"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

08 July 2009

The start of a wonderful day...

I woke up this morning, only to do a quick stretch, then jump out of the bed as fast as I could so all the windows in the house could be opened up to let the most wonderful cool breezes fill the house.  It's only going to be 75ish here today!  I'm dancing!  This morning brings a most wonderful 60 degrees to my little part of the world and I'm loving it.  I could help but sit in my room with my eyes closed listening to the breezes in the trees and feeling the temp in the house cool off quite a bit.  I looked out the window at one point to see all the beautiful fluffy clouds lingering about in the sky.  So pretty with the sun coming up and stretching across the clouds.  
Then something flashed through my head as I said "Holy Crumbs" and went running down the stairs, nearly killing myself.  It was trash day!!  I can't believe I forgot about that after I was lecturing everyone about getting trash together last night for today.  See, I had another visit from "Al".  It terrible having these lapses of senility.  It tends to make me look like a crazed loon running about the house trying to get "something" done that should have been done earlier.  Now you know why every one just shakes their head at me here.  It's not pretty.
So after the trash/recycling chore was taken care of, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots of the wonderful clouds that were gracing the sky this morning.  Simply wonderful.  :)

Then it was back in to throw the laundry in the dryer and move on to something else.  Yes, I do at least one load a day because I can't stand doing fifteen million loads on the weekend.  I just don't know how anyone can do that.  It just boggles my mind.  I love to get up a the crack of dawn, throw a load in the washer and know that I will be done with that chore in about an hour.  Love it!!!
Then I had to decided if I wanted to go outside "now" to work in the front yard or wait a wee bit being that it was going to be so darn nice today that I didn't have to worry about the heat.  So, it was decided that I would wait a bit and just enjoy the quiet morning and just putter around the house for a bit.  One must take advantage of this opportunity when the girls sleep in.  Sometimes it my only peaceful part of the day.  Plus when I was thinking about the yard, I got a little miffed thinking about what I might find in the front garden by my neighbors cats.  Man, that really chaps my butt.  Sorry! :}  But we don't have pets and I shouldn't have to deal with someone else's.   So after that unpleasant little thought, I went to the craft room to see what else could be straightened up on the yarn side of things.  Yes, this is my mess of sorts.  And believe me when I say that every skein is designated for a "project".  It is a real illness.  The rest of the room looks like a wreck because I've been going through the school stuff clearing out things and trying to finalize which books need to be bought for the next year for Em.  Cross your fingers that gets done this week.  So later today I will "start" to get scraps together for the next blanket.  Yes, I decided to do the blanket first.  I want to make sure I've got just the right scraps for the jacket.  I don't want it looking too crumby you know.  And I need to get my act together being I only have one row left on the baby blanket.  Nothing like planning ahead.  :)
After all of that, I checked my email and saw that the new Land O' Lakes newsletter is out.  There were a few things that grabbed me and may be on the menu when I make out the shopping list in the next few days.  Most of the recipes are really yummy looking and I do try to give as many of them a try.  There are some I pass on.  I just try to stay away from all the "fat butt" recipes.  But they do look yummo!
The Grilled Fish Tacos sounds awesome.  I've only had the battered fish tacos before so this sounds like a great little change of things.
Then there was the Southwest Layered Cornbread Salad!  Doesn't that look like a nice change for things.
So now I must be off see if the wee ones are still upstairs.  They are still very quiet and usually they are up by now.  If they are still sleeping, I'm leaving them be to enjoy even more quietness.  I'm rotten aren't I?  A little.  Then I must go looking for my red beans and rice recipe for dinner tonight.  Nothing like a down home meal on a cool day like today.
Anyhoo, have a FaBuLoSo day to all of you and don't forget to find something to smile about!  It's good for you!


  1. I am with you, I do laundry every day, so I don't have to do a ton in one day.
    Now I see the link for the jacket, thank you for sharing!
    Let me know if you when you decide if you want to participate in the swap, I think it will be fun.


  2. I do a few loads everyday even tho there are less people in the house now. I can't tell you how many loads a day I did when everyone lived at home...LOTS! The salad looks good and I have never had fish tacos, they look good.
    I love your yarn stash and I would say you might have enough :).

  3. I like doing a load everyday also. I love your yarn stash.

  4. I'm enjoying the cooler temps that we're having in Chicago too!! LOVE it!! Love your yummy yarn stash!! I need to start doing at least 3 loads of laundry a day so I can get caught up, I've really let things go around here lately.... :( Have a great day! thanks for the motivation! ;)


  5. You have such a wonderful way of writing. It makes me feel as though I'm there with you enjoying that nice, cool breeze!

  6. You are guilty of making me yearn for Fish Tacos, only I'll do the batter covered kind (fried! yummy!) and use soft tortillas instead of shells... care to join me? lol!