!! I can't wait to be in the mountains!! LOVE your new header photo!! I'll have some like that soon!! The mountains are just calling my name!! We'll be in a cottage with a large deck and view of the lake where I will be sitting, reading God's Word, and watching and listening to the mountains wake up to a new day!! Aaahhh...simply lovely! We go to the same place every other year, and I love letting the surroundings just fill up my senses!!

    Hope you are feeling all better today. I've prayed that you will!
    Have a great week!
    Love ya,