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11 July 2009

Garden happiness

While out in the garden yesterday, staking up the green beans, I couldn't help but snap a few pics due to how great everything is looking.  It was better than listening to the painters that my neighbor has hired to repaint all the trim on his house.  Brendon and I were cracking up (quietly) because they all sounded like they were from a bad Cheech & Chong movie from the 70's.  We were just waiting for all the doobies to be taken out and lit up.  Then to beat all, they hadn't been on the job a whole half and hour and they were already talking about stopping for lunch!  We couldn't help but run back in the house and lost all control of our laughing!  So if we are need of comedy hour today, all we have to do is step out to the side yard and get our free fill.  LOL!!!  Free entertainment!  Gotta love it!
Here's the watermelon plant that had to be bought, being that none of the seeds that were planted seem to be doing a thing.
The lovely green beans!  Aren't the blooms a lovely purpley-pinky color?  I don't think Crayola will be using that for a color name any time soon.  :)
The sunflowers are up to my hip now.  Not sure how tall this variety is suppose to get.
But just look and the little grape tomato beauties I found hiding at the bottom of one of the plants!  I was doing a happy dance!  Not sure how many will make it into the house once they start to ripen.  The girls always go out with a little bucket of water and sit by the plants and "have a snack" when they go check on things.  Could be worse I guess.  :)
And just look at this beauty!  I was deciding amongst myself if I should pick it and have some fried green tomatoes.  But I went with tradition, to wait and have the first red ripe tomato for a tomato sandwich!  It's a southern thing.  Plus there are more blooms popping out everywhere so there will be time for some fried yummies later.

The rest of yesterday was spent going through more school stuff for the girls (which they were not too pleased with as one can imagine), making some lemon bars (sorry, from a box :)  ), and sitting in front of the yarn stash again trying to get feel for how many colors I will be working with on the blankie.  You know that all work and no play makes for a dull Kar, so I do try to mix a wee bit of leisurely pleasure in here and there just so that I don't become dull and boring.  Plus there is nothing like sitting in front of a massive amount of yarn to get the creative vibe going.  And it's a heck of alot better than being on squirrel patrol and making sure that they aren't tearing up any more bird feeders.  I'm surprised I haven't busted the kitchen window out yet from how many times I have banged on it to scare the yard rats away!  I really don't like squirrels.  Can you tell.  They are just menaces and I could live quite happily in a world without them.  I have still yet to realize the purpose of the beasts other than to torture me and my lovely song birds.  Oh to be tortured on a daily basis is quite grand!  I invite you to join in on the fun.  :)

Well, off to enjoy the overcast day that we are having so far and to do some more work on the baby blanket.  I am not complaining one bit.  It just means that it will be cooler than the forecast said last night!  WooHoo!!!  We are going to be back in the 70's again Monday and Tuesday!  Can't wait.  I'm just happy as a clam that we haven't had the 100's like my Mom has had in South Texas (Houston area).  I keep twisting her arm on the phone about moving up here and getting out of that heat before she has a heat stroke.  Maybe one day she will listen.  I don't miss that weather at all!  

Well, on that note, go find something to smile about or just picture me watching and waiting for the squirrels to get near the feeders and then scare the jeepers out them so they can do so acrobatic feats as they are trying to jump to the other side of the fence.  I'm laughing.  :)

Have FaNtAsTiC weekend to all of you!

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