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09 July 2009

More wonderful weather...

This morning I woke up feeling old and tired.  I even realized I must have been drooling right before I woke up so the pillow case went right in the wash.  Gross!  Glenn was shaking his head at me as he was telling me that I did too much in the yard yesterday.  Yes, it is true.  I spent nearly the whole day out in the front yard puttering around getting things done and trying to get finished before the trash truck showed up.  You never know with them, always a different time.  There were quite a few bags with all the trimming and weeding that was going on out there.  That is why I am darn "tard".  Not much was done on the blankie.  I nearly fell asleep on the couch!
I did get a wee bit excited when the soap ran "dry" in the pump yesterday morning.  That meant I could put in the pretty red soap that I bought.  Looks better than the blue.  :)  And it smells fruity!  What a wonderful way to perk up the sink area.
I dead headed the rose bushes and trimmed them down again.  There were a few good blooms left so I decided to put them to good use and set them on the dining room table in my chic flower holder.  It cost a pretty penny you know!  I always save nice looking glass soda bottles just so that I can put flowers in them.  I have a few of the boxes saved also because they are great for holding utensils, napkins and etc. at bbq's, picnics, etc.  Plus it reminds me of when I was little and the orange and strawberry crushes that used to be treats for us by Dad.  Just add some boiled peanuts and I would be in heaven!  Nice memories.
Notice the vinyl table cloth in the shade?  The girls had to have a picnic out in the front at lunch time.  If you are one who loves to have picnics on blankets but can't stand washing the thing afterwards, here's what you do.  Buy two of the largest vinyl table cloths at the dollar store you can find.  I always get the ones that have the fleecy stuff on the back side.  Then when you want to have a picnic, bring both of the vinyl cloths, fold them in half with the fleece to the inside and then lay your blanket on top of the vinyl side.  This way your blanket won't get wet or dirty.  And it's cheaper than buying the fancy shmancy things you find in a catalog for $50 or more.  I'm all about cheap!  There are more important things to spend money on.
Then I couldn't help but glance over at the petunias that are still going after the heat we got last week.  Yes, I still have my 4th of July decor up.  I usually leave it up for the whole week afterwards.  Not ashamed of my patriotism!
While we were out yesterday the county highway dept decided it was our turn to have our streets resurfaced.  It was quite the little assembly line they had going.  It only took them 30 mins. from start to finish to get our street done.  Better than the 2-3 days 10 yrs. ago.  The girls were amazed by the machines.  They sat in the driveway and watched as everything was going by.  Good thing they got their bike time in before lunch.  The rest of the afternoon was spent running around with water guns after watching the road work.
First one side
Then the tar on the other
Then the big "chip" machine with the big dump truck emptying into it from behind, while they were moving.  The girls were impressed!
Then the little roller machines.  Brenna was amazed that the guy cold drive backwards.  ?  Who knows.  :)  5 yr olds you know.
Now it gets driven on for a few days then the sweeper comes by picking up all the loose stuff and the the "fog coat" goes on. ?  Quite exciting but noisy.  It was something different that the girls don't always get to see often.  Anyhoo, it was a long day out but I did manage to get the red beans and rice fixed for supper.  Yumm!!!  Leftovers tonight!!!  Even better!!   I did manage to pick up the fixin's for fish tacos this weekend!  And yes CT, I would join you for some if you made some yummy fried, battered ones.  LOL!!!  And lets not forget everything needed to make Lemon Bars!  Good thing I'm not on a diet.  I would never make it.  Oh well, I'm not pushing maximum density yet and at least I know I would die happy, with crumbs on my face!  That's all that matters.   :)
I had been asked by quite a few of y'all that read the blog about where would you find the pattern for the scrap jacket.  This is the leaflet from Leisure Arts (#4594).  I got it last year.  I have a link to it on the side of the blog in my "fav crochet books".  There are quite a few cute things in there, but honestly I bought it for the jacket pattern.  :)  Isn't it too FAB!  I love things like that.  Just something that shows your own creativity.  Awesome!

Well, off to work on the lesson schedule some more.  I'm waiting for a couple of books to come in the mail so that I can work them into the scheme of things.  I got Em signed up for her tests (optional here in Idaho) next year and she was excited!  I'm just not sure if Brenna will be so excited about them.  Time will tell.
Hope today was FAB for you and that a smile could be found on your cute little face!!!
Toodles Noodles!


  1. I worked in the yard today, we are having a yard sale Saturday and want it to look nice. I thought about you as I thought about tomorrow's Blog, (I post at night and schedule for the next AM and recheck) You might enjoy it.
    I was searched recycles wind chimes and found one made from a Pepsi Bottle, I didn't save the link but it is a bottle hung on side and then tiny eyehooks are drilled in and then they had forks hanging from chains, looked really nice!
    What year did you graduate? I might know someone you when to school with. I am class of 1978

  2. Here's to DROOLING Girl!! That means you slept well!! ;o)

    I love your crush bottle floral arrangements!! The flowers are gorg, and Martha would be proud of you repurposing...very today, you know!!

    I'm with ya on the boiled peanuts!! They are part of two of our family traditions. When we get our Christmas trees we convoy to the farm, eat them and then pitch the shells at each others cars while driving down the road!! We're careful...don't fret! The girls look so forward to it!! We also do it in the mountains in NC where we will be soon!! Of course, I do enjoy them throughout the year as well!!

    I love all of your needlework, gal!! I might have my sister-in-love refresh me how to knit at reunion!! Maybe I'll send you my first scarf or something!! :o)

    Have a great Friday and weekend, friend. I'm going to be scarce over the next couple of weeks, but will check in when possible!!
    Love ya,

  3. Orange Crush soda and boiled peanuts...you've got to be from the South! lol

    I understand wishing the old soap away. Sometimes I can't stand having that same liquid shower soap or shampoo that I start using it for handsoap in my bathroom just so it will go away faster and I won't feel guilty getting another scent. Shhh...don't tell. :-)

    Have a great day!

  4. I love what you did with your roses...That is a great way to display them. I'm going to check out that pattern. I'm thinking of making it.
    Have a great weekend. I would have joined your girls in watching the road work.

  5. Hi Kar
    Your roses looks wonderful.It's really a great idea.I hope you are okay.It rains cats and dogs,
    here in germany.It's feel like a Autumn.I need
    Thank you for all your loveley words on my blog.
    Have a nice weekend!!!